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 Issue 08

February 2008



CBC needs many things – conferences, seminars, statistics, bookings and day-to-day

co-ordination. And behind the scenes, making sure they have happened over the last five years has been Sandy Binstead. We must now say a very big thank you to Sandy, and wish her well as she moves more of her attention to new projects within Hertfordshire Business Services.
Sandy has been a cornerstone of the CBC’s operations with BiP and the running of the website. She has also been a dedicated and enthusiastic member of the CBC Communications Group. Not to mention her practical support in helping the CBC annual Conference arrangements run smoothly.
But, probably to many of us Sandy is the one who knows the when, the where, the who and the how, of every CBC meeting. Knowledgeable, courteous, organised and ready with her finger on the button – that is a difficult act to follow!
When the handover is complete, the CBC Groups will miss her and so will the CBC Management Committee. A Big thank you from all of us to Sandy and good luck in the new post. Below, Ros Aird gives us Sandy’s story.


Sandy first joined Hertfordshire in the late 1970’s as secretary to the then County Supplies Officer, Leslie Fisher. She quickly established herself as a highly competent secretary, displaying all those qualities that we still appreciate today: efficiency, calmness, discretion, friendliness, tact, and sympathy, to mention just a few. A few years later she gave up work to bring up her family and, it seemed, that was that.

Five or six years later, and quite out of the blue, came a reference request from Asda in respect of a Mrs Sandra Binstead who wished to become a shelf stacker. Using Sandy’s talents in this way was inconceivable and Steve Gilbey, who had taken on the role of County Supplies Officer, agreed that Sandy should take on the task of setting up a computerized catalogue for Hertfordshire Supplies. Accordingly, she was poached from under the noses of Asda on a contract designed to fit in with her domestic commitments (this was the 1980’s and such things were not common) and began the task of setting up the catalogue on the only computer the organisation owned - an AppleMac boasting 64k of memory!
It was quickly apparent that Sandy had lost none of the skills that were so valued the first time round and, in addition, had no difficulty at all with the new word processing and data management demands put on her. When the catalogue was put to bed and a vacancy arose Sandy became secretary to Ros Aird, a role that she held and continued to develop until Ros’s retirement in 2007.

One of Sandy’s major responsibilities was managing the contracts that Hertfordshire had been awarded with schools in the far flung South Atlantic islands of St Helena and the even more remote Tristan da Cunha. With only six boats a year to St Helena and one to Tristan, Sandy’s organisational skills and persuasive powers were tested to the full in delivering this contract.

As these contracts were winding down, Hertfordshire was taking an increasing role in the management of CBC and there was a clear need for someone with Sandy’s skills to oversee the administration of the Management and Executive Committees and to ensure that the CBC website was developed and used as a dynamic source of information for CBC members and the outside world. She started to attend the CBC Executive Committee and then the Management Committee, becoming an invaluable support to all members of these groups.
As a member of the CBC Communications Group Sandy has been active, coordinating the information gathering, working closely with BiP and acting as the focus for access and membership queries. Latterly her work with helping to build and maintain the CBC contracts database has meant that the information required to ensure CBC continues to influence national initiatives in collaborative purchasing is readily and easily available.
It is testament to Sandy’s contribution to CBC that virtually everyone who has involvement in the organisation at any level will have come into contact with her and experienced her friendliness and efficiency – we all owe her a big thank you.
Ros Aird


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Sustainable Procurement

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Management Committee

ESPO Collaboration

CBC Online


CBC People

Editorial Team


CBC Communications Group

Bob Cuzner reports:

We are briefing a graphic designer about creating an HTML template for BuyLine. Currently, it is composed in MS Word but this choice of software has been a compromise arrangement because each of the 17 member-authorities in the CBC use slightly different platforms and communications systems. A newsletter composed in HTML should provide a universal standard that we all can open and easily read.

Invitations to tender are being released for the CBC Catalogue Production contract. This will be a three-year, (£1.5m) contract on behalf of Hampshire and Hertfordshire for the 2009-10 Catalogue editions.

Click here to view meeting agendas and minutes

Enquiries to Bob Cuzner (Chair) at Hampshire

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CBC Energy Group

A message from Ian Williams:

Our thanks to David Taylor, Ross Knowles and the energy buying team in Kent for all of the hard work they put in to getting new electricity and gas supply contracts in place for last October and November start dates. Acting Energy Group Chairman, Ian Williams, comments: ‘I know from previous experience that getting gas contracts in place for CBC is challenging enough but for Kent to do that and deal with half hourly and non half hourly metered electricity at the same time was excellent. Oh, and the 2 year fixed price deals are pretty impressive too!’

