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2-line Summary2-line Summary
Clytemnestra’s courageous spirit, passionate love and lust for life mark her as a unique heroine. A tale of betrayal, murder, adultery and revenge set in ancient Greece at the time of the Trojan war
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The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna By m forewordThe Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna By m foreword
Rarer still, however, are the competent reporters and recorders of that genius. The world has had many hundreds of admirable poets and philosophers; but of these hundreds only a very few have had the fortune to attract a Boswell or an
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Allison Weintraub April 20, 2003Allison Weintraub April 20, 2003
During the last half of his journey, alcohol played a major role in the decisions, actions, and frame of mind of Alexander during his campaign
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The life and works of the legendary Shyama ShastriThe life and works of the legendary Shyama Shastri
An adaptation from “kritimaNimAlai” authored by “sangIta kala sikAmaNi” R. Rangaramanuja Iyengar and vInA vidushi padma Varadan
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The Odyssey, by HomerThe Odyssey, by Homer
The Iliad is a tragedy of youthful heroes suffering the consequences of the anger of Achilleus. The Odyssey is an epic of homecoming. In this story, we follow Odysseus’ long and perilous wanderings
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On the pharmakon: derrida’s deconstruction of plato I phusis as HealthOn the pharmakon: derrida’s deconstruction of plato I phusis as Health
This determination will then be made in terms of arche: source, origin, and order. Phusis is the origin and order of "being-moved" (kineseos)
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The harvested ageThe harvested age
We see Jesus revealed in the seven church ages in his entirety now. This is a great revelation to be standing on the backside of the rapture knowing all the harvest is finished and we are “The Hebrew Group of True Israel” that God is revealing himself
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Ash WednesdayAsh Wednesday
Popularity of smudging our foreheads with ashes and then walking around all day with dirty faces? Those who do not share our customs often make a point of telling us that we have something on our foreheads
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Lord Krsna Returns the Six Sons of DevakiLord Krsna Returns the Six Sons of Devaki
Vrndavan dasa Thakura: When Krsna and Balarma were about 12 years old, they left the great city of Mathura to reside at the asrama of Sanipani Muni to study. When Their education was complete, they approached Their guru
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The Story of Theseus a greek myth retold by Rex Warner (1) NThe Story of Theseus a greek myth retold by Rex Warner (1) N
Not far across the sea from Athens lies the city of Troizen. To this city once came Aegeus, King of Athens, and there he and Aethra, daughter of the King of Troizen, had a child who was called Theseus
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Left main coronary artery critical stenosisLeft main coronary artery critical stenosis
Mina Murray (Winona Ryder), feels the presence of a mysterious stranger closely following behind her on the crowded streets of London in 1897 she suddenly swings around to confront this stranger and exclaims indignantly “Do I know you
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Marvel Comics uncanny x-force #1Marvel Comics uncanny x-force #1
Uncanny x-force: charged to deal with situations the x-men fear and hate! Psylocke and Storm lead a new team of outcasts and scoundrels, including fan-favorite Puck, the villainous Spiral, and the mysterious Cluster
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Spell of Apocalypse by mayer alan brennerSpell of Apocalypse by mayer alan brenner
Below it now as it circled in its leisurely bank was the sparkling band of the Tongue Water, to its right the smoky bulk of the manufacturing district and beyond that the widening mainland, to its left the great city of Peridol
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The defeat of the aztecsThe defeat of the aztecs
Spain. Against insurmountable odds, Cortés triumphed over the great empire. As a master of observation, manipulation and strategy, he was able to gradually weave an army of indigenous resistance against the Aztecs
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