Cccp-05604 afl/Kazakhstan-ukk w/o 11may67 cfit in below-minima weather conditions An-2 1 73 473 17

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For those traveling to Moscow hoping to see active aircraft of Soviet/Russian design, note the following: on December 23rd 2013 the major domestic airport, Domededovo, handled 360 arrivals, just 15 of which being Soviet/Russian designed aircraft. The majority of these 15 were An-148, RRJ-95 and Tu-204. There was one An-12, one An-24 and some Yak-42s arrivals but there was not a single Ilyushin or Tu-134/154 arriving on this date. As such the picture is naturally the same for the regional airports.

But at least the production of one Russian built type seems to be proceeding pretty well being the RRJ-95. In December alone three aircraft were delivered and four aircraft made their first flight of the total of 21 that were first flown in 2013.

An-2 1 51 473 03 CCCP-05604 AFL/Kazakhstan-UKK w/o 11may67 CFIT in below-minima weather conditions

An-2 1 73 473 17 CCCP-01118 (1) AFL/N. Kavkaz-KRR w/o 03aug68 CFIT in below-minima weather conditions

An-2SKh 1 99 473 03 CCCP-98241 AFL/Ukraine-DOK w/o 04jul67 on a crop-spraying with an intoxicated crew

An-2 1150 473 16 CCCP-15959 AFL/Far East-Koryak w/o 13aug67 flew too low, stuck tree tops, crashed in a river

An-2 1163 473 12 CCCP-79868 AFL/West Sib.-Novosibirsk w/o 26sep76 when the pilot decided to commit suicide

An-2M 6 009 19 CCCP-05977 AFL/Moscow SPiMVL w/o 16may68 on a crop-spraying flight from Nikitskoye

An-2M 6 010 11 CCCP-05989 AFL/North Kavkaz-Shakhty w/o 30may68 on a crop-spraying flight for the sovkhoz

An-2M 7 014 20 CCCP-02332 (1) AFL/Ukraine-PLV w/o 01jul68 shortly after take-off as the fuel contained water

An-2 1G09-06 CCCP-28946 AFL/Kazakhstan-PLX dbr 12feb68 CFIT in below-minima weather conditions

An-2R 1G12-29 CCCP-49345 AFL/East Siberia-HTA w/o 11jun67 on a crop-spraying flight lost height while turning left

An-2R 1G21-18 CCCP-09210 AFL/Azerbaijan-ZXT w/o 26nov67 CFIT in below-minima weather conditions

An-2R 1G22-21 CCCP-09243 AFL/Far East-BQS w/o 28jul67 CFIT in below-minima weather conditions

An-2 1G40-16 CCCP-42615 AFL/Komi-SCW w/o 29aug67 the engine control lever got disconnected during climb

An-2R 1G40-38 CCCP-45209 AFL/Ukraine-HRK w/o 28may68 crashed on a crop-spraying flight

An-2R 1G44-17 CCCP-45228 AFL/North Kavkaz w/o 19may68 crashed while flying a steep turn at low height

An-2R 1G51-12 CCCP-55799 AFL/Kyrgyzstan-OSS w/o 09aug67 crew committed a mistake in handling the fuel system

An-2R 1G71-48 CCCP-96215 AFL/Krasnoyarsk w/o 01dec67 CFIT when go-around was initiated to late

An-2TP 1G72-08 CCCP-96224 AFL/Georgia-Sukhumi w/o 09sep66 the engine failed due to problems with the magnetos

An-2TP 1G77-03 CCCP-29320 AFL/Privolzhsk-GOJ w/o 20oct67 MTOW exceeded and CoG being out of the envelope

An-2R 1G95-21 CCCP-32209 AFL/Kyrgyzstan-OSS w/o 21jul68 CFIT in below-minima weather conditions

An-2R 1G135-26 ? UP-A0280 Aerotur-Kazakhstan Airl. DMB 19jun13 no titles;photo shows UN-70059 worn on top of wings

An-2P 1G149-38 RA-07334 AMC Museum arrived 2013 for spares to restore RA-32632 to static display

An-2R 1G161-13 SP-WOS Zaklad Uslug Agro. jul13 cockpit only seen at Wernigerode Luftfahrt Museum

An-2R 1G179-43 RA-56353 Rostok Avia photo 10oct13 fuselage only between buildings

An-2R 1G192-10 RA-84692 Kubanspetsavia photo oct11 stored Krasnoarmeiskaya; did not become EA-00078 !

