What is this? Updates Getting into Iraqi KurdistanWhat is this? Updates Getting into Iraqi Kurdistan
Dear Traveller I wrote this doc in May 2007, and I later I produced a wiki document that can be updated by everybody. To have the most updated info, use to it
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Scavenger Hunt QuestionsScavenger Hunt Questions
What other famous landmark is near the Great Pyramid? The Sphinx – a statue of a mythical creature with the body of a lion and a human head
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The Reptile of the EarthThe Reptile of the Earth
Both Sale and Rodwell have confounded the Dabbatu 'l-Arz with the Al-Jassasah, the spy, mentioned in a tradition by Fatimah (Mishkat, XXIII c. IV.), and which is held to be a demon now in existence. [Al-jassasah
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Contesting Muslim PilgrimageContesting Muslim Pilgrimage
Devotees and custodians alike criticise commodification perhaps mainly because ‘it threatens most conspicuously the fragile boundary between…the sacred and secular realms’ (1991: 26)
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A. B. YehoshuaA. B. Yehoshua
I am the Director of live from the New York Public Library. As all of you know—I’ve said this a hundred and fifty times but I never tire of saying this—my role at the Library is simply to make the lions roar, to make a heavy institution
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Technical GlossaryTechnical Glossary
A glossary of terms necessary for the study of the history of Islamic art and architecture
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Submission to GodSubmission to God
Arabic word meaning “submission to God” arose among the people of the Arabian Peninsula early in the 7th century. In little more than a century the armies of Islam had subdued the Middle East
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By j. T. RogersBy j. T. Rogers
I had to start learning so that I could tell stories that dig under the surface of people and cultures that seem deeply foreign and find the connections between us.”
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Out in the SortOut in the Sort
Moorish pools. Beguiled into thinking it is always winter, the lobsters remain hard, do not molt when summer comes, and may repose in Arichat for half a year before departing for Kentucky
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