Harvard Divinity BulletinHarvard Divinity Bulletin
Indian (nri) who decides on the death anniversary of his parents to return to India in search of his elderly nanny. The film is ostensibly about Mohan's journey back to India
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The Churning of the Ocean of MilkThe Churning of the Ocean of Milk
Assisting in this endeavor was the giant serpent Vasuki, who offered himself as a rope to enable twirling of a "churning stick." The serpent was yanked back and forth in a giant tug-of-war that lasted for a thousand years
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“The Good Samaritan”“The Good Samaritan”
Luke 10: 28. The problem is in the doing, when it proves inconvenient. So when the lawyer nit-picks and asks “who is my neighbor,” Jesus tells a story that shows how it can be inconvenient for some religious people to practice love
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The mystery of israelThe mystery of israel
From Maritain and the Jews, Edited by Robert Royal (Notre Dame: American Maritain Society / University of Notre Dame Press, 1994), pp. 51-71. James V. Schall, S. J
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Week of 21 June, 2009 Week 26Week of 21 June, 2009 Week 26
Fifa confederations Cup Spain V south Africa live to all centres from Mangaung/Bloemfontein, South Africa. Hosted by Les Murray and David Basheer with Craig Foster. (Sport)
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The Byzantine Ascetic and Spiritual FathersThe Byzantine Ascetic and Spiritual Fathers
Eastern Orthodox Tradition. Their expectation was fully justified: the volumes in Russian rapidly sold out and were warmly appreciated in the general press
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Interpretation Guideline Comprehensive VersionInterpretation Guideline Comprehensive Version
Therefore, they should strive to have a more comprehensive knowledge base so that they are able to convert the message from the source language to the target language. In addition
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