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Comprehension Checks

1 - Describe why Catherine is writing an account of her days.

2 - Pick two people from the manor and describe their jobs on the manor.

3 - Describe Catherine’s mood in September. Why does she feel this way?

4 - What name does Catherine give to her first suitor? What characteristics would you expect him to have?

1- What are some of the lady-tasks described in the book?

2 - Why does Catherine want to be a monk?

3 - Why can’t Catherine get away with posing as a monk?

4 - What lesson does Catherine learn in October from the Old Jewish woman?

5 - Who did Catherine dream of marrying after baking the Saint Faith’s Cake and passing it through her mother’s ring? Who did she wish it had been?

6 - How does Catherine feel about Aelis and George being in love?

7 - Describe Catherine’s feelings toward her uncle George. Why? (2 points)


1 - What information does Catherine start adding to each daily entry?

2 - During the month of November, what does Catherine decide she would rather do with her life now?

3 - Why does Catherine get in trouble on her birthday?

4 - Why was Catherine disappointed by what she saw at her first hanging?

5 - Instead of "Corpus Bones," what is Catherine's new profanity?


1 - What somber religious holiday is occurring throughout he months of March and April?

2 - Who does Catherine describe as having “golden hair and blue eyes and the habit of catching his lower lip between his teeth” so that it makes her “want to lie down on the rushes and sigh?” 3 - What does the boy from question two do that makes Catherine stop liking him?

4 - To whom does Catherine become betrothed?

5 – Catherine’s mother request that Catherine not be wed until what other event takes place?


1 - What does Catherine fear? How does this fear affect her actions?

2 - Where and when does the story take place?

3 - Why is Catherine writing this account?

4 - What are some of the lady tasks that Catherine must complete?

5 - What are three things Catherine would rather do than become a lady?

6 - What kind of advice does Catherine receive from the old Jewish woman and Madame Joanna? Be specific.

7 - Catherine's uncle George has returned after many years of fighting in the Crusades. What are the Crusades?

8 - What luxury would Catherine have if she were king?

9 - What is Catherine's relationship with her brothers?

10 - Who is Catherine's best friend, and how is he different from other villagers?

11 - Give three examples of how Catherine demonstrated her growth in maturity.

12 - What is the symbolism behind Catherine’s nickname Birdy?

13 - Which of Catherine's brothers weds a twelve year old pregnant girl?

14 - What happens to Shaggy Beard?

15 - Who is Catherine to wed?

True or False?

If false, make it true.

1. George remains unmarried.

2. Catherine “accidentally” sets fire to the dovecote.

3. Morwenna is the story's narrarator.

4. The story takes place in Douglasshire, France.

5. All the events in the story take place in 1920.

6. Catherine is excited about her betrothal to her suitor Ulric of Liechtenstein.

7. The abominable Thomas is Catherine's favorite brother.

8. One of Catherine’s jobs is to embroider. This means she paints decorations on walls.

9. Perkin, who has one leg longer than the other, is the name of the kitchen boy.

10. Catherine hates doing her "lady-lessons" like tree climbing, mudwall building, and chicken-freeing.

11. Catherine would like to spend her life pretending to be a monk so she can copy books by hand.

12. Catherine casts a spell on George because he wants to go back and fight in the Holy Land.

13. George sadly pets one of the kittens Aelis gave Catherine because he is depressed about Robert’s wedding.

14. Perkin is Master of the Christmas Revels, so he must do whatever anyone tells him.

15. Catherine’s father wants her to marry someone she loves.

Catherine, Called Birdy Character Chart

Fill in the chart with all the information you can remember about these characters.




aka - Birdy or Little Bird

protagonist (main character)

account/story written from her point of view


Lady Aislinn






Master Lack-Wit

Uncle George

old Jewish woman


Be yourself, know yourself and where you come from

Lady Aelis

Odd William

Father Huw



Shaggy Bird

Duke of Warrington

Madame Joanna


Journal prompts

1. How are birds used as symbols in this book?

2. Identify three instances in the book when Catherine does something nice for someone else.

3. Find two examples where the assumptions Catherine makes about people are wrong. Have you ever made assumptions about someone, and later changed your mind? Explain.

4. Birdy’s relationships change as the year progresses. What changes do you see in her relationship with her parents? Why do you think this happens?

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