The Group will meet at Hertfordshire Business Services on 1st April to review how the new supply arrangements have settled in. A new Chairman is sought for the Group (yes, he really is retiring this year!)

Click here to view meeting agendas and minutes

Enquiries to Ian Williams (Acting Chair) at Hertfordshire

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CBC Food Group

John Foskett reports:

Pressures continue unabated in respect of food inflation. The latest event to affect prices is the ban on beef exports into the EU from Brazil. This has caused prices of EU beef into foodservice to rise up to 14% even after some absorption by distributors. Another worrying occurrence is the weather conditions in China. Heavy snow falling for weeks in central and southern regions is likely to wreck winter crops. China will seek to buy in to support its burgeoning economy and that will put further pressure on already stretched western world supplies. Wheat shortage is pushing up the price of poultry and is likely to cause a pasta shortage. Domestic demand for free-range eggs will force the price up. Eating habits could be forced to change to what is plentiful at any one time.

Click here to view meeting agendas and minutes

Enquiries to John Foskett (Chair) at Hampshire

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CBC Furniture & Furnishings Group

Eddie Wilkinson reports:

The Furniture and Furnishings Group have recently awarded the following contracts:

Metal storage furniture, polypropylene seating, educational storage furniture and plastic trays.
The Group is currently tendering for Office Furniture.

Click here to view meeting agendas and minutes

Enquiries to Eddie Wilkinson (Chair) at Hertfordshire

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CBC Hardware & Catering

Ian Williams reports:

Collaboration continues with ESPO. The joint contract for the supply of around £4.25M worth of Paper Disposables has been awarded. Thanks to everyone involved and particularly to Kate Binstead and Glen Facey (Trainees from Hertfordshire) for pulling this one together.

The next Group meeting is on 9th April when we hope to welcome Julie Cripps (Kent) back to chair the Group.

Click here to view meeting agendas and minutes

Enquiries to Ian Williams (Chair) at Hertfordshire

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CBC Library Group

Lee Hammond reports:
We are currently assessing tenders for the supply of library books and audio-visual material. This is a large procurement exercise and we are approaching the contract award stage which we will report in the next issue of BuyLine.
Click here to view meeting agendas and minutes

Enquires to Lee Hammond (Joint Chair) at West Sussex

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CBC Services/FM Group

An update from Alan Pavey:
Services/FM Group To Be Relaunched
Since the last edition of BuyLine, the Services/FM Group has not been able to meet due to the unavailability of most of the members on the dates originally planned. Although we have sent invitations to all CBC members, the number of members represented on the Group and attending Group meetings has been very limited.
In an attempt to refocus our aims and objectives, we have decided to relaunch the Group and to encourage member authorities to take ownership

for the activities and outcomes of the Group that will benefit all of the CBC.

The next meeting has been scheduled for late March/early April 2008, to be

hosted by Comensura at their Headquarters in Luton. Comensura is one of the leading players in the Agency/Neutral Vendor market and is already contracted with several CBC members for these particular services.

We have identified a number of service contracts that the group can collaborate on to deliver real efficiencies to CBC members, including:

  • professional contractors (including project managers)

  • management consultants

  • temporary workers (our hosts Comensura will provide some helpful information on this activity)

  • staff benefits

  • travel and accommodation

  • document storage

  • postal services

We would, of course, welcome many more suggestions from members to add to the portfolio for consideration by the Group. The Group will also be seeking to share best practice and undertake benchmarking with other similar service contracts that exist including OGC. In addition, the Group members will be looking to establish good networks within CBC to share information on all aspects of service contracts including activities in the marketplace and ongoing performance of contractors incorporating diversity, sustainability, HR practices and other related issues. The current Terms of Reference for the Group can be viewed on the CBC Website.

