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The American Hospital Association Resource Center contains one of the nation's largest collections of individual United States hospital histories. A hospital history chronicles the important events in a hospital's development and is a unique resource for historical research.

Selected hospital histories on this list are part of the historical collection of the Center for Hospital and Healthcare Administration History, located in the AHA Resource Center. They are available for on site research. Other hospital histories on the list are part of the AHA Resource Center's general collection. These may be available for loan through the Resource Center's document delivery service. Questions regarding this unique collection of hospital histories should be directed to the AHA Resource Center at (312) 422-2050.
This updated list of published hospital histories was first issued in 1988. It is arranged alphabetically by state, then by city, and then by the name of the hospital at the time the hospital history was published. Citations include the hospital name, title of the hospital history, and the year of publication.

Baptist Medical Centers

Courage to care: the story of Ida V. Moffett. 1988

The first fifty; a history of the Baptist Medical

Centers, Birmingham, Alabama, 1922 1972. 1972

Baptist Memorial Hospital

Baptist Memorial Hospital: yesterday & today. 1981


Story of HealthSouth 2002

University of Alabama Hospitals

History of the University of Alabama hospitals. 1974

Lloyd Noland Hospital

General background on the Lloyd Nolan story. 1986

Lloyd Noland Hospital: the legacy. 1986
Huntsville Hospital

Medicine bags and bumpy roads. 1985


Baptist Medical Center

Expanding the dream: Baptist Medical Center, Montgomery, Alabama, 1963 1988. 1988

Partlow State School and Hospital

The Alabama State Hospitals and the Partlow State School and Hospital, a brief history. 1964

Providence Hospital

Pioneering spirit: the Sisters of Providence in Alaska. 1987

Arizona State Hospital

Milestones; a history of seventy five years of progress at Arizona State Hospital, Phoenix,

Arizona, 1887 1962. 1962
St. Mary’s Hospital and Health Center

Heritage: the story of St. Mary’s Hospital 1880-1980. 1981

The St. Mary's I knew. 1970
Tucson Medical Center

History of Tucson Medical Center. 1965

Portrait of progress: a story of Tucson Medical Center. 1984

VA Medical Center

A gathering of memories: VA Medical Center, Fayetteville, Arkansas, 50th anniversary. 1984

Washington Regional Medical Center

New visions: a 40-year history of Washington Regional Medical Center, Fayetteville,

Arkansas, 1950-1990. 1990

Fort Smith

Sparks Regional Medical Center

Sparks Regional Medical Center: 100 years of service. 1987

St. Bernard’s Healthcare

A century of serving: a centennial history of St.

Bernard’s Regional Medical Center 1900-2000. 2000
Little Rock
St. Vincent Health System

St. Vincent’s healing mission: the history of St. Vincent, 1888-1997. 1997

Arkansas Methodist Hospital

Arkansas Methodist Hospital: a history. n.d.

Saint Joseph Medical Center

Five decades of mission: a retrospective, 1943-1993 1993

City of Hope

The City of Hope. 1954

Loma Linda
Loma Linda University Medical Center

Legacy: daring to care: the heritage of Loma Linda. 1990

The impossible dream—railway to the moon 2005

Los Angeles
Barlow Respiratory Hospital

The Barlow story: an illustrated history of Barlow Respiratory Hospital, 1902-1992. 1992

California Hospital

The pictorial story of a decade in development in a vital community service: issued in

commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the California Hospital. 1931
California Medical Center

A lantern of hope: the history of California Medical Center-Los Angeles: 1887-1993. 1993

Los Angeles County Hospital

The history of the Los Angeles County Hospital, 1878 1968, and the Los Angeles

County University of Southern California Medical Center, 1969 1978. 1979

Queen of Angels Hospital

At forty; a search into the 40 year history of Queen of Angels Hospital, 1926 1966. 1967

Moreno Valley
Riverside County Regional Medical Center

Riverside General Hospital University Medical Center: a centennial book, 1893-1993. 1993

Children’s Hospital & Research Center

The hospital women built for children. 1967

Providence Hospital

Providence Hospital of Oakland: a history. 1856

Providence Hospital of Oakland: a history. 1987
Samuel Merritt Hospital

Dr. Samuel Merritt: his life and achievements: the Samuel Merritt Hospital, its history

and trustees. 1938
Palo Alto
Stanford University Medical Center

Stanford University Medical Center: 25 years. 1984

Huntington Memorial Hospital

Huntington highlights: Huntington Memorial Hospital celebrates its 100th birthday: the gates

open on a new century. 1992
Huntington Memorial Hospital: the best of care for life. n.d.
A century of healthcare: the history of Redlands Community Hospital 1904-2004. 2004
Roseville Community Hospital

Roseville Community Hospital: 35th anniversary issue. 1987

Roseville Hospital

Roseville Hospital: 1990 annual report. 1990

Roseville Hospital: health exchange. 1992
Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital

History of Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital. 1993

San Francisco

California Pacific Medical Center

Building bridges across time: a history of California Pacific Medical Center. 2006

Mount Zion Hospital and Medical Center

The first century, Mount Zion Hospital and Medical Center, 1887 1987. 1987

St. Mary's Hospital and Medical Center

125 years of caring, 1857 1982: St. Mary's Hospital and Medical Center. 1982

San Leandro
Fairmont Hospital

Fairmont Hospital: 1864-1989: 125 years. n.d.

San Luis Obispo
General Hospital

General Hospital. n.d.

