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2. Tres Reyes Islands

Off the coast of the town of Gasan
Serving as a favorite haunt with delightful picnic grounds and dive spots in Marinduque are these islets named Gaspar, Melchor, and Baltazar, collectively known as Tres Reyes Islands. The islet Gaspar has a short stretch of coral beach with clear blue-green waters ideal for swimming and snorkeling. The second and third islets, Melchor and Baltazar, have precipitous coasts, underwater caves frequented by deep-sea divers. Marine species such as groupers, snappers, mackerels and sweet lips abound in the area, while coconut crabs called igod are commonly found along the beach.
In 1981, a sunken ship was found 130-feet underwater between the waters of Gaspar and the mainland. Believed to be one of the Chinese pirate Limahong’s vessels, the find yielded millions of pesos worth of artifacts and treasures, mostly porcelain jars, and plates. The Underwater Archeology Section of the National Museum salvaged numerous artifacts from the wreckage, which are now on exhibit.
3. Malbog Sulfur Spring

Brgy. Molbog, Buenavista, Marinduque
At the base of the inactive Mt. Malindig volcano is the therapeutic and natural healing water of Molbog Springs. Two swimming pools with warm though slightly sulfuric waters are considered to be healing with medicinal properties.

4. Paadjao Falls

Sitio Paadjao, Barangay Bokbok, Mogpog, Marinduque
This a series of gently cascading falls that settles into a 15-foot fall. Hunt for nature- formed bathtubs downstream and enjoy Jacuzzi-like effect. It is an ideal place for picnicking or camping.

5. Polo, Maniwaya, and Mongpong Islets

Off the coast of Sta Cruz, Marinduque

Off the coast of Sta. Cruz are the islets of Polo, Mongpong and Maniwaya. Polo is only 35 minutes by boat from the pier. A white sand beach and 10-foot sandy cliffs line its coast. Only 15 to 20 minutes away from the Polo is Maniwaya, whose powdery white sand beach could rival that of Boracay island. Northeast of the Maniwaya is another beach similar to White Beach of Torrijos.

Mongpong, the farthest from the mainland, is approximately 20 to 25 minutes by boat from Maniwaya. Northeast of this islet lies a kilometer’s stretch of white coral beach almost similar to the one in Elephant Island.
There are no tourist facilities in these islets. Visitors are advised to bring drinking water, sleeping bags and tents for longer stay in the area.
6. Natangco Islet

Northwestern tip of Marinduque, off Balanacan Pier
Natangco is an eight-hectare islet with a short stretch of powdery white sand that gradually slopes into the sea. Visitors are advised to bring water and food including tents for nature trips. Marine enthusiasts and scuba divers will find Natangco islet a haven with waters teeming with corals and marine life such as moorish idols, butterfly fishes, and an occasional sightings of manta rays, marlins, etc.
7. Costa Celina

Sitio Talisay, Brgy. Bonliw, Torrijos, Marinduque
Flanked by cliffs on both sides, Costa Celina is among the favorite dive spots in Marinduque. Approximately 40 meters from the shore is an undersea wall rich in marine flora and fauna.
8. Amoingon Coast

Barangay Amoingon, Boac
Coastal area with abundant marine flora and fauna, which can easily be seen 10 to 15 meters away from the beachfront. Colorful butterfly fishes, bobbing clownfishes, lionfishes, melo-sized seashells and schools of angelfish are among the varieties found here.
9. Mainit Hot Springs

Barangay Mainit, Boac, Marinduque
Free-flowing springs that churn out therapeutic warm waters. A favorite spot among the Marinduqueños, it is the main attraction of Barangay Mainit.
10. Duyay Cave

Duyay, Boac, Marinduque
The caves are regarded to be even more enthralling than Bathala Caves. The interior is very huge and dark, filled with stalactite formations. Only few visitors have explored the entire length of caves and tunnels, which are estimated to end in Tapuyan, Gasan.
11. Fantasy Elephant Island

Off the coast of Barangay Lipata, Buenavista, Marinduque
One of the mesmerizing small islets dotting the seas of Marinduque is Elephant Island. It is also surrounded by sheer cliffs with half-kilometer of long beach of white sand and crushed corals. The beach is ideal for swimming and snorkeling.
12. Norada Falls

Sitio Paadyao, Barangay Bukbok, Mogpog, Marinduque
A series of gently cascading falls culminating in a 10-foot deep pool of crystal-clear water. It is an ideal place for picnicking or camping.
13. Mt. Malindig