An-2R 1G197-08 RF-00642 ROSTO canx 01dec09 for sale oct12/mar13; ex RA-68173

An-2R 1G219-31 RA-32632 AMC museum arrived 2013 to be restored for display using parts of RA-07334

An-2R 1G230-28 LN-KGB Samelet LN-KGB rgd 23oct13 ex LY-AKB

An-2T 1G235-55 RF-00447 DOSAAF dbr 17jun11 by a storm at Vladikavkaz; given c/n painted on

An-2T 1G236-55 RF-01203 DOSAAF rgd 29oct09 opb Kurtamyshski ATSK; f/n Kurtamysh 2013

An-2T 1G237-44 UR-GRI rgd 10dec13 ex UR-GRIN

An-2E --- EA-00078 MARZ ROSTO Zuk 22aug03 not c/n 1G192-10; correction to previous data

An-2 --- CCCP-02144 AFL/Azerbaijan-ZXT MCX 26nov67

An-2 --- CCCP-15983 AFL/West Siberia-Novosib. photo unknown black and white appeared in an unknown publication

An-2 --- CCCP-33130 AFL/West Siberia-Novosib. photo unknown inverted after having apparently made a forced landing

An-2 --- RF-90526 Russian Air Force Tgr 30aug13 carried also code "11" yellow; NOT c/n 1G85-21

An-2 --- LY-BAP no reports current on register nov13, CofA current until 26feb14

An-2 --- UP-A0037 Avia Janar KSN may12 photo on internet, all-yellow c/s with blue titles

An-2 --- UP-A0041 Avia Janar KSN may12 photo on internet, all-yellow c/s with blue titles

An-2 --- UP-A0077 basic AFL c/s photo sep13 in area of Yablonovka, titles carried but not readable

An-2 --- UP-A0245 white/grey c/s photo 2010 parked in middle of nowhere betw. Astana & Arkalyk

An-2 --- 285, 623, 624 North Korean Air Force DSO 24oct13

An-2 --- 632, 653 North Korean Air Force DSO 24oct13

An-12 3 34 15 09 12162 (2) Irkut w/o 26dec13 cr. on military storage near Batareynaya railway station

An-12BP 7 34 50 04 EW-394TI Cavok Air rgd dec13 f/n MSQ 10dec13; ex UR-BXK, canx 04dec13

An-12 --- CCCP-11239 ? Soviet Air Force/AFL titles photo reg difficult to read on photo; opb 566 vtap at Seshcha

An-12 --- CCCP-75896 Soviet Air Force/AFL titles photo opb 566 vtap at Seshcha

An-12 --- TU-VMA Ivory Coast Air Force ABJ may13 gobe by nov13; was stored there 7 years, fate ?

An-24RV 0 73 066 10 UR-47297 Motor Sich IEV 04dec13 full colours with titles

An-26 72 04 RF-36023 Russian Air Force OVB 29jun13 also coded "27" red; l/n SVX 22dec13

An-26 74 04 RF-46542 Russian Navy AAQ 12dec13 still in basic old Aeroflot colours and wearing "06" blue

An-26 77 08 "08" blue Russian Air Force Khb jun12 to be trf to Balashovski UATs

An-26 92 02 RF-90320 Russian Air Force Roc jun13 grey c/s; l/n Levashovo 10dec13; c/n from

An-26 92 08 "01" red Russian Air Force Khb jun12 stored (suffering from corrosion), seen jun12/aug12

An-26 106 10 4L-AFT Air Sirin 02dec13 flew PDV-HBE on entry into service; ex 3X-GHK

An-26B-100 116 03 UR-BAB Meridian rgd 31may13 f/n 13dec13; ex UR-26077

An-28 1AJ 004-16 CCCP-28767 Kolpashevo Avn Enterprise photo nov13 derelict at (N54.969808 E82.797933) since apr10

