Narratives and Wisdom: the lives of women growing olderNarratives and Wisdom: the lives of women growing older
In this paper, I will explore the relationship between wisdom, diversity, and the telling of stories within postmodern society, drawing on my own research into the lives of women growing older
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Paradigms in PluralityParadigms in Plurality
Indians abroad makes me say that every diasporic Indian from Kerala is, indeed, a multicultural and transcultural person who never exhausts his ‘Keralam – identity’. This is one of the paradoxes of our rootedness in Indianness which radiates a fine sense
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II. What is unification?II. What is unification?
And in cases where what they mean is clear, different thinkers plainly mean different things by the term. What are the various senses of unification, and why has unification been such an important aim in the history of inquiry?
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Table of Contents IntroductionTable of Contents Introduction
Prophecy now involves a geographical rather than historical projection; it is space not time that hides consequences from us
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Paper presented at the European Conference on Educational Research, University of Geneva, 13-15 September 2006
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