Bordering the towns of Buenavista and Torrijos
Dominating the skyline south of Marinduque is Mt. Malindig, an inactive volcano. Dense forest covers its upper half. Found in abundance are giant trees, moss forest and wild orchids. The rest is nearly deforested due to the slash and burn method of farming. This however, does not diminish the attraction of Mt. Malindig, which until now remains an excellent place for mountain climbing, camping and bird watching.
14. Kabugsakan Falls

Barangay Tugas, Boac, Marinduque
Ideal for picnics and nature based activities, it is a popular spot among the locals being proximate to the poblacion of Boac, the capital town.
15. Ginaras Falls

Sitio Banhigan, Brgy. Duyay, Boac, Marinduque

100 meter-falls with six adjacent waterfalls in the mountainous area of Barangay Duyay.

16. Salomague Island

Off the coast of Sta Cruz, Marinduque
Lying on the eastern side of the island is half-a-kilometer-long white beach littered with crushed corals. There is a good dive spot on the northeast of the islet. Salomague island is privately owned, thus, permission should be secured prior to the visit of the island, as a jump-off point for scuba diving.
17. Talamban Caves

Barangay Balagasan, Duyay, Boac, Marinduque
Two separate caves located about 100 meters from each other. The bigger one can be explored by using rappel ropes.
18. Balanacan Harbor

Barangay Balanacan, Mogpog, Marinduque
A panoramic view of Balanacan cove, the islets of Natangco, San Andres, Ata, Agpisan and Hidalgo. The general area is ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling.
19. Tarug Caves

Barangay Tarug, Sta Cruz, Marinduque
Three chambered caves in limestone formation, it rises steeply to a little more than 900 feet from the ground. Pinnacle is barely 3 square meters.
20. Poctoy White Beach

Torrijos, Marinduque
The pride of Municipality of Torrijos, it is a stretch of fine, white sand beach stretching almost to a kilometer long beach. Picnic huts and cottages are available.

  • Religious

1. Boac Cathedral

Barangay Mataas na Bayan, Boac, Marinduque

The cathedral is a 10-minute walk from the town proper. It was built in 1756 in honor of the Blessed Virgin of Biglang Awa. (Immediate Succor). It was here where Filipinos and Spaniards took refuge from pirate attacks. The architecture is Fil-Hispanic Gothic style with much of the original structure faithfully preserved. The belfry, altar façade and the interiors of the cathedral were beautifully restored as a prime heritage site of the province. The later addition of stained glass windows, adorn the walls and enhance the age-old beauty of the church.

2. Sta. Cruz

Poblacion, Sta. Cruz, Marinduque
This church was erected in 1714 and was renovated in the later years The tower still retains its original grandeur and solidity.
3. Blessed Biglang-Awa Miraculous Shrine

Poblacion, Boac, Marinduque
It houses the patroness of the province.

  • Museums

1. Marinduque National Museums

Poblacion, Boac, Marinduque
It houses the antique collections of town of Boac.
2. Marinduque Trade House

Barangay Santos, Boac, Marinduque
Showcases the native products of local producers of Marinduque

  • Special Interest

1. Diving Spots
The waters of Marinduque harbor a wealth of underwater riches. Numerous dive spots are abundantly scattered around the island’s waters, waiting to be rediscovered. Among the more popular sites are found off the coast of the islands of Maniwaya, Natangco, Salomangue, and the Tres Reyes Islands.
2. Beaches
There is a range of choices of beaches in Marinduque. The white beaches of Torrijos, Sta. Cruz, Gasan and Mogpog islets are famous for diving and snorkeling.

3. Mountain Trekking
Mountain trekking and camping are pursuits to enjoy in Mt. Mt. Malindig around Buenavista and Torrijos. Birdwatchers can catch sightings of local wildlife and raptors in flight.
4. Culture

Heritage and cultural appreciation tours are year-round activities and reach its peak during Holy Week. The quaint towns abound with beautifully preserved Antillan houses and well ordered communities reminiscent of Spanish town planning. Scenic attractions, local cuisine, arts and crafts together with special traditions of hospitality are what makes Marinduque an ideal destination.


  • By air – Asian Spirit flies from Manila to the towns of Mamburao and San Jose;

  • Flying time is 45 minutes;

  • Charter and commuter flights are available from Manila to Lubang


  • By sea, inter-island vessels serve the province from Batangas Pier to

Abra de Ilog ( 21/2 hours and San Jose (16 hours);

  • Province-wide, public utility vehicles such as buses, jeepneys and

tricycles ferry the commuters to points of destination.

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