Contradicting horoscopes for pope benedict XVIContradicting horoscopes for pope benedict XVI
It was certainly no coincidence. [I believe in coincidences as much as I believe in astrology!]
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Someday, SomewhereSomeday, Somewhere
Chances are, if you’re among the millions who have read, watched, or listened to Neil deGrasse Tyson during the past decade, you’re the kind of person who would say yes if asked whether human beings will be living out their days somewhere in space by the
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Discovery of tagore textsDiscovery of tagore texts
Dr. Tagore’s Reply For scrutiny and verification of the authenticity of the events reported thereun, he also went through the memoirs/diaries of three eminent personalities
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Young Life – run-onsYoung Life – run-ons
Young Life has masterfully done run-ons throughout the past decades and we need to continue to do so
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“How are the kids?” Phobos and Deimos“How are the kids?” Phobos and Deimos
What would it be like living on a planet that had two moons? It’s a common occurrence in science fiction novels. Imagine how different “Romeo and Juliet” would have been if Juliet spoke of the inconstant nature of the moons
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Allez vous-en! Sapristi!Allez vous-en! Sapristi!
Mademoiselle Reisz, who adopts her as a protégé. Edna Pontellier desires freedom not only from her social responsibilities, but also in her emotional and sexual existence, and finally drowns herself by swimming too far
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