From the Narada PuranaFrom the Narada Purana
His chamber, normally thronged with terror-struck people dragged before him by his fearsome servants, was deserted. By his side sat Chitragupta, the celestial scribe who recorded the deeds of all beings
113.79 Kb. 4
Guide to Storyboarding for Teachers and TrainersGuide to Storyboarding for Teachers and Trainers
This allows the creation of images or animations which either adds to the effectiveness of the text, or replaces large sections of the original text
Guide 59.96 Kb. 1
The Antidote for Behavior-Based SafetyThe Antidote for Behavior-Based Safety
Professional Safety and authored by Larry Hansen. It uses a bridge metaphor to illustrate what is required to achieve a loss resistant environment
91.56 Kb. 1
Caesar Cipher Script 1BCaesar Cipher Script 1B
Tze Hern and that’s Lorenzo. Here is an overview of what we’ll be covering today. I’ll be sharing about the history and development of the Caesar’s Cipher, while Tze Hern will describe how it is used
11.71 Kb. 1
Members: Avril Tay Yoong Xin Lorenzo Ong Wei Yang Yeo Tze Hern 1BMembers: Avril Tay Yoong Xin Lorenzo Ong Wei Yang Yeo Tze Hern 1B
In cryptography, the Caesar cipher is also known as Caesar’s shift or the Shirt Cipher
16.18 Kb. 1


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