Aum amriteswariye namahaAum amriteswariye namaha
Srimad Bhagavatham is one of the most sacred and important of the Puranas present. It is considered as the Mahapurana amongst the 18 Puranaas
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Aum amriteswariye namahaAum amriteswariye namaha
Self. This is the reason why a husband is not loved by the wife once the vital force leaves the body of the husband. Similar is the case of a mother
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Aum namah sivayaAum namah sivaya
Sankara thereby beautifully proclaims in his Maya Panchakam that strange are the ways of Maya that it makes even a person who is giving discourses on hundreds of scriptures deluded into women, wealth
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Faq indian CultureFaq indian Culture
Nearly two years ago I gifted a Ganapati ka murthi to a British girl in Hongkong. She
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Aum namah shivaya sarvam brahma mayamAum namah shivaya sarvam brahma mayam
If a person knows that he will not get happiness in something, he will not go behind that object. Therefore nobody touches fire, nobody goes and hugs a snake because all of these are known to take the happiness
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Vedanta DarshanamVedanta Darshanam
There seems to be no end to the miseries that we see in the world. If asked as to why, Vedanta answers that “that is the very nature of this temporary and sorrowful world” – what else can the illusory world give other than sorrow and
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The classic debate between Mandana Misra and Adi ShankaraThe classic debate between Mandana Misra and Adi Shankara
Advaita philosophy he propounded based on the Upanishads and embellished by the incomparable commentaries he wrote on them. The principles, which he formulated, systematized, preached, debated upon and wrote about
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By teofilo h. MontemayorBy teofilo h. Montemayor
The national hero of the Philippines and pride of the Malayan race, was born on June 19, 1861, in the town of Calamba, Laguna
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Philosophy and Religion BuddhismPhilosophy and Religion Buddhism
Buddhism emphasizes on experiencing, rather than teaching or learning. It considers meditation as the means to enlightenment and is based on a number of principles
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Designed and written by Dr Nicholas Coleman for Wesley College, MelbourneDesigned and written by Dr Nicholas Coleman for Wesley College, Melbourne
Practically every community is a microcosm of different cultures, each with distinct ways of seeing the world and behaving accordingly
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Faith and PracticeFaith and Practice
Where do these beliefs come from? How do they connect us with traditions of faith that are centuries old? How can an understanding of other traditions of religion or faith help us understand the lives of our neighbors—or the lives of those who live halfway around
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