What is America’s Heartland? America’s HeartlandWhat is America’s Heartland? America’s Heartland
American agriculture. Started in 2005, the award-winning series has become a flagship program on public television stations across the United States
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Curriculum Planning ToolCurriculum Planning Tool
Using the Four Literacy Roles of the Learner, Thinking Frameworks and pedagogy chosen with Preferred Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences in mind
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13 Years of Alkaline Water: Lessons I’ve Learned13 Years of Alkaline Water: Lessons I’ve Learned
Ian Blair Hamilton is the founder of AlkaWay and Ion Life, and has been a researcher, writer and advocate for alkaline health philosophy for over 13 years
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Corbicula an annotated bibliography 1774 2005Corbicula an annotated bibliography 1774 2005
Counts, Clement L., III. 2006. Corbicula, an annotated bibliography pages
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November 2011 Swift County 4-h 4-h project ideasNovember 2011 Swift County 4-h 4-h project ideas
Welcome to the exciting world of 4-H. Here are some suggestions for exhibits in your project areas. In addition to these suggestions
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Uncorking the Wine Label ControversyUncorking the Wine Label Controversy
So What? Measuring Effectiveness
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Workshop title workshop descriptionWorkshop title workshop description
This workshop will take a look at some of the best practices of teens and nutrition. The nutritional value of blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries will be explored
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Act 3 – Rescripting Scene 14 – McTheatre From the book, Theatres of Capitalism: Managing the Corporate Spectacle By David M. Boje, Ph. D. November 13, 2001 Scene 14 – McTheatreAct 3 – Rescripting Scene 14 – McTheatre From the book, Theatres of Capitalism: Managing the Corporate Spectacle By David M. Boje, Ph. D. November 13, 2001 Scene 14 – McTheatre
McTheatre Current trends in economic inequality, both domestically and globally, are sustained and legitimated in what I will call the “McTheatre” of oppression and desire. McTheatre is the nexus of McDonaldization, Disneyfication, Las
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“Land Between” Research Forum Peterborough, Ontario“Land Between” Research Forum Peterborough, Ontario
Greetings to the Elders, Grandmothers and Grandfathers here today, and to all our relations, the Seen and the Unseen
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Slimming soft drinks Focus QuestionsSlimming soft drinks Focus Questions
Students will create a public education campaign to raise awareness of the sugar content in some drinks
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Genetically Modified OrganismsGenetically Modified Organisms
Dna of a species. This possibility of altering plants and specifically crops for the food supply raises many ethical and possible safety issues which need to be explored
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Tatanka (Buffalo) LevelTatanka (Buffalo) Level
The buffalo provided a way of life for the Lakota people from food, to shelter, to spirituality. It is imperative that Lakota youth have knowledge of this relationship that was established at the time of creation
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Uestions for discussionUestions for discussion
Over the years whale numbers have declined due to whaling which have put some species at risk of extinction. True or false?
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Parent handbookParent handbook
Convenience and schedule are important considerations, as well. But above all, the needs of each child must be considered. We thank you for choosing Little Saints and Scholars and believe that our preschool is best equipped to meet your
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Civ III as a geographical Simulation for world history educationCiv III as a geographical Simulation for world history education
Squire, K. D. (in press). Civilization III as a world history sandbox. To appear in Civilization and its discontents. Virtual history. Real fantasies. Milan, Italy. Ludilogica Press. (. doc)
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