An-28 1AJ 004-19 CCCP-28770 Kolpashevo Avn Enterprise photo nov13 derelict at (N54.969808 E82.797933) since apr10

M28B/PT AJG 004-08 0225 Polish Air Force d/d 16dec13 was f/n Mielec 13dec13

M28 AJE 001-03 GNB-96105 Venezuelan Gardia Nation. photo dec13 at Caracas-La Carlota

M28 AJE 002-10 ENBV-0071 Venezuelan Army photo date and location unknown

0071 Venezuelan Army photo dec13 at Caracas-La Corlota

M28 AJE 003-41 N341ML Sierra Nevada Corp rgd 13dec13 f/n Mielec 18dec13; carrying 30341 (USAF C-145A)

An-32RE 01 10 K2775 Indian Air Force IEV 19dec13

An-32RE 08 02 K2736 Indian Air Force IEV 19dec13

An-32RE 12 08 K2762 Indian Air Force IEV 19dec13

An-32B 30 01 3010 Jordanian Air Force 22nov13 at Marka, apparently wfu

An-32 --- ST-ALM Kush Aviation 12dec13 flew ATZ-DLM-ODS 12dec13; reg previously a B-707

An-74 365 470 60 649 D2-MBF Angolan Air Force UYL 18oct13 grey colour scheme; again as such, ex T-700

An-72 365 720 80 778 RF-72935 Russian Navy/AFL c/s OSF mid2013

An-74TK200 --- "19" blue Turkmenistan Air Force HRK 17dec13 line # 22-05; not line # 19-03 as previously reported

An-72 --- RF-73022 Russian Navy EIK 27nov13 MA VMF Rossii titles; l/n OSF 09dec13

An-148-100 27015042017 RA-61717 MChS Rossii h/o 01nov13 ferried to Zhukovski same day; l/n Zhukovski nov13

An-148-100 27015042018 RA-61718 Russian Air Force Voz 08nov13 h/o at Borisoglebsk 06dec13

An-148-100 27015042019 RA-61719 FSB f/f 30nov13 with Belavia-style blue cheatline, no titles; l/n 08dec13

Be-12PS 3 60 29 01 RF-12006 Russian Navy AAQ dec13 also coded "10" yellow

Il-12D 9 303 36 03 not known Soviet Air Force photo 28nov71 for full story see on-line database

Il-18D 1870 098 04 RF-75336 Russian Navy, no titles VVO oct13 opb 7062 AvB at Nikolayevka; ex RA-75498

Il-38 8700 101 08 "02" red Russian Navy no reports Severomorsk based; see c/n 087010109

Il-38 0870 101 09 "02" red Russian Navy Nev 11apr12 stored Nikolayevka; see c/n 870010108

Il-38 8800 102 09 "07" red Russian Navy no reports Severomorsk based; see c/n 089010507

Il-38 8800 103 06 "09" red Russian Navy Sev 10apr12 Severomorsk based

Il-38 8800 103 07 "10" red Russian Navy Sev unknown Severomorsk based; see c/n 080010710

Il-38 8800 103 08 "11" red Russian Navy Sev 22sep11 Severomorsk based

Il-38 8800 103 09 "12" red Russian Navy Sev 29apr11 Severomorsk based

Il-38 8900 103 10 "14" red Russian Navy Sev 29apr10 Severomorsk based

Il-38 8900 104 06 "18" red Russian Navy Sev 29jul11 Severomorsk based

Il-38 0890 104 08 "16" red Russian Navy Sev 17aug10 Severomorsk based

Il-38 0890 105 06 ? RF-75332 Russian Navy VVO oct13 Nikolayevka based; also carried code "06" red

Il-38 0890 105 07 RF-75343 Russian Navy PKC 06dec13 PKC based; also coded "07" red; see c/n 880010209

Il-38 0890 105 08 "08" red Russian Navy EIK aug12 EIK based; code very faded

Il-38 0890 105 09 "05" red Russian Navy VVO 09apr12 Nikolayevka based

Il-38 0890 105 10 "04" red Russian Navy Nev 11apr12 stored Nikolayevka

Il-38 0800 106 07 "03" red Russian Navy no reports Nikolayevka based

Il-38 0800 107 10 "10" red Russian Navy no reports PKC based; see c/n 880010307

Il-38 0800 108 07 "20" red Russian Navy no reports Severomorsk based

Il-18D 1720 114 01 TT-WAK Air Sirin MLE 03dec13 small 'UNHCR' sticker forward fuselage; ex 3X-GGQ

