Khare masterKhare master
Birds teach their young ones to fly. Then the fledglings leave the nest. Kharemaster left Manutai and started his journey home, but he did not realize that on that day he had planted the seeds of his future loneliness.’
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In My Country: the Fictional World of Bobbie Ann Mason In her memoirIn My Country: the Fictional World of Bobbie Ann Mason In her memoir
In her memoir Clear Springs, Bobbie Ann Mason recalls a trip home to visit her mother on the family farm, on the outskirts of Mayfield, Kentucky. Mason writes
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General Comments for all Naweedna cds Will Moyle’s Jazz AliveGeneral Comments for all Naweedna cds Will Moyle’s Jazz Alive
Will Moyle’s Jazz Alive, a locally produced master collection of classic jazz. The Will Moyle stuff is the best collection of jazz I’ve ever heard. I taped it in the 80s from wxxi broadcasts
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Castle richmondCastle richmond
Castle Richmond was written in 1861, long after Trollope had left Ireland. The characterization is weak, and the plot, although the author himself thought well of it, mechanical
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Singer to the Sea GodSinger to the Sea God
Epic tales-from Scylla and Charybdis to Perseus and the Gorgon-are interwoven with the story of runaway slaves
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On Faith and Knowledge (Or, Five Steps to Eternal Life)On Faith and Knowledge (Or, Five Steps to Eternal Life)
Attribution. You must attribute this talk to me by my name, by talk/lesson title, by source (wiki acadac net), by date, and by version number
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African americans in the american westAfrican americans in the american west
For the slaves had learned through the repetition of group experience that freedom was to be attained through geographical movement, and that freedom required one to risk his life against the unknown
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Biographical Sketches eugene brownBiographical Sketches eugene brown
Dycusburg business men are the peers of any in the county, and Eugene Brown is the peer of any in Dycusburg. He also stands high socially, and for honesty and strict business integrity, and pleasant business ways
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Parables, fables, tales & the modern short storyParables, fables, tales & the modern short story
Ultimately this should lead to a deeper understanding of the concept of plot and how a story obtains its structure
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