Six frequently used archetypal patternsSix frequently used archetypal patterns
Archetypes are recurring images, character types, symbols, and narrative patterns. These archetypes are the structural principles that give literature its unity
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Her Story so Far: The Girl Child in PerspectiveHer Story so Far: The Girl Child in Perspective
For this, I took stories by eminent writers from thirteen different Indian languages. These stories have been translated into English and provide a pan-Indian portrayal of the girl child
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Stories of the Psychotic Personality: Introduction to \"The Tell-Tale Heart\" and \"The Black Cat\"Stories of the Psychotic Personality: Introduction to "The Tell-Tale Heart" and "The Black Cat"
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Aqeedatu TahawiyahAqeedatu Tahawiyah
Meaning, going to a lecture here and there, or holding random classes here and there, without going through actual books from cover to cover no longer suffices for serious students. We needed to move to another level and using the method of studying one book at
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Introduction Science explanationsIntroduction Science explanations
To do so it uses the idea of adaptation, comparing human adaptations to those of extremophiles, and then speculating on alien adaptations to unknown conditions on exoplanets
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A horrible CompilationA horrible Compilation
The third myth theory is the structural myth theory. This theory says that myths were patterned after human mind and human nature. The psychological myth theory is the fourth myth theory, which states that myths are based on human emotion
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The New ColossusThe New Colossus
Preface: a brief Introduction to American Literature
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Paper 93 machiventa melchizedekPaper 93 machiventa melchizedek
The ability of the Melchizedek Sons to function in emergencies and on widely divergent levels of the universe, even on the physical level of personality manifestation, is peculiar to their order
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Will power of positive mindWill power of positive mind
Ahmedabad to an elite audience of local medical doctors. He was giving his booklet of “Windmills of Your Mind” to the students. I attended only one class, but I was highly impressed with that single class
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A glance into MythographyA glance into Mythography
Published in The 3rd Stone: Archaeology, Folklore, and Myth, #36. Oct-Dec 1999. 39-44
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Document 1 (page 30)Document 1 (page 30)
In addition, he concludes that without proof that the Earth is in fact not the center of the universe, there would be no acceptance of the Copernican theory by the church
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What is psychology? Psychology is the study of the mind. In Greek, the word psycheWhat is psychology? Psychology is the study of the mind. In Greek, the word psyche
In the story, the goddess Venus became jealous of the beautiful young Psyche and sent her son Cupid to make her fall in love with an ugly man. Instead
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Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and AdministrationAzrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration
Director, Mendheim Student Teaching and Administrative Internship Mentoring Program
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Narrative Models and MeaningNarrative Models and Meaning
A. J. Greimas that prescriptions, descriptions and argumentations are always, explicitly or implicitely, framed by a narrative setting, either in an overarching discourse or in the very process of living experience
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This view of lifeThis view of life
Why did several eminent eighteenth century scientists including Benjamin Franklin sit around a table playing thumbsies?
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