The Ripple Effect of Ahimsa: Gandhi’s Beliefs in ActionThe Ripple Effect of Ahimsa: Gandhi’s Beliefs in Action
Nonviolence Studies. The contest is held annually for all Rhode Island 8th graders. That year there were 88 entries and 21 finalists; Alex was a student at St. Michael’s Country Day school in Newport, Rhode Island
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Jeanne Carstensen, New York, nyJeanne Carstensen, New York, ny
You're kidding me." "No," I replied. "Turn on your tv." I stayed on the phone with him, watching the footage of the burning towers. After five minutes, he said, "I have to go to work
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The Pilgrim’s Regress: Notes on Quotations and Allusions compiled by Arend Smilde, Utrecht, The NetherlandsThe Pilgrim’s Regress: Notes on Quotations and Allusions compiled by Arend Smilde, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Lewis certainly wasn’t quite aware himself of how often or how much or how literally or indeed whom he was quoting
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Exopolitics JournalExopolitics Journal
The Philadelphia Experience” and “The Roswell Incident.” During a book tour for “The Roswell Incident” Moore was contacted twice with an offer “to help.” It was a story that went on for ten years
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The sea-gull-weep-gull (Чайка- необычайка)The sea-gull-weep-gull (Чайка- необычайка)
It happened at the Baikal in the deep cold autumn after the severe storm when all birds flew away in the south yet
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By Jeanne GoldhaberBy Jeanne Goldhaber
Newport to Bennington learning about the miraculous transformation of the monarch butterfly caterpillar. Or at least that’s what many of us used to think, before we stopped to really listen to the children
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Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryErnest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
This work was supported under the U. S. Department of Energy Contract No. De-ac02-05CH11231
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Header: Quieter Highways?Header: Quieter Highways?
Background photo of microphone array testing noise levels from semi truck driving on road
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Focus The Massie case: Injustice and courage By David StannardFocus The Massie case: Injustice and courage By David Stannard
Seventy years ago last month, in the pre-dawn hours of a Sunday morning, two Honolulu police officers awakened a young man named Horace Ida at his home in Kalihi-Palama. Ida dressed hurriedly and went with the detectives
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Negative 1nc nuclear Power da shellNegative 1nc nuclear Power da shell
The catastrophe at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is likely to have long-term ramifications for the nuclear industry. It is not, however, expected to shrink the number of jobs in the field
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October 2017 uestions for discussionOctober 2017 uestions for discussion
A big public vote was held to decide whether or not it should be an country
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