Biblical ArcheologyBiblical Archeology
Christianity is a historical faith based on actual events recorded in the Bible. Archaeology has therefore played a key role in biblical studies and Christian apologetics in several ways
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Of Meditations Volume EightOf Meditations Volume Eight
Stranger in a Strange Land” as written by Robert Heinlein. Around 2000 they began to be drawn into the orbit of the Reformed Druids, which also shares waters amongst its members
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Title; Author; Product*; Approx. Date The Irda; Linda P. Baker; Novel; 6320-5980 pcTitle; Author; Product*; Approx. Date The Irda; Linda P. Baker; Novel; 6320-5980 pc
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The story of durdasaThe story of durdasa
Durdasa’s. Durdasa was the one who at Yudhisthira’s call on the Kurukshetra battlefield left Duryodhana’s army and joined the Pandavas. Yudhisthira blessed him for a long life; “you will live as long as I am alive”, he told him
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Assignment PromptAssignment Prompt
Write a 1500-word argument (about 4-5 pages double-spaced) about how you know that something is true
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Contact: Edward Wilensky Phone: 619. 232. 7636 x248Contact: Edward Wilensky Phone: 619. 232. 7636 x248
A desire for Love: Puccini’s La bohème opens the season with the debut of tenor Piotr Beczala as Rodolfo and soprano Ellie Dehn. San Diego’s own Priti Gandhi sings Musetta in the return of this widely popular production
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Hatshepsut Historical context: Historical overview of early 18th DynastyHatshepsut Historical context: Historical overview of early 18th Dynasty
The interest in her has naturally focused on the fact that she was a woman in a man’s world, a woman who broke with tradition by establishing herself as a pharaoh
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Grade School LessonGrade School Lesson
Today’s lesson is taken from the story of the building of the tabernacle from Exodus 25 – 27
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Egypt and Joseph SmithEgypt and Joseph Smith
Palestine was very much in the zone of Egyptian influence, economically and culturally, in 6000 B. C. That had to show in the record and the Book of Mormon clearly reveals it
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Joseph in EgyptJoseph in Egypt
In Genesis 41, Joseph meets the king of Egypt. As we saw in our last article, he had been prepared for this encounter by being
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Chapter 74 Rachel SleemanChapter 74 Rachel Sleeman
To learn more about these three stages, visit the Encyclopedia Britannica’s online article on passage rites at: "passage rite." Encyclopædia Britannica. 2004. Encyclopædia Britannica Online. 25 Oc
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The First PassoverThe First Passover
The events which we are talking about today took place about 3500 years ago, around about the year 1500BC. But they may have occurred anywhere between 1700bc and 1200BC
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Narrator NarratorNarrator Narrator
Scenery can be minimal. A screen or white sheet is needed to display the Powerpoint presentation which is supplied on the cd to display the lyrics to the songs. The crucifixion scene itself is depicted in Powerpoint words and pictures instead of
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From Mu To Thule And the Inner EarthFrom Mu To Thule And the Inner Earth
James Churchward, Percy H. Fawcett, and Heinrich Schliemann, and mystic-explorers like Nicholas Roerich and Theodore Illion. Theosophists and philosophers like Helena Blavatsky, W
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Old Testament Survey Suggested TextsOld Testament Survey Suggested Texts
Iii. “The Psalms (Writings)” ketuvim Psalms, Proverbs, Job Ruth Lamentations,…Daniel, Ezra,… II chronicles
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