Il-20RT 1730 116 01 RA-75483 Russian Navy/AFL c/s mfd 31jan74 Il-20RT(SIP); c/n finally confirmed

Il-22M-11 29640 17558 RF-90785 Russian Air Force CKL 04dec13 with 'VVS Rossii' titles; ex RA-75927

Il-28U --- 201 Algerian Air Force photo at Bilda; in natural metal c/s

Il-76MD 00234 38111 CCCP-86914 Soviet Air Force/AFL c/s dec13 b/u, fuselage only remained at Bila Tserkva

Il-76MD 00734 74219 RA-76718 Russian Air Force Roc 30nov13 in basic Aeroflot c/s, no titles; equipped with guns

Il-76TD 00734 77323 RA-78699 Chinese Air Force Zuk 11dec13 in full blue c/s; ex EW-76737; to become '27603' ??

Il-76MD 00734 77332 RF-94406 Russian Air Force ex RA-76739

Il-76MD 00834 87603 RF-94346 Russian Air Force last overhaul completed 10dec13; ex RA-78768

Il-76TD 10234 14450 ER-IAH 04dec13 in Afghanistan; current 12dec13; ex EK-76450

Il-80 51483205043 ? RF-93645 Russian Air Force no reports ex RA-86147 which was l/n jan13 (Il-86VKP)

Ka-32A7 5235002788626 RF-19609 FSB photo 19sep10 active coded "46" blue

Ka-27PS 6204 "142" red Azerbaijan Air Force l/n jun13 correcting previous c/n info

Ka-27PS 6205 "143" red Azerbaijan Air Force l/n jun13 correcting previous c/n info; FHN-05 is unknown c/n !

Ka-27PS 6206 "144" red Azerbaijan Air Force photo 2000 correcting previous c/n info; FHN-06 is unknown c/n !

Ka-32A11BC 5233240610002 RF-32807 MChS Rossii mfd oct12 line # 100-02; f/n GOJ nov12; c/n now known

L-200A --- RA-1809G dark grey c/s photo nov13 at Orlovka

L-410UVP-E12 88 22 07 OK-RMC rgd 30aug13 ex LZ-RMC which was l/n SOF feb13, fuselage only !

L-410UVP-E20 29 03 ? F-OIXT Air Guyane Express UHE dec13 ex OK-JDB ?

L-410UVP-E20 29 07 ? RA-67035 (2) Khabarovskie Avialinii KHV dec13 also possibly c/n 2908 !

L-410UVP-E20 29 08 ? RA-67036 (2) Khabarovskie Avialinii KHV dec13 also possibly c/n 2907 !

L-410UVP-E20 29 12 OK-SLW (2) Aircraft Industries rgd 19nov13 f/n UHE 13dec13 all-white c/s

L-410UVP-E20 29 13 OK-JDO Aircraft Industries rgd 02dec13

L-410UVP-E20 29 14 OK-JDP Aircraft Industries rgd 02dec13

L-410UVP-E20 29 15 OK-JDR Air Expr. Algeria UHE 04dec13 CofA dated 29nov13; rep. exported to Algeria 06dec13

Mi-2 53 0105 096 CCCP-15802 AFL/West Siberia-Kolpash, w/o 15jul86 collided with a telephone line shortly after lift-off

Mi-2 52 0501 087 CCCP-15650 (1) AFL/Ukraine-Simferopol w/o 29mar83 when the right engine failed while flying low

Mi-2 52 2349 042 3682K ....ol ASF 19sep11 illegal registration; l/n 05dec13; c/n now known

Mi-2 56 2648 112 N9YS Gustl Spreng Enterprise rgd 30oct13 Gustl Spreng Enterpr. Inc. of New Smyrna Beach, FL

Mi-2 52 9220 055 RA-23331 Avia-Sibir ph. 29nov13 in the Mashkomplekt factory at Tolmachovka

