P o box 294 Rondebosch 7701P o box 294 Rondebosch 7701
The difference you make in someone else’s life will always be smaller than the difference it makes in your own life ” Author unknown
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Ntroduction making a compelling and persuasive opening statementNtroduction making a compelling and persuasive opening statement
Because the end (jury argument) depends upon the beginning (opening statement), you should also consult the Jury Argument in Criminal Cases web site.]
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Bottom Line: When you are not truthful, you lose trust. Memory VerseBottom Line: When you are not truthful, you lose trust. Memory Verse
Memory Verse: “Keep me from cheating and telling lies. Be kind and teach me your law.” Psalm 119: 29, nirV
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A student\A student's Prayer for a New School Year
Open my eyes to the new challenges and exciting opportunities that this new school year brings
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Story Hour RevisitedStory Hour Revisited
What are the changes that are happening- how are children socialized in different ways- what is our competition (Barnes and Noble, Tumble Bugs, Performers) and how do we (and they) market themselves
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The phoenix programThe phoenix program
The problem was that Lansdale wanted government troops to move out of a village and hunt Communist guerrillas in the hills, but the local politicians were afraid that if they did
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School Worship Bible Project Year 1 EpiphanySchool Worship Bible Project Year 1 Epiphany
Jesus. This story is not in Luke’s Gospel – it is in Matthew. However the festival and season are concerned with the ‘showing forth’ or ‘manifestation’ of Jesus and our Bible readings explore some of the ways in which Luke’s Gospel shows how Jesus is recognised
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The Testimony Of a bbc people\The Testimony Of a bbc people's War Story Editor
The Award Presentation at Sheffield Town Hall, 10th of November, 2005. Left to right are: Margaret Walker (bbc), Andy kershaw (bbc), Roger Marsh (Story Editor), The Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Jo Thomas (Volunteer Co-ordinator) and Bill Ross
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George Orwell and the Politics of Animal Farm IntroductionGeorge Orwell and the Politics of Animal Farm Introduction
Joys is by no means a political piece of writing, it nevertheless contains references to victims, oppressors, and a highly systematized form of tyranny
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Month : january marchMonth : january march
Theme Design : These units are designed to understand the importance of Safety Rules to
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Chapter One: J. M. Coetzee’s Slow ManChapter One: J. M. Coetzee’s Slow Man
Costello. Before analysing these three particular topics in the novel Slow Man in detail, one must first take a general look at the novel as a whole
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Theory night poetry packetTheory night poetry packet
At birthday parties, someone might politely ask, May I borrow one of those knives to slice this chocolate cake?
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I always try and tailor my material to the varied audiences I encounter but sometimes I just get it wrongI always try and tailor my material to the varied audiences I encounter but sometimes I just get it wrong
Once, when telling a traditional tale in an assembly at an infant’s school in the uk, I noticed that, as the story unfolded, someone at the back was becoming more and more distressed. The longer I spoke the worse it became
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Essay on Sandra Cisneros’ “Eleven”Essay on Sandra Cisneros’ “Eleven”
In “Eleven” by Sandra Cisneros, Rachel learns that even though she is eleven, she isn’t yet “smart eleven.” The plot, setting, and main character in the story together illustrate the idea that growing wiser isn’t as easy as growing older
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Saint Brigid and the BoarSaint Brigid and the Boar
A criminal running from the law could seek sanctuary in the monastery and no one could do anything to him until he himself agreed to leave
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