It would be really helpful if all members could identify a representative to attend the Group meetings and let me have their contact details.
If any member would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me via my colleague Gayle Acors on 01305 221278 or e-mail G.Acors@dorsetcc.gov.uk
Click here to view meeting agendas and minutes

Enquiries to Alan Pavey (Chair) at Dorset

Telephone 01305 221274

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CBC Sustainable Procurement Group

Ron Fawcett reports:
The Sustainable Procurement Group met at St Leonards, near Ringwood in Dorset on 16th January and followed up the work started at the previous meeting in October to identify appropriate guidance for Lead Buyers and product groups.
A number of sustainable procurement guidance documents and toolkits have been identified which should be used to build sustainability considerations into future CBC contracts. Links to these documents and websites will be placed on the CBC Sustainable Procurement Group webpage.
I have been acting Chairman of the Group for the past two years but have now been seconded to a major ICT project in Dorset which will fully occupy my time for the next couple of years; I am therefore stepping down as Group Chair. Dean Campbell, from Northamptonshire County Council, will be taking over the chairmanship of the Group at the end of February.
I have enjoyed being Chairman of the Sustainable Procurement Group and wish Dean, the Group and CBC well for the future.
Click here to view meeting agendas and minutes

Enquiries to Ron Fawcett – (Acting Chairman) at Dorset

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Local News


An advertisement for Head of Procurement & Commissioning has appeared in Supply Management.

Client Transport Services has moved to preferred bidder with Amey.

Other major projects: Waste, Built Environment, Strategic Resourcing (recruitment advertising & agency staff), SAP EBP upgrade.

Pathfinder project with Districts: scope being defined.

Closer working with Milton Keynes & Oxfordshire (MKOB) and the District Councils within the region.

Paul Raimbach

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Local News


Following a report by the consultants Deloitte, procurement in Dorset will change significantly, and we have now started a 3 year project to achieve savings of £1.8m over 3 years, and thereafter £1.8m per annum.

There will be a more focussed approach to procuring goods and services across all Directorates through the implementation of category management which will require new skills and techniques.
On more operational matters, Dorset has led a contract to establish a LINks (Local Involvement Network) arrangement on behalf of three councils, and is presently in the process of evaluating tenders.
An early project for 2008 is a review of our postal services and we are beginning the task of collating data from the numerous stakeholders in the organisation to inform on our procurement route.
Tracey Old who has been with us for five years, and who has been a member of the Communications Group, has been promoted to the post of Business Change and Efficiency Officer. We wish Tracey well in her new post.
Andy Ray

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Local News


News Round Up

The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead has asked Hampshire to provide a procurement service to schools in the borough from April 2008.

In-Tend is Hampshire’s system for tendering electronically. Corporate Procurement & County Supplies (CPCS) together with Property Services are the first Hampshire departments to fully rollout In-Tend to all of their staff who tender on a regular basis for goods and services.
Hampshire’s Corporate Procurement Network has agreed that the County Council should implement a Gateway Review process for all contracts exceeding £1m. This will be on an 18-month pilot basis from June 2008.
Campaign to sell advertisement space in Hampshire’s Catalogue of Good and Services for the 2008-09 edition has achieved approximately £412k.
Hampshire’s Primary Headteachers are attending their 2008 Annual Conference on 12 March in Southampton. The event is funded by sponsorship which is arranged and co-ordinated by County Supplies. This year nearly 300 Headteachers are expected to attend the event, which will include conference speakers, a supporting exhibition and full catering for the delegates.
Bob Cuzner

Fish and Kids

Have you heard of Fish and Kids, a project of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), designed to bring sustainable seafood sourcing to schools and restaurants? Children can learn about marine environmental issues and sustainable fishing with fun activities in the classroom and on the website - www.fishandkids.org/

It might interest you to know that the Marine Stewardship Council seeks to promote the use of fish from sustainable stocks and Hampshire County Supplies and Hampshire County Council Catering Services (HC3S) are keen to ensure that this objective receives their full support.

HC3S currently uses five centre of plate fish products in school meals. One of them is already MSC-approved. That is the Crown Foods Not Fried Salmon Crumb 30g portion. Two more become MSC-approved with effect from 1 March 2008. The first is the Pure Organics Rice and Maize-Coated (Pollock) Fishcake 56g which HC3S can give to children including those on wheat and gluten-free diets. The second, also from Pure Organics is a Goujon 28g which will be undergoing a specification change. The Goujon is currently made from Cod stocks which have dwindled. In an effort to reverse the decline in stocks an agreement has recently been reached by the European Commission for crews fishing in British waters to use nets with a larger mesh size to allow more juvenile fish to escape capture. Hampshire County Supplies and HC3S have taken the decision to request Pure Organics to source different fish with which to make the goujons and trials will shortly commence using Hake, Hoki, Pollock and Cod all from sustainable sources. Whatever the outcome, taste tests will take place in schools before the change is effected, to make sure the finished product (to be known as a Whitefish Goujon) is liked by children.

