Question: What are John Abraham and Akshay Kumar\Question: What are John Abraham and Akshay Kumar's professions in Garam Masala? 1 Reporter 2 Photographers 3 Professors 4 Lawyers Question
Question: Who, apart from Aamir Khan, wants to marry Preity Zinta in Dil Chahta Hai?
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PaulTheBeatle Walk in lookPaulTheBeatle Walk in look
You don’t see a lot of these anymore, do ya? Well this is a bit awkward really, isn’t it? You know, normally, there are four of uz. Now, if one of us doesn't show up it's called- (scan crowd) anybody?
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A new passage to all things Indian opens \A new passage to all things Indian opens 'Slumdog' craze whets appetite, raises profiles
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Ann B. Davis 2007 – Twelve Trashy MenAnn B. Davis 2007 – Twelve Trashy Men
Tossups for Ducking Forks by Gail Celio, Billy Celio, Julie Stahlhut and Eric Hillemann
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Tossups His first feature film appearance was a non-speaking part in 1989\Tossups His first feature film appearance was a non-speaking part in 1989's
The Cider House Rules led to the role for which he is most well-known, on the recommendation of director Sam Raimi. The star of such films as Pleasantville, Seabiscuit, and Brothers
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If you wanted a shorthand to the last 10 years of Daptone RecordsIf you wanted a shorthand to the last 10 years of Daptone Records
Bushwick, Brooklyn, one where the label's storied analog studio takes up the first floor, and the second floor hosts shelves packed with lps and just a few desks from which to sell them
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Ultravox Serenade Written by C. Cross, W. Cann, B. Currie, M. UreUltravox Serenade Written by C. Cross, W. Cann, B. Currie, M. Ure
Chrysalis, Quartet I aim to analyse the song in the context of the rest of the album, the time it was written and the musical and technological devices and methods employed
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Johnny a get inside ForJohnny a get inside For
On Johnny A.’s latest Favored Nations disc, Get Inside, he once again lets the guitar lead the way on a dozen instrumentals that span a gulf of style from cool a go-go to finger-lickin’ guitar pickin’ to laying pure rock n’ roll rubber
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Ass II round 11 acf pageAss II round 11 acf page
Theme: All of the answers in this packet will relate somehow to something you’d find in a typical acf packet. For example, a tossup on “Kevin Smith” would fit the theme because he shares a last name with Wealth of Nations author “Adam
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Bob Mould Body of SongBob Mould Body of Song
In the panoply of American post-punk rockers, Bob Mould’s name is synonymous with innovation, passion and songcraft
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Cap Pun III packet by Joshua Levit and Dom Ricci TossupsCap Pun III packet by Joshua Levit and Dom Ricci Tossups
Billie Holiday, only without the substance. Lesser-known songs on the album include: "Got My Own Thing Now", "Twighlight", and "Memphis Exorcism". For twenty points, name this album featuring "Hell"
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Songs about psychologySongs about psychology
My concluding message to students always emphasizes that, whether in listening or reading or people-watching, you will find psychology everywhere: just pay attention and see what you can learn and apply
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Early years 1 Writing career 2Early years 1 Writing career 2
American author of gothic, erotic, and religious-themed books from New Olleans, Louisiana. She was married to poet and painter Stan Rice for 41 years until his death from cancer in 2002
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In this singer\In this singer's highest-charting solo single, he mentions that he has “seen angels fall from blinding heights” and suggests that you “arm yourself because no one else here will save you.” That single
One saw him replace Zack de la Rocha of Rage Against the Machine and is known for hits such as Cochise and Be Yourself while the other won a pair of Grammys in 1995 for their singles Spoonman and Black Hole Sun
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2010 trashionals2010 trashionals
Afghanistan. The decoys, previously seen ineptly trying to cheat on their Foreign Service exams, unexpectedly accomplish the mission and aim the warhead at Detroit
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