Following in the way of the peaceful christFollowing in the way of the peaceful christ
Jerusalem. From this, we observed that the “Jesus Way” is the way of compassion. Following Jesus means suffering alongside others, viewing and treating each other with compassion and dignity
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Secularism in India: Why is it Imperiled? By Jagdish BhagwatiSecularism in India: Why is it Imperiled? By Jagdish Bhagwati
India. My thanks are due to Bruce Ackerman, Padma Desai, Sumit Ganguly, Jack Hawley, Tapan Raychaudhuri, T. N. Srinivasan and Ashutosh Varshney for helpful conversations. The paper will appear in a volume on Secularism being edited by T
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Media and intercultural dialogueMedia and intercultural dialogue
This report is a product of Mira Media, and was co-financed by the Council of Europe
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Philippine Constitution Preamble PreamblePhilippine Constitution Preamble Preamble
The waters around between, the connecting the islands of the archipelago, regardless of their breadth and dimensions, from part of the internal waters of the Philippines. Article II declaration of Principles and Statement Policies
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Chapter twelve: narrative negotiationChapter twelve: narrative negotiation
More broadly it brings us back to the observation I made in chapter five that larger cultural, psychological, and moral conflicts are at play in narrative, some but not all of them represented by the opponents in the agon
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Sales Civitatis, Suprema LexSales Civitatis, Suprema Lex
Sales Civitatis, Suprema Lex” (The Safety of the State is the Highest Law) Lord Hankey
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Fbi covert Operations and Suppression of Ku Klux Klan Violence, 1964-1971Fbi covert Operations and Suppression of Ku Klux Klan Violence, 1964-1971
Klan violence that occurred during 1964, also undertook a domestic covert action program called cointelpro-white hate, which exposed, disrupted and neutralized the activities of militant Ku Klux Klan organization
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Second report on the situation of human rights defenders in the americasSecond report on the situation of human rights defenders in the americas
Segundo informe sobre la situación de las defensoras y defensores de los derechos humanos en las Américas
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Document-based question: societal diversityDocument-based question: societal diversity
Analyzes the documents by grouping them in as many appropriate ways as possible and does not simply summarize the documents individually
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Book reviews by authorBook reviews by author
Criminal Churchmen in the Age of Edward III: The Case of Bishop Thomas de Lisle, 39: 805-06
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Articles and features by authorArticles and features by author
Local Compliance with Supreme Court Decisions: Making Space for Religious Expression in Public Schools, 48: 355-17
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