Write a story you readWrite a story you read
I read an English story. It was written by a famous auther his name wasCharles Dickens the story is called "GreatExpecation ". it is very interesting it was about an English boy called pip he was an orphan child he was brought by his
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Germany’s 5-star destinationGermany’s 5-star destination
We enjoy hot summers and crisp winters, lively springs and glorious autumns, legendary wine and beer festivals … and we have the best Christmas markets!
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Self-Test Mock Exam noteSelf-Test Mock Exam note
In the real exam you have three hours to answer 100 questions. 70 of these questions test your language skills. 30 of the questions test your knowledge of the United Kingdom, the U. S. A. and the English language
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1a education in czech republic, great britain and usa1a education in czech republic, great britain and usa
In Britain all children have to go to school between the ages of 5 and 16. Infant Schools and Junior Schools are Primary Schools and are frequently in the same building
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