Quarterly update august 2005Quarterly update august 2005
Banyan tree just keeps growing. The past few months have been a time of great development, of new ideas creeping in and the implementation of those ideas taking place
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Keynote Address Biafra, Civil War, and GenocideKeynote Address Biafra, Civil War, and Genocide
War in January, 1970. I hope to show how and why the underlying motivation for the war was genocidal rather than political. Biafra should stand in the world’s conscience as a monument to the possibility of successfully resisting “final
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From our new interim rectorFrom our new interim rector
If you wish to receive the monthly Messenger and Constant Contact announcements via email, please contact Lynn Lorenz at
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The Great RescueThe Great Rescue
The students will see God’s rescue plan for mankind and be drawn to their Rescuer
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Nj department of Human ServicesNj department of Human Services
I believe that the real disabilities are the broken spirits and the hatred and prejudice and hypocrisy and deception—and these disabilities can happen to any of us if we allow them to.” Geri Jewell
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Pele, the Dolphin BoyPele, the Dolphin Boy
I turn it over and over in my hands and think about that strange little boy with the shaggy, curly black hair and the huge black eyes that seemed to be in a trance half the time, that strange little boy that I loved so much
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