Crown Foods also supply a Not Fried Alaskan Pollock Crumb 60g which, whilst not MSC-accredited is from stocks said by SeaChoice, Canada's national seafood progamme, to be …."a well managed fish stock and the fishing method used to catch them is not harmful to the environment nor does it have a high level of by-catch" (meaning species caught in a fishery intended to target another species, as well as reproductively-immature juveniles of the target species).

The final fish item used by HC3S is the Castle Kitchens South Coast Mackerel/Whitefish Fishcake 50-60g recently featured on television in the south. The product would not have got off the ground without the support of HC3S and it has been refined over the past year based on comments made by HC3S kitchen staff to improve its quality and make it as popular as possible whilst meeting School Food Trust requirements in respect of using oily fish. It also serves to help our local fishing industry.

Network Seafoods in Newhaven were sourced as a primary supplier of Mackerel and Herring and Castle Kitchens in West Sussex undertook the product development work. With help from SEFGP, funding was organised to invest in crucial machinery & research. A series of tastings were conducted with school children, a school nutritionist and food service professionals, resulting in a tasty 60g fishcake containing 10% mackerel and fresh vegetables. The fishcake made its debut in Hampshire schools in April 2007. Since then the South East Food Group Partnership (funded by South East England Development Agency (SEEDA) which aims to help food and drink producers across the region grow their businesses) working with Castle Kitchens believe they have perfected a new version of what is still called the Mackerel Fishcake using 10% Mackerel and 30% locally-caught White Fish (a mixture of any of Coley, Plaice, Bass or Huss which is caught when in season and frozen down for future use).

Discussions have been opened with the Marine Stewardship Council in respect of HC3S being able to use the MSC logo on its menus in due course.

John Foskett

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Local News


Hertfordshire retains its Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply Certification Status

Following an exhaustive review of its purchasing policies and procedures by the CIPS Audit Team, Hertfordshire County Council has retained its Certification status originally granted in 2001.

The re-certification audit took place to ensure that any significant changes in good purchasing and supply management practice have been adopted, particularly with regard to compliance with new legislation. The CIPS Certification is a dynamic standard and the audit was conducted to ensure that all purchasing and supply management policies and procedures were not only up to date but also working effectively throughout the entire organisation.
The CIPS Auditors commented: ‘Overall, Hertfordshire County Council was found to have a mature and well structured set of procurement procedures and intranet. The ease of finding procedures and the degree of compliance was generally high.’
Ian Williams comments: ‘The audit was pretty demanding and the fact that we are in the middle of setting up a strategic purchasing unit added to the complexity of the task. The auditors saw that the Council had made significant improvements since the original certification back in 2001 and that our plans for the future will ensure that good procurement practice continues to impact on all aspects of the Council’s expenditure.’
Ian Williams

Changes within Hertfordshire County Council

Hertfordshire’s procurement and supplies operations began a programme of re-organisation last June and now many of the changes are in place. By the 1 April 2008 the new structure should be fully operational.

The new structure is composed of two distinct groups. There will be a newly created Strategic Procurement Group, headed by Peter Maguire, and containing a Contract Development Team and a Purchasing Consultancy Team. Secondly, there will be a re-structured Hertfordshire Business Services Group, headed by David Golledge, and containing Hertfordshire Supplies Team (including Catalogue services) and Hertfordshire Contract Management Services (including contract support, energy management, design and print).
The Strategic Procurement Group and the Hertfordshire Business Services Group will be part of the Directorate of Finance, Information and Commercial Services which is headed by Chris Sweeney.
Dave Golledge

Head of Hertfordshire Business Services

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Local News


Major projects for Corporate Procurement centre on several key strategic areas including

  • Building Schools for the Future

  • Commissioning Strategy for Childrens Services – Fostering and Home Care

  • Re tendering of the Managed Service for Temporary Staff ,taking into account the impact of individualisation of care budgets by 2011

  • Choice Based Lettings Scheme for Social Housing in Bedfordshire with LA and Housing Association Partners

  • Formation of a Cultural Trust for Museums and Libraries effective March 2008

  • Reviewing the impact of e.procurement and re examining job descriptions and function of Corporate Procurement Unit now it is fully rolled out

  • Sustainability

  • Reinforcing Diversity and Equalities targets

  • Re writing the Corporate Procurement Strategy

  • Reviewing the role and remit of the corporate Procurement Development Group

  • Supporting the Luton Excellence Project and delivering £2 millions of procurement savings in 2008/9.

The focus of the authority in the last quarter of 2007 was centred on the CPA and JAR Process. Initial feedback from interviews attended by procurement was very positive.

