Tremor 3 Read children\Tremor 3 Read children's stories online Explore two different "story" websites for children or young adults. Describe each website. Make some comparisons between the two websites. For example
Do the sites have special features? How effective are online stories? Share your reading experience. How does the traditional book and online reading experience compare? Be sure to include the title, url, description
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Tips on working with the mediaTips on working with the media
Although many of you have developed good relationships with media in your community, some of these tips may be helpful reminders or tools you can use to train others
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Riverview a modern morality taleRiverview a modern morality tale
Riverview, in Sydney. I recognised the surname. I had met his father years ago when he was associated with a human rights organisation. The father was a fine man and a true upholder of human dignity. I held the father in high respect
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Technology Education Standards Highlighted standards appear on the report cardTechnology Education Standards Highlighted standards appear on the report card
IT. K. B communicate information and ideas effectively to multiple audiences using a variety of media and formats
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Welcome to Kindergarten! Dear ParentsWelcome to Kindergarten! Dear Parents
Welcome to the 2006-2007 school year! I hope your child has been as excited about the first few days of school as I have been; I think we will have a great year! This packet is to help you and your child become familiar with Kindergarten
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