The Atlantic MonthlyThe Atlantic Monthly
Growing long-vanished civilizations and modern-day genocides on computers will probably never enable us to foresee the future in detail-but we might learn to anticipate the kinds of events that lie ahead
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Rediscovered a speculation on theRediscovered a speculation on the
Ancient Greek, still follow blindly in the steps of their counterparts of the Early and Middle Ages, accepting their ignorant commentaries as gospel truth
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The Teotihuacan CultureThe Teotihuacan Culture
Mexico City. Today, a community by the same name is near the ancient ruins. Oftentimes, the ruins are simply referred to as "the pyramids." The Pyramids of the Sun and of the Moon are the most imposing structures at Teotihuacan
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Chapter 3 Pharaohs and the Afterlife: The Art of Ancient Egypt NotesChapter 3 Pharaohs and the Afterlife: The Art of Ancient Egypt Notes
Nearly 2500 years ago, the Greek historian Herodotus wrote, “Concerning Egypt itself I shall extend my remarks to a great length, because there is no country that possesses so many wonders
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President’s Message from Milt WadePresident’s Message from Milt Wade
The gondola traveled from the valley floor to over 8000 ft., close to the top of Mt. San Jacinto. The gondola slowly rotates 360 degrees while it's in motion allowing all passengers to get a total view
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Appendix 1: sorted concordances from bnc for \Appendix 1: sorted concordances from bnc for 'torrent(s)'
The valley takes its name from the Entlen torrent, a tributary of the Little Emme, which
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Training Script for goes-r fog/Low Stratus ProductsTraining Script for goes-r fog/Low Stratus Products
Advanced Baseline Imager (abi), new products are being developed and tested so that forecasters will understand the products as soon as the launch occurs
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