Oef XVIII recommended reading listOef XVIII recommended reading list
General Reading, by Line of Operation (Security, Development, and Governance) or by geographic region. These recommendations are not all inclusive
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620 West 8th Street620 West 8th Street
Americans on the morning of March 24, 2005. “We’re not mentioning any names, of course. It’s kind of like Kyra-stan, but it really isn’t. We’re calling it ‘The Tulip Revolution’: People power in the ‘stans, coming up!”
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Israeli Politics in Comparative Perspective pol 138bIsraeli Politics in Comparative Perspective pol 138b
Challenging students to consider the Israeli case in comparative perspective, this course encourages critical thinking and comparison to a range of theories, institutions and concepts as they apply to the us as well as to other cases
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7 individual country reports7 individual country reports
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Islamic Studies : a bibliographyIslamic Studies : a bibliography
Ahmed, Akbar. Discovering Islam: Making Sense of Muslim History and Society. New York
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