Cause and Effect

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Cause and Effect

  • The cause is the initial event that happens.

  • The effect is the event that happens because of the cause

    • Ex: Jane tripped over the book case and hurt her knee.

      • The cause is Jane tripped over the book case.

      • The effect is that Jane hurt her knee.

(Blue) La Bamba

Story Structure

Three Parts:

  • Who is in the story (characters)?

  • Where the story takes place (setting)?

  • -What happens as the events unfold (plot)?

      • Plot often contains a problem and resolution


Action Verbs

    • An action verb tells what the subject does or did.

      • Ex: Jane ran down the street.

    • The verb is the main word or words in the complete predicate.

Direct Objects

    • A direct object is a noun or pronoun in the predicate part of the sentence that receives the action of the verb. It answers the question What? or Whom?
    • Not every action verb has a direct object.

      • Ex:

        • Jane ran down the street.

          • ran is the action verb.

          • street is the direct object because it answers what Jane ran on.

        • I threw the trash away.

          • threw
            is the action verb.

          • trash is the direct object because it tells what I threw away.

(Orange/Purple) La Bamba

Selecting The Appropriate Reference Source
1. -Telephone Directory- lists phone numbers for individuals, businesses, and government agencies.

-White Pages- names are in ABC order

-Yellow Pages- businesses are grouped alphabetically by type.

-separate section for government offices.

2. Thesaurus- contains synonyms and antonyms for words.

-some are in ABC order, some grouped by categories, with all words in an index.

3. Dictionary- provides spelling and pronunciation of a word, its meanings, and history. ALWAYS ABC order.

4. Atlas- contains maps.

-indexes tell where to find cities, states, countries, and geographical features.

5.Almanac- updated every year. Contains facts about history, sports, events, countries, and subjects of interest. Great to find statistics and lists.

6. Encyclopedia- set of books that gives major facts about a subject. Always ABC order.



La Bamba

spec” or “spect”- to look

ex: respect – to look up to someone

opt”- eye

ex: optometrist- person who examines eyes

(“ist” is one who)
The Fear Place- Suffix

ous”- full of

ex: dangerous- full of danger

-take off suffix (ous) and look for baseword.

ward” – in a certain direction

ex: downward – heading down

Mae Jemison –Suffix
ive”- changes a verb into an adjective

ex: support (verb) supportive (adjective)

ic”- suffix for an adjective, describes a trait

ex: history ___-- historic

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