Luton will be undergoing the reassessment for the CIPS Certificate of Excellence in Spring 2008
LBC scored very highly in a piece of independent research undertaken by the University of Kingston upon Thames into policies and practices in support of SME,s and BAME,s sponsored by the RCE East , London and South East.
LBC is commissioning work with Action Sustainability to produce some structured training around procuring sustainable goods and services to be delivered in mid 2008.
Chris Addey

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Local News


The recent CBC Energy contract has been viewed as a major success story in Northamptonshire with savings of over £1m identified. The two year deal provides welcome certainty with Energy prices being very volatile.

The success of the Energy Contract and the Library Books contracts have been timely as the recent arrival of a new Chief Executive and two new Directors has allowed the benefits of CBC to be centre stage.

Northamptonshire and Leicester City are working on a new Tier Two Consultancy contract on behalf of the East Midlands Region and as briefed to Management Committee the option for future CBC Member use has been included. The Contract is due to go live in May and is targeted at smaller assignments.

It is proposed to extend the Curtain and Blind Contract for a further 12 months to Feb 2009.

Paul White

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Management Committee

Readers of BuyLine will know that the full Management Committee minutes can be accessed through the CBC website. This article provides a brief summary of the main issues discussed.

New Chairs

Congratulations to the following new chairs:

Stephen Pinch (Hampshire) - Assistive Technology Group.

Julie Cripps (Kent) - CBC Hardware and Catering Group.

Dean Campbell (Northamptonshire) – Sustainable Procurement.
Chairman’s Workshop

There was a good attendance at the Chairman’s Workshop held on 26 September 2007 with 12 out of 17 authorities represented. ESPO are keen to form a strong relationship with CBC and joint contracting is taking place in a number of areas.


Reports were received from the Curriculum and Libraries Groups. These will be available on the CBC website.

Centres for Procurement Performance

There have been some developments in respect of the Centres for Procurement Performance set up by DCSF to encourage schools to become better procurers of goods and services. A number of CBC councils have already had meetings with representatives from DCSF and others are scheduled to meet soon. It was considered essential that we share information arising out of these discussions to see if a consistent approach is being operated and a report will be presented to the next Management Committee. CPP seems to have rejected the possibility of working with schools individually and is actively seeking to work at the level of ‘whole’ local authorities.

Regional Improvement and Efficiency Partnership (RIEPs)

The Regional Improvement/Efficiency Boards and the RCEs have now been merged with significant additional funds for improvement being proposed. The RIEPs are all working on bidding and allocation strategies for this funding.


Contact between the major buying consortia, including CBC, and OGC Buying Solutions is taking place. There are many issues to agree if we are to work more closely with OGC and these will be discussed further as matters develop.


Readers will be aware that Pro 5 became Pro 4 because of a failure to agree terms and conditions of operation with YPO. Since then further discussions have taken place with YPO and it is hoped that we will be able to work effectively with that organisation at some point in the future. The matter was not helped when YPO catalogues were distributed in Hampshire and Dorset without any discussion or agreement. What is really needed is an agreed governance structure for Pro4/5.

PRO 4/Contracts

The joint CBC/ESPO contract for photocopying equipment has produced some extremely attractive bids

Membership of CBC

The future CBC Position on potential new members including the option of Associate Membership was discussed. We are moving towards greater collaboration and many CBC councils are working more and more closely with their Districts to promote the use of CBC contracts. It was agreed that CBC contracts may be offered to non CBC members within each authority, i.e. districts/customers of the authority, with any rebates due being received by the member authority.

CBC Conference

The Annual Conference is being held on 20 March and the theme will be Training and Development. Some excellent speakers who are guaranteed to motivate and inspire have been booked. Topics for the conference are Controlling Meetings, Leadership and Communication, Negotiation and Meeting the Efficiency Agenda and “Upskilling”. Further details on the conference and the booking arrangements have recently been circulated.

Business Planning

The second day of the Management Committee was concerned with Business Planning. There were a number of actions agreed and the CBC Business Plan will now be updated to reflect these.

It was also felt important to complete a review of the CBC Terms and Conditions and the CBC Protocols, and to formalise governance arrangements with Pro 4/5. Members of the Management Committee considered it to be important to roll out the new Procurement Strategy template to support all councils. Further discussions will be held with OGC Buying Solutions to try and reach an agreement. Finally members agreed we should take an intelligent approach to the development of the OPEN Marketplace of DCFS.
Andy Ray

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The following message was received from Mark Woolerton of ESPO and relates to the MultiMedia AV Solutions contract led by David Perfett in Kent.
“This appears to be a very positive outcome. Thank you for conducting what has clearly been a robust and credible evaluation and overall tendering process.”
This shows how well collaboration is working. The contract is just about to be awarded.
Tarryn Kerr

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CBC Online

CBC Contracts Register / Website

Remember to update and view contract information on the CBC website at www.cbconline.org.uk then click on ‘enter site’ (there is no need to log into the Members’ area), the CBC Contract Register link can be found on the left hand side of the home page.

