Animal issues bulletinAnimal issues bulletin
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Securities registrars association of australia incSecurities registrars association of australia inc
Disclaimer: This periodical Newsletter is designed to keep readers abreast with current developments. It is not intended to be comprehensive. Readers are therefore advised that before acting on any matter arising herein
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Draft quality not accepted for publicationDraft quality not accepted for publication
The risk factors and the effect of raising the minimum age for a sponsor, and of leave to enter the uk as a spouse or fiancé(e)
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Economy critique toolbox--negEconomy critique toolbox--neg
This file is less one coherent argument and more a grab bag of several different arguments which can supplement other critiques
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United Nations crcUnited Nations crc
Consideration of reports submitted by the states parties under article 44 of the convention
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Assisted Dying; a question of choice? Jane CampbellAssisted Dying; a question of choice? Jane Campbell
This is the text of an presentation at the Centre for Disability Studies, School of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Leeds on 15th November 2006
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National Civil Aviation Review CommissionNational Civil Aviation Review Commission
Including two days of public hearings. The Commission received many detailed briefings from a wide array of experts from organizations in the private and public sectors
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The price of progressThe price of progress
Bayh-Dole Act, universities are actually adding to the cost. Examining both the origins of the Bayh-Dole Act, and its reality 25 years later
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