Can nigeria\Can nigeria's nascent democracy survive?
The paper however, takes a cursory look at the daunting challenges ahead and infers that unless the government increases social expenditure and truncate the current brazen corruption
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Language Development in South Africa – Past and PresentLanguage Development in South Africa – Past and Present
African language is extremely limited. If language development efforts in modern South Africa are to be a success, new strategies which take into account the political realities of the country will be essential
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Indian institute of managementIndian institute of management
There are many things unique about the story of technological change in Indian Agriculture in sixties, seventies and eighties in India. However, my regret is that when our experience is applied in Africa or other developing countries
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Review of ExperienceReview of Experience
Luigi Manzetti of Southern Methodist University, Teresa Benedict of Transparency International/ Malaysia, and Haji Semboja and James Kajuna of the Economic and Social Research Foundation, Tanzania. Any faults are the author’s own
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Wednesday, 12 june 2013 proceedings of the national assemblyWednesday, 12 june 2013 proceedings of the national assembly
The Speaker took the Chair and requested members to observe a moment of silence for prayers or meditation
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The coffee house and the ashram revisitedThe coffee house and the ashram revisited
What does Habermas’ coffee house have to do with Gandhi’s ashram? In the essay that follows we explain the question and attempt an answer
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In servicsince 1992In servicsince 1992
March is the month when we are celebrating the International Women’s Day, jointly with Russian Centre of Science and Culture. We are, indeed, thankful to
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Back issues November \Back issues November '05
Games and said his Government was serious in producing one which would be useful for the future. Gogoi further said that the Government would release a white paper soon to let the people of the State know about the cause of the delay
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Back issues Single window to simplify tax realizationBack issues Single window to simplify tax realization
Steps are afoot for computerization of Srirampur and Boxirhat check-gates which have already been declared as composite check-gates to be operated under one roof instead of the earlier five departments like mvi, Sale Tax
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Dedication contents part 1Dedication contents part 1
If there are illicit ways to instantly earn a livelihood, we do graciously adopt them without even thinking for a moment that there may be thousands of ways to earn it rightfully. The Holy Prophet (pbuh) said
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The Breadwinner Teacher’s PackThe Breadwinner Teacher’s Pack
Parvana sits in the market with her father, and considers the family’s history (including the death of her brother Hossain) and that of Afghanistan
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Stories from local pressStories from local press
Silence of both Pristina and the international community about the missing in Kosovo (Tanjug)
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Inside this issueInside this issue
Introduction to the annual report 2004 of the Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders – (fidh / omct)
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Friday, May 6, 2016 The Wall Street JournalFriday, May 6, 2016 The Wall Street Journal
Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Thursday that he will step down from office, clearing the way for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to consolidate power in the country
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Azhandle Ltd. Core Design Document for: Forged Conflict \"And my axe!\" Written byAzhandle Ltd. Core Design Document for: Forged Conflict "And my axe!" Written by
During these real-time battles, the player is given control over a character they can use to change the outcome of the battle themselves
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