The magician\The magician's nephew
This is a story about something that happened long ago when your grandfather was a child. It is a very important story because it shows how all the comings and goings between our own world and the land of Narnia first began
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The Atlantic MonthlyThe Atlantic Monthly
Growing long-vanished civilizations and modern-day genocides on computers will probably never enable us to foresee the future in detail-but we might learn to anticipate the kinds of events that lie ahead
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Mental filesMental files
In this book, however, I am only concerned with the conceptual foundations. My focus, like that of the other philosophers writing on the topic, is on how mental files can shed light on singular reference in language and thought
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August 2013 uestions for discussionAugust 2013 uestions for discussion
Egypt’s army is the biggest in the Middle East and the oldest in the world. True or false?
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A double portion of the spiritA double portion of the spirit
Presumably, then, his first audience already knew the outlines of the story about Elijah ascending to heaven, and perhaps their interest was in exactly how the narrator would retell this well-known and well-loved story
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Visual Knowledge: Textual Iconography of the Quixote Eduardo UrbinaVisual Knowledge: Textual Iconography of the Quixote Eduardo Urbina
Quixote through some derivative representation, from some image or icon and its cultural associations. One could affirm indeed, without fear of exaggeration, that the Quixote is an often seen, talked-about, but seldom-read book
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Begin interviewBegin interview
Int: what was actually going on with the economic versus what it tried the show people?
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Patricia keillerPatricia keiller
Copyright 2011 (C) The author retains all rights to the work, and permission to reproduce it, or use it in any way can only be obtained with the author's permission
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Classics 3307: Greek and RomanClassics 3307: Greek and Roman
Nor is it any easier to grasp the ancient Greek concept of hero (the English word is descended from the Greek), going beyond the word’s ordinary levels of meaning in casual contemporary usag
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And Then There Was OneAnd Then There Was One
Discovery of a lone survivor of an unknown Indian tribe in Brazil set off accusations of murder and a struggle over ownership of one of the world's last great wilderness areas
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David Radford, The Gray HavensDavid Radford, The Gray Havens
From other artists in that stream, is that they seem to deftly meld fantasy stories, lyric poetry, theology and song. That, and the level of obvious delight David & Licia Radford take in creating, recording
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Underbelly, true crime and the cultural economy of infamy Melissa Gregg and Jason Wilson Introduction – Barbarians at the GateUnderbelly, true crime and the cultural economy of infamy Melissa Gregg and Jason Wilson Introduction – Barbarians at the Gate
Why anyone would be contemplating Melbourne as a holiday destination in light of the show’s sordid account of this history of bloodshed and violence is just one question this paper is inspired to answer
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Opening doors with words and numbers 3 Reconnecting to life 5Opening doors with words and numbers 3 Reconnecting to life 5
The earthquake of 22 February devastated Christchurch just as this issue of Rise went to print
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Pre-Diluvian Civilizations & Theories of Catastrophism ♦ FablePre-Diluvian Civilizations & Theories of Catastrophism ♦ Fable
Fable from Latin Fabula meaning that which happened in the past, but not an invention
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Good teaching strategies for deaf and hearing impaired studentsGood teaching strategies for deaf and hearing impaired students
Any good teaching strategy is good not only for deaf students but also their hearing peers. The following is a guide only. For more detailed information, see the resources listed below
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