Signifying NothingSignifying Nothing
It seems that the most recent development in literary theory and criticism shows two basic approaches to a literary text. One of them emphasizes political, ideological and social aspects of its object of study, that is of a literary text
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Introducing Cinematic and Theatrical Elements in FilmIntroducing Cinematic and Theatrical Elements in Film
Theatrical elements include costumes, props, sets, and acting choice. Each cinematic technique and theatrical element is used by a filmmaker for a particular purpose, and when we analyze films closely
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Basic DefinitionBasic Definition
Drama is a form of literature acted out by performers. Performers work with the playwright, director, set and lighting designers to stage a show
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Analysis of personal narrativesAnalysis of personal narratives
To appear in Handbook of Interviewing, edited by J. F. Gubrium and J. A. Holstein, Sage Publications, 2001
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January 1, 2012 Preface to the WordJanuary 1, 2012 Preface to the Word
Epiphany.” That’s an unusual word, isn’t it? It sounds like a name a young couple might give to a daughter these days or, perhaps, the name of a new Elizabeth Taylor perfume!
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Heaven is for realHeaven is for real
When you talk about heaven, there are all sorts of stories to tell. One of the classics is about the preacher who was giving a good old-time sermon to his small congregation. He ended the sermon by saying, “Everybody that wants to go to
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Chapter eight rethinking identityChapter eight rethinking identity
The latter describes the dynamics of identity construction and the role of agency in this process. I bridge the two domains toward the end of the chapter when I discuss the normative implications of my empirical findings
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Tossups His first feature film appearance was a non-speaking part in 1989\Tossups His first feature film appearance was a non-speaking part in 1989's
The Cider House Rules led to the role for which he is most well-known, on the recommendation of director Sam Raimi. The star of such films as Pleasantville, Seabiscuit, and Brothers
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Junior English 231Junior English 231
How does Robert Smith finish his short note (“on the door of his yellow house”) announcing his flight from the top of Mercy Hospital, in Michigan, 1931?
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Daggers in the darkDaggers in the dark
He saw the glint of steel, turned toward it. ‘No blades!’ he screamed. ‘Wick, put that knife…’
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Games in the Backyard Rape in the TheatreGames in the Backyard Rape in the Theatre
The article goes from the play itself to several of the theoretical sociological components in play analysis; including the play's "theatrical television" genre as a possible reason for its success
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Chinese Servants on the Late-Nineteenth-Century American StageChinese Servants on the Late-Nineteenth-Century American Stage
They were primarily intended to endow the stage with novelty in order to attract a wider audience, since most plays were designed for production in the East Coast, where real-life Chinese were scarce
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The Women, the Tomb, and the Climax of MarkThe Women, the Tomb, and the Climax of Mark
Jesus at this point. 2 But, if on text-critical grounds 16: 8 is widely accepted as the most likely original ending, this only highlights the difficult exegetical issue
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I have paraphrased some of your ideas belowI have paraphrased some of your ideas below
Thank you to the students who have sent me essays on The Kite Runner. I have enjoyed reading them and I thought I would share some of the ideas from the essays. It has been wonderful to note how many of you have really engaged with the text and made
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