Exopolitics JournalExopolitics Journal
Geo-political Considerations on the Roswell Cover-Up and the Emerging field of Exopolitics
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Art tales of the 60’s – 80’s in western australiaArt tales of the 60’s – 80’s in western australia
Australian Art and Artists 1900 – 1950, by Jana Gooding Cinderella on the Beach, by Ted Snell, Some Contemporary Western Australian Painters and Sculptors, by Bill Hawthorn and a spirited Place compiled by Judith Hugo
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Position of Women in the Indian CivilizationPosition of Women in the Indian Civilization
She has done great service to religion by preserving age old traditions, moral fervor and spiritual vein in our society. It is the mother who conducts puja in our homes, attends spiritual discourses, wears Indian clothes i e
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Sri Krishna Tells The GitaSri Krishna Tells The Gita
Teachers present as his enemies. Arjuna is greatly disturbed about the outcome of the war; destruction and death that was sure to follow. He thought it 'prudent' to retire to forest rather than kill his own near and dear ones
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Business and Intellectual PropertyBusiness and Intellectual Property
This article has been written by Alison Rollins, a student at Berklee College of Music in Valencia, for the course “Business and Intellectual Property” in the Master in Global Entertainment and Music Business
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Thetis, the patron goddess of the city of Joppa. We pull back and crane down to see that her marble face is overlooking the wedding ceremony that is taking place in the temple
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Production Information Witness the rise of the world’s most notorious groupProduction Information Witness the rise of the world’s most notorious group
Dj yella (neil brown, jr of Fast & Furious) and mc ren (aldis hodge of a good Day to Die Hard)—using brutally honest rhymes and hardcore beats
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