Terrorism: Ideology, Law and PolicyTerrorism: Ideology, Law and Policy
Johannes J. G. Jansen, ‘Religious Roots of Muslim Violence’, in: Gelijn molier, Afshin ellian & David suurland, eds., Terrorism: Ideology, Law and Policy, Dordrecht 2011, pp. 165-185
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Australian Heritage Database Places for DecisionAustralian Heritage Database Places for Decision
Bradfield and Dawes Point Parks, being the area entered in the nsw heritage Register, listing number 00781, gazetted 25 June 1999, except those parts of this area north of the southern alignment of Fitzroy Street
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Leadership Is Not What It Used To Be By Sir John WhitmoreLeadership Is Not What It Used To Be By Sir John Whitmore
They took the job, but they can’t take the pace. They were not prepared for today’s leadership environment. I do not suggest that there are no good leaders around but they are the exception rather than the rule – and we can learn much from them – but
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A poet’s DreamA poet’s Dream
Tagore to a person for whom the language of Tagore was alien. He would agree and then the conversation would drift to many other interesting aspects and the main issue would not be addressed
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Bioterrorism reportBioterrorism report
Now, the terrorists are resorting to collaborating the innocent lives of those under siege (e g hijacking or kidnapping) to afflict further damage onto the property and other people elsewhere
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