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Catholic Charities Movie Catalog

(* Discussion Guide)

“A Culture of Life and the Death Penalty” (DVD) (2)

“A Humble Walk: A Story of Faith Serving the Poor in Africa” (DVD)

“A Sense of Place” (DVD)

“A Time for Justice”


“All God’s Children”

“Alternatives for Simple Living”* (DVD)

“Among the People: Facing Poverty in America” (VHS)

“Among the People: Facing Poverty in America”(2)

“Ayudando a la Gente a Ayudarse”

“Blessed Are the Peacemakers”

“Church Without Borders”

“Coffee, Corn, and the Cost of Globalization”

“CRS Outreach” (DVD)

“ De Colores”

“Dying to Live” (DVD)

“Escape from Affluenza”

“Ethnic Notions”

“Fool for Christ: The Story of Dorothy Day”

“Global Solidarity”

“Helping People Help Themselves”

“Hidden in Plain Sight”

“Holding the World Together

“Innocent Voices” (“Voces Innocentes”) (DVD)

“Journey Against Hunger” (1Eng, 1Span)


“Let Justice Flourish”

“Let the Circle Be Unbroken”

“Life and Debt”

“Line in the Sand (DVD)

“Mano con Mano: Stories of Solidarity”

“Many Faces in God’s House”

“Marketplace Prophets”

“Myth of Race”

“Nuyorican Dream”

“On the Line” (DVD)

“Posada: Knocking on America’s Door” (DVD)

“Precarious Peace”*

“Race: The Power of Illusion”*

“Restorative Justice: A Catholic Perspective”

“Restorative Justice: A Catholic Perspective”* (DVD)

“Salt and Light”

“SOA: Guns and Greed” (VHS)

“Solidarity in a Cup” (DVD) (2)

“Straight From the Heart”

“Strangers No Longer” (DVD)(2)

“Talking About the Death Penalty”

“The Empty Chair” (DVD) (2)

“The Essential Blue-Eyed”*

“The Exonerated” (DVD)

“The Invisible Chapel” (DVD)

“The Narrow Path” (DVD)

“The Shadow of Hate” (Intolerance) (VHS)

“The Shape of Water” (DVD)


“Too Hot Not to Handle” (DVD)

“Tutu and Franklin: A Journey Towards Peace”*

“Walking God’s Path”

“Water for Life” (DVD)

“Water: Sacred and Profaned” (DVD)

“Wetback” (DVD)

Faithful Citizenship, a Matter of Conscience (dvd) (4)

Food for Thought (dvd)

Images de invisible

Poet of Poverty (dvd)

The Catholic Church and Native Americans (cdrom)

The Miracle of Graceway (dvd)

This is what solidarity looks like

This is your home

We know love by this

What will we eat?

Who are my sisters and my brothers?

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