How will these Priests affect your life?How will these Priests affect your life?
Here is Zadok’s genealogy, from Smith’s Bible Dictionary, Nashville, Tennessee, page 331
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A study of Genesis (From my Blog)A study of Genesis (From my Blog)
Bible were true, how would that belief affect our actions each and every day? Would we stop to pray more? Would we be more committed to reading the rest of the Bible to get to know this God who created? But God didn’t just create
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Okay What can I sayOkay What can I say
This thingy here, is the result of 8 months worth of work for me and Debbie. I couldn't have done this
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Readings: Genesis 1-11 The Scope of the TextsReadings: Genesis 1-11 The Scope of the Texts
Bible actually represents the end of a long process reflecting a maturing in theological perspective. In the Primeval History, with its stories that deal with the origins of the world
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Anchor Essays for Critical ThinkingAnchor Essays for Critical Thinking
Hopefully, as campuses continue to develop instruments to assess for critical thinking a pool of assignments will emerge, ideally from a wide variety of disciplines
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Sweet Troubled SoulSweet Troubled Soul
David walking in the hallway, stopping, (pause,) a toilet flushing, some running water, and David walking back into the room. The camera shows David wipe his hands on a towel, grab a bathrobe from behind the wall of the closet
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More Thoughts about Genesis 6-81More Thoughts about Genesis 6-81
There are a number of theories, each of which has support and difficulty within other ancient literature, the text itself, and the biblical story
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Place on the stage grandpa’s book case. This bookcase is broken. It also has serious water damagePlace on the stage grandpa’s book case. This bookcase is broken. It also has serious water damage
Few things are made to last. When something breaks it is often cheaper to throw it away and buy a new one
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Flood and BaptismFlood and Baptism
Punchline: The flood and Jesus’ baptism are similar (water, emergence, dove). What does this say about our baptism?
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