Mi-2 52 2822 023 CCCP-15768 AFL/Far East-VVO w/o 20feb78 disappeared without a trace, was never found

Mi-2 54 3013 063 CCCP-20112 AFL/West Siberia-Kolpash. w/o 06feb89 probably avionics failed due to loss of electrical power

Mi-2 54 3014 063 CCCP-20113 AFL/East Siberia-UKX w/o 25jul83 hawser of underslung load got entangled in tail rotor

Mi-2 52 5104 017 CCCP-14356 AFL/Central Region w/o 18jan90 when the pilot probably suffered a heart attack

Mi-2 52 6629 040 CCCP-20666 AFL/Ukraine-Ivano w/o 14jun85 when collided with a high-voltage power-line

Mi-2 52 7013 021 RA-20224 Barkol jul13 see wrecked Ryazan-Protasovo

Mi-2 54 7222 071 RA-20264 Avia Sibir photo 29nov13 in Mashkomplekt factory at Tolmachovka

Mi-2 54 7635 052 EW-20738 MChS Belarusi photo preserved at Mozyr airport (N51.98574 E29.15402)

Mi-2 52 7818 092 CCCP-20776 AFL/East Siberia-Nizhneu. w/o 08dec87 due to carbon monoxide inhalation by the crew

Mi-2 --- CCCP-20266 AFL/Urals-Perm w/o 10jul86 on a crop-spraying flight near Kirov

Mi-2 --- RA-20500 no titles photo 10oct13 in the yard of MGTUGA i UTTs at Rostov-na-Donu

Mi-2 --- RA-23781 Tverskoi AO dbr 11jan95 on landing at helipad Khalcheyu-41 (near Naryan-Mar)

Mi-2U --- RF-91413 Russian Air Force Che 11oct13 carried code "26" yellow; l/n MARZ DOSAAF 15nov13

Mi-4 07 51 0751 Czechoslovak Air Force 25nov13 transported to Olomouc-Neredín, will be restored

Mi-8T 9 74 41 32 RF-00234 Russian Air Force LNX 28jul12 also carried code "56" yellow; c/n now known

Mi-8T 9 86 25661 RA-24430 Yeltsovka photo 05dec13 damaged when the main rotor cut off the tailboom

Mi-8T 9 86 28099 ER-MHX no titles EBB 15oct13 a/w c/s; current 12dec13; c/n now known, ex 3X-GFL

Mi-8T 9 86 28132 RF-24733(2) ROSTO Blv 04jun11 c/n correction (not 7111)

Mi-8T 9 89 41668 RA-24150 Krasnoyarski krai rgd 16apr09 seen Baikit 04dec12 with 'KrasAvia' titles

Mi-8T 9 91 50873 RA-22313(2) AeroGeo Engels 10dec13 t/t 862 hours and 1,143 cycles by 06dec13

Mi-8MT 9 4032 "424" white Russian Air Force Engels 29nov13

Mi-8MT 9 4371 RF-90380 Russian Air Force Engels 14nov13 also carried code "38" yellow

Mi-8MT 9 4685 RF-90379 Russian Air Force Engels 08nov13 also carried code "39" yellow

Mi-8MB 9 5044 RF-94952 Russian Air Force photo 01jul12 near Zhezkazgan; also carried code "20" yellow

Mi-8MTPB 9 5336 RF-93218 Russian Air Force Roc 23apr12 c/n now known

Mi-8MTV-1 9 7053 RA-22297 (2) MChS Rossii no reports ex RF-31359

Mi-171C 171C00643083603U RA-22432 (2) United Nations dam 14oct12 on a flight in the Bamyan Province of Afghanistan

Mi-8AMT AMTS00643104501U RF-95626 Russian Air Force l/n 01oct13 in Abkhaziya; coded "43" red; c/n now known

Mi-8AMT AMTS00643104604U RF-95801 Russian Air Force AAQ 20dec13 c/n not confirmed; also carried code "50" red

Mi-17-1V 792M16 J-1716 Turkish Jandarma Ovs 17may12 with 'Jandarma' titles

Mi-17-1V 229M02 OB-2048-P FlexAir SAC rgd 25sep13

Mi-8PS-7 --- RF-94992 Russian Air Force KEJ 20dec13 in Rossia c/s

Mi-8T --- "07" yellow Russian MVD/VV LED 26nov13 with Russian flags instead of Red Stars

