Engaging in the Elimination of Homelessness: Greenville County, South CarolinaEngaging in the Elimination of Homelessness: Greenville County, South Carolina
Greenville is a community rich in resources and creativity, with explosive economic growth, but also a sub-population that continues to be left behind. How did the problem begin in Greenville? What can be done to end it?
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Right-Wing Influences in American MediaRight-Wing Influences in American Media
In light of the war in Iraq and the most recent presidential election, critics of television network administration are voicing their concern for today’s presentation of the news
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Review of Strategic Alliances and SpiritualityReview of Strategic Alliances and Spirituality
His Holiness. John Paul II and the Hidden History of Our Time. By Carl Bernstein & Marco Politi. New York, Double­day, 1996. 582 pages
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Mission Volunteer Program El Salvador HandbookMission Volunteer Program El Salvador Handbook
El Salvador! In order to prepare you for the upcoming mission trip, previous church delegates and volunteers have put together this handbook to aid you. The information was compiled from several books, websites, and personal experiences
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Administrative Information Access RestrictionsAdministrative Information Access Restrictions
Box 344, Folder 1 is closed to researchers until January 2036. Part of Box 1860, Folder 12 is closed to researchers until after Lowell Weicker’s death. Series XI is closed to researchers until January 2086
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William goldmanWilliam goldman
Some scholars thus describe dsd capaciously as a new field of theory and practice to address conflicts that extend beyond bounded individual dispute
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Robert a. PastorRobert a. Pastor
Reform. As Vice President, expanded the study abroad program from 12 to 108 sites and doubled the number of students going abroad
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1. Introduction Early Critiques of DeVos/Amway1. Introduction Early Critiques of DeVos/Amway
In Howard Zinn’s monumental book, a people’s History of the United States, he constantly juxtaposes the amazing things that people did to fight for liberation and the people behind the systems of oppression that social movements were
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