New users need to register for a password by going to the ‘Contact Us’ link in the options box and completing the form. A password will be sent through.


If you encounter any problems please contact Sandy Binstead on

Tel: 01707 292701 or email sandy.binstead@hertscc.gov.uk.
Group Chairs please note - to ensure that the Meetings Schedule on the CBC website is kept up to date please remember to send future meeting dates to sandy.binstead@hertscc.gov.uk.

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CBC Conference 2008

CBC Conference – 20th March 2008, 1 Gt George St, Westminster.


The theme for this year’s Conference will be Procurement Centre Stage: Meeting the Efficiency Challenge. To meet the challenge of the Comprehensive Spending Review 2007 the Central Buying Consortium and the wider public sector need to make sure its procurement professionals are ‘match fit’.

Public procurement in the UK affects the lives of all citizens, and is a major driver for economic growth. The requirements of public sector bodies encompass virtually every product and service imaginable. There is now an annual spend on products and services of some £120 billion in the public sector, and as it seeks to reduce headcount this figure is set to grow. It is estimated that the public sector outsourcing market will be worth £67 billion by 2007 with local government being one of the fastest growth areas.

The emphasis this year will be on training and development show-casing the skills required. The Conference promises to be inspirational at an individual, team and business level!

Paul Raimbach - Conference Organiser

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CBC People


We welcome Anne Spence as Contracts Officer and Alex Care as Project Manager for the Improvement of School Meals. We also welcome back Kay Ford and Sarah Richardson from maternity leave and congratulations to Sarah who is pregnant again!

Congratulations also to Gosia Anthony on her promotion to Contracts Officer.

Meanwhile we say good bye to Dave Calcutt and wish him all the best for the future.

We are also looking to recruit a full time Contract Officer (£21,183 - £28,566). For further details call Caroline Wood on 01296 383657.

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CBC People


Gemma Archer, Contracts Officer at Hampshire has joined Enterprise Ltd a contracting agency in Preston, Lancashire specialising in housing projects.

Sarah Wild, of our Contracts Team has been temporarily promoted to Contracts Officer.

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CBC People


Congratulations to James Conway and Kate Binstead who are now both CIPS qualified following their recent successful examination results.

Sadly we must also bid farewell to Kate Binstead who is taking up a new position as Contracts Manager at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead.
Successful results have also been obtained by Karen Smith and Glenn Facey who have passed exams in CIPS Level 5 and 6.
Congratulations also go out to Ros Aird, ex Chair of CBC and ex Head of Hertfordshire Business Services, on receiving the Government Opportunities Aut Tace, Aut Face (be silent or do) Award at the SOPO Awards ceremony in November. The award recognises outstanding contributions made by exceptional individuals who have made significant and lasting contributions to public procurement and society, giving real meaning to the profession’s values. The recipient of this honour is decided by an advisory panel made up of leading procurement professionals from across the UK.

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CBC People


Good Bye to Tom Coleman who has been our Implementation Manager for the e.procurement system and will be leaving us at the end of March.Tom will be missed by all of his colleagues throughout the Council for his infectious enthusiasm and the ability to ask the difficult questions with an infuriating smile. Good bye Tom and best wishes for the future in Germany or wherever it is you finally land.

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CBC People


Frank Collier is retiring after over thirteen years with Oxfordshire and a career going back to his early days as an apprentice telephone engineer with The Post Office and later of course BT.

He got involved with contracts management at BT and from there went into Procurement.
Frank is not going to be putting his feet up as he and his wife Lynn are going to Ukraine as volunteers to develop and run a summer hostel for disadvantaged and orphaned children and young people in Ukraine. Something they started last summer with other volunteers from all over the world.

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Editorial Team

Last word

Please send comments, news, reports, articles, pictures and gossip to:
Members of the team are: Bob Cuzner, Sandy Binstead, Sheree Wesson, Claire Wheeler, Madeleine Jeffries and StJohn Harvey.

Bob Cuzner (Chair, Communications Group)

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Prepared by the Communications Group of Central Buying Consortium. February 2008.


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