Mi-8T --- 606 Afghan Air Force photo 06apr97 at Bala Morghab; unknown nationality marking

Mi-171 --- SM-97 Algerian Air Force photo 2013 in green/ochre camo c/s

Mi-17 --- TJ-XDH & XDI Cameroon Air Force PDV 27nov13 in green/brown camo c/s; awaiting shipment home

Mi-171E --- 86201/86202 Chinese Army d/d 2012 both temporary serial

Mi-171E --- 86203/86204 Chinese Army d/d 2012 both f/n Yaan 20apr13; temporary serial

Mi-171E --- 86205/86208 Chinese Army h/o 14jan13 all four temporary serial

Mi-171E --- 86209/86210 Chinese Army h/o 10mar13 both temporary serial

Mi-171E --- 86901/86902 Chinese Army h/o 10mar13 both temporary serial

Mi-171E --- 86903/86906 Chinese Army h/o 03apr13 all four temporary serial

Mi-171E --- 87103, 04, 06 Chinese Army h/o nov13 all three temporary serial

Mi-171 --- LH96770 Chinese Army CNX 07dec13 opb 6th Rgt

Mi-8MTV-1 --- ARC-306 Colombian Navy photo nov13 in black c/s with 'Vertical de Aviación' titles

Mi-17V-5 --- ZP5124 Indian Air Force photo 19jul13 in grey c/s

Mi-171E --- YI-401 Iraqi Air Force ph. 2013 in sand/olive drab/brown camo c/s

Mi-17V-5 --- "05" yellow Kazakh Air Force ALA 28nov13

Mi-171E --- KAF1104 Kenyan Air Force 2013 in a promotion film for women in the Kenyan Air Force

Mi-8MTP --- 29 Syrian Air Force photo 1980s opb 100 ovo REB of Soviet AF with Syrian markings

Mi-8MT --- coded "06D" US Army Aviation photo feb13 opb 1-223rd Avn Rgt at Howze Field; serial welcome !

Mi-8MT --- coded "55G" US Army Aviation photo 04jun13 opb 1-223rd Avn Rgt at Howze Field; serial welcome !

Mi-8MT --- coded "74I" US Army Aviation photo feb13 opb 1-223rd Avn Rgt at Howze Field; serial welcome !

Mi-14 30301 40 Cuban Navy VRA 20nov97 with weapons pylons !; c/n now known

Mi-14 30302 till 30305 41, 42, 43, 44 Cuban Navy no reports all four previously unknown

Mi-24P 3532434826485 "26" yellow Russian Air Force photo nov13 carried code "26" yellow; in grey c/s with 'VVS Rossii'

Mi-24 Mk.3 --- SB-61 Algerian Air Force photo 2013 opb 1 RHC at Biskra; in sand/black camo c/s

Mi-35M --- 20118 & 20119 Azerbaijani Border Guards d/d jun13

Mi-35M --- 20121 Azerbaijani Border Guards ROV 04dec13 in dark green c/s without markings apart from serial

Mi-35M --- 20122 & 20123 Azerbaijani Border Guards d/d dec13

Mi-35M --- YI-351/2/3 Iraqi Army Aviation BGW 02dec13 4 were delivered by An-124-100 RA-82074 08nov13

Mi-26 34001212133 "23" yellow Kazakh Air Force DMB may12 transported under Mi-26T RA-06015 to NARZ Novos.

