For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”
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When Tony Harrison wrote his version of Sophocles’ The TrackersWhen Tony Harrison wrote his version of Sophocles’ The Trackers
Shakespeare in northern mills in a style accessible to popular audiences such as those to whom Greek plays and medieval mysteries were presented
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Gunaysu: Akhtamar: a lost ParadiseGunaysu: Akhtamar: a lost Paradise
My Akhtamar visit was a huge pile of mixed thoughts and feelings, mainly that of despair and indignation from being in physical contact with evidence of the painful truth
77 Kb. 1
The fifty-first dragonThe fifty-first dragon
Gawaine refused to grow enthusiastic. The Headmaster and the Assistant Professor of Pleasaunce' were discussing the case one spring afternoon and the Assistant Professor could see no remedy but expulsion
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Heaven is for realHeaven is for real
When you talk about heaven, there are all sorts of stories to tell. One of the classics is about the preacher who was giving a good old-time sermon to his small congregation. He ended the sermon by saying, “Everybody that wants to go to
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Study Guide: Metamorphoses Books I – IIStudy Guide: Metamorphoses Books I – II
Ovid starts out with a statement of his intention: “to tell of bodies changed to different forms; the gods, who made the changes, will help me—or I hope so—with a poem that runs form the world’s beginning to our own days.”
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School Worship Bible Project Year 1 Ascension / PentecostSchool Worship Bible Project Year 1 Ascension / Pentecost
This short season complements the Easter Season material and as such can be added on to the end of the Easter season. You might wish slot it in if Easter and Pentecost come particularly early as in 2016
72.01 Kb. 1
A new worldA new world
Misato, who acts as mother/sister/friend for Shinji helps him a lot in finding the right way. Shinji feels a deep hatred for his father, who neglected him in his childhood and is using him as a tool for nerv
44.92 Kb. 1
Life of Pi – by Yenn Martel Author’s NoteLife of Pi – by Yenn Martel Author’s Note
What is suggested by the author’s comment about fiction being “the selective transforming of reality? The twisting of it to bring out its essence”?
159.5 Kb. 4
Indian tales rudyard kiplingIndian tales rudyard kipling
Bullseyes. Charlie explained, a little nervously, that he had only come to the place to look on, and since looking on at games of skill is not a cheap amusement for the young, I suggested that Charlie should go back to his mother
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The time kings go to battleThe time kings go to battle
I felt that it would probably be my last. The whole cell smelled of a mixture of death and aloes. The writings on the wall didn’t help my fate. “quel sera sera” was on one of the walls written with blood
105.5 Kb. 2
Attorney for appellantAttorney for appellant
We affirm the convictions, except one count of auto theft which is barred by double jeopardy, and remand this case for imposition of concurrent sentences on the remaining counts
75.5 Kb. 1
Evangelical bible college of western australia deuteronomy 1-11 (to advance – we must learn from history) by dr john c mcewan [book 35-1] July 2011 RevisedEvangelical bible college of western australia deuteronomy 1-11 (to advance – we must learn from history) by dr john c mcewan [book 35-1] July 2011 Revised
The student replied that the person to be examined would be Jesus Christ. Professor Greenleaf agreed to undertake the examination of Jesus Christ and as a result, when he had finished the review
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Picture booksPicture books
A guessing game for the very young. Each page asks "Whose nose and toes?" Then answers on the following page. Preschoolers will delight in knowing the answer, and the baby animals are cuddly
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