UP-MI602 Kazakhstan Emercom OVB 07dec13 in full c/s with titles

Mi-26T 34001212137 UP-MI601 Kazakhstan Emercom BXJ 30nov13 correction of c/n

Mi-26T 34001212509 "100" yellow FSB CEK 05dec13 arrived 07dec13 for overhauled NARZ; c/n now known

Mi-28N 34012843258 RF-91090 Russian Air Force Tom 16dec13 carried code "48" yellow; l/n MVZ im. Milya 18dec13

ARJ21-700 20 002 ? B-992L (2) COMAC photo 11oct11 preserved in fake c/s at Changan Campus

RRJ-95B 95 010 RA-89002 Moskovia Zuk 21dec13 lsf Sberbank Leasing; named "Fyodor Burtsev'

RRJ-95B 95 011 RF-89151 Russian MVD, no titles Zuk 20dec13 opb aosn "Yastreb"; ex RA-89003

RRJ-95B 95 031 PK-ECN Sky Aviation DME 18dec13 h/o this date; ferried from DME to HLP 19/20dec13

RRJ-95B 95 035 RA-89017 Aeroflot h/o 15dec13 ferried to SVO16dec13; l/n SVO 25dec13

RRJ-95B 95 036 XA-ABM Interjet h/o 19dec13 ferried from VCE to TLC 20/21dec13

RRJ-95B 95 039 RA-89022 Aeroflot Zuk 13dec13 named 'I.Orlovets'

RRJ-95B 95 043 97002 (2) primer (for Aeroflot) f/f 01dec13 ferried via OVB to Ulyanovsk-Vostochny 04dec13

RRJ-95B 95 045 97010 (2) primer (for Interjet) f/f 22dec13

RRJ-95LR 95 055 89020 primer (for Gazpromavia) f/f 09dec13 ferried via OVB to Ulyanovsk-Vostochny 13dec13

RRJ-95LR 95 056 89019 primer (for Gazpromavia) f/f 13dec13 ferried via OVB to Ulyanovsk-Vostochny 18dec13

W-3A 37 10 05 ? SP-SII PZL Swidnik Swd 31dec13 also marked AT-28

W-3A 36 10 17 1017 Polish Air Force Swd 27oct13 Polish Republic c/s & titles; l/n Swidnik 08nov13

W-3A 36 10 18 1018 Polish Air Force Swd 23nov13 Polish Republic c/s & titles

Tu-22M3 .. 53 . 3 . not known Russian Air Force 1995/2007 line # 53-03; underwent fatigue trials at SibNIA

Tu-134A-3 66152 RA-65916 Yamal GOJ aug12 scrapped at GOJ starting 04dec13

Tu-134AK 66198 RF-65153 Russian Customs rgd 2008 f/n CKL nov13; some five years after rgd

Tu-154M 89A805 RA-85821 UTair VKO dec13 broken up

Tu-154M 89A812 RA-85826 (1) KavMinVody Avia MRV aug12 scrapped by Zavod No. 411 GA by 02dec13

Tu-214VPU 023 RA-64523 FSB h/o nov13 f/n Kazan-Borisoglebskoye 17nov13; l/n PKC 11dec13

Tu-214ON 025 RA-64525 Russian Air Force f/f 18dec13 'Open Skies' aircraft

Yak-40 9 12 06 17 YA-KAF Ariana dbr 01aug92 at Qala-e-Naw airport; correction to location

Yak-40 9 24 04 26 RA-87838 Aeroflot c/s, no titles b/u 2013 at Oryol

Yak-40K 9 82 19 57 RA-87958 all white, no titles photo 17dec13 placed on display at VSUES University in Vladivostok

Yak-42D 452042 36 06 235 ER-YCH Armavia no reports current on register 12dec13; ex UR-CFH

Y8F-200W 37 18 05 ? 2810 Venezuelan Air Force photo 22nov13 this serial is either this c/n or c/n 381801

Y8F-200W 38 18 01 ? 2509 Venezuelan Air Force l/n 20nov13 this serial is either this c/n or c/n 371805

Y8F-200W 38 18 02 ? 1192 Venezuelan Air Force VLN 07dec13 this serial is either this c/n or c/n 381803

Y8F-200W 38 18 03 ? 2703 Venezuelan Air Force MYC 08dec13 this serial is either this c/n or c/n 381802

Y8CB --- 30011 Chinese Air Force photo 2013 20th Div/58th Regiment

Y8CB --- 30012 Chinese Air Force CDF 04sep12 20th Div/58th Regiment; l/n CDF 04nov13

Y12-II --- KAF140 Kenyan Air Force photo end2013 (c/n 111 ?)

Y12E 017 & 018 FAC-…. SATENA h/o 24dec13 both h/o in China; 2nd hand or long time stored

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