The history and development of San Luis Obispo County Hospital System: 1874-1970. 1971
Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital

Cottage Hospital: the first hundred years. The centennial history of Santa Barbara Cottage

Hospital. 1988
Santa Monica
Saint John's Hospital

Saint John's and its people. 1967

Saint John's Hospital and Health Center

The golden promise: Saint John's Hospital and Health Center, 1942-1992. 1992

A tribute: medical staff, 1942-1992. 1992

St. Helena

St. Helena Hospital

St. Helena Hospital: 125 years of remarkable medicine. 2004
St. Joseph's Hospital

This great work: the 85 year history of St. Joseph's Hospital. 1984

Tulare District Hospital

Then & now: Tulare District Hospital 1951-1991: an historical perspective: the 40th

anniversary of Tulare District Hospital. 1991

History of health care in the Pikes Peak region 2005


Hospitals of Aspen 2002

Eben Ezer Lutheran Care Center

Eben-Ezer the history of 70 years of Christian mercy work in Colorado 1978

Bethesda Hospital Association

Bridges across the years: the ninety year history of the Bethesda Hospital Association of

Denver, Colorado. 1988
Children's Hospital

A little story of the Children's Hospital of Denver. 1934

Children's Hospital; a history of achievement and progress from 1910 1947. 1947
The Children’s Hospital: a study of community needs and hospital planning. 1960
National Jewish Hospital

The birth of a hospital; the story of the birth of the National Jewish Hospital in Denver,

Colorado. 1942
Porter Memorial Hospital

Porter Memorial Hospital, its birth and life. 1978

Saint Joseph Hospital

Towers of healing: the first 125 years of Denver’s Saint Joseph Hospital. 1999

Spears Chiropractic Hospital

Prairie thunder: Dr. Leo L. Spears and his hospital 2001

Swedish Medical Center

A Century of Caring. 2005

Grand Junction
St. Mary’s Hospital

St. Mary’s Hospital: a spirit of charity 1896-1996, celebrating a century of caring. 1996

Bridgeport Hospital

100 years: Bridgeport Hospital 1878-1978. 1978

Griffin Hospital

The Griffin Hospital, 1909 1985. 1985


Hartford Hospital

Healing triangle: Hartford Hospital’s first 150 years 2004

Report of the Executive Committee of the Hartford Hospital, presented to the corporation,

at their annual meeting, April 14, 1862. 1862

Through the years with Hartford Hospital, 1854 1954. 1954
Institute of Living

The Institute of Living: the Hartford Retreat, 1822 1972. 1972

Manchester Memorial Hospital

A brief history of Manchester Memorial Hospital. 1966

Manchester Memorial Hospital, a brief history. 1996
New Haven
Yale New Haven Hospital

A leader of substance. Yale New Haven Hospital at 175 years. n.d.

Middlesex Hospital

The halls of ivy: The Middlesex Hospital and The Wilcox College of Nursing: one hundred

years of caring, 1895-1995: you can get here from there. 1995

Norwalk Hospital

The Norwalk Hospital. 1996

Stamford Hospital

Story of the Stamford Hospital, 1896 1971: seventy-five years of service with more than 100

photographs. 1971
Gaylord Hospital

The spirit of Gaylord: a history. 1983


Wilmington Medical Center

The history of a hospital merger: the Wilmington Medical Center, 1965-1985. 1987

Columbia Hospital for Women and Lying in Asylum

Report of Columbia Hospital for Women and Lying in Asylum. 1873

District of Columbia General Hospital

A brief history of the District of Columbia's General Hospital. 1951

Doctors Hospital

Doctors Hospital and the Medical Center. 1940

George Washington University Hospital

The George Washington University Hospital. 1948

Providence Hospital

Providence centennial book, 1861 1961. Issued to commemorate the first one hundred years

in the history of a community hospital in the Nation's Capital. 1961
Washington Home

The first one hundred years of the Washington Home. 1988

Washington Hospital Center

Building on yesterday, becoming tomorrow, 1958 1983: the Washington Hospital Center's

first 25 years. 1983
Morton F. Plant Hospital

Giant steps: the history of Morton F. Plant Hospital. 1981

Waterman Memorial Hospital

Waterman Memorial Hospital: from great beginnings ... n.d.

Waterman Memorial Hospital: its beginning, its present. 1973
Fort Myers
Lee Memorial Hospital

Lee Memorial Hospital: the early years. 1984

Reflections: 75 years. 1992
Alachua General Hospital

Proud of our past, proud of our future: the story of Alachua General Hospital, Inc. 1978


St. Luke's Hospital

90 years of service, 1873 1963: the story of St. Luke's Hospital, Jacksonville, FL. 1963

125 years of service: St. Luke’s Hospital 1873-1998. 2000
St. Luke’s Hospital: a century of service 1873-1973 1973
Baptist Hospital of Miami

The road to somewhere: a history of Baptist Hospital of Miami and the Kendall community. 1990

Miami Children's Hospital

Treasured moments, 1952 1982. 1982

Miami Beach
Mount Sinai Medical Center

Mount Sinai Medical Center of Greater Miami, 1949-1984: visions, accomplishments,

challenges. 1985
Orlando Regional Healthcare System

75 years of caring. 1993

Baptist Hospital

Baptist Hospital, Pensacola, Florida: short-range plan, fiscal year 1968-69. 1969

Westside Regional Medical Center

Journey to the heart of the community: Westside Regional Medical Center celebrates

twenty-five years. 1999
Venice Hospital

Venice Hospital   the first thirty five years. 1987

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital

A history from the heart: Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, founded 1911. 1993


Crawford W. Long Memorial Hospital of Emory University

75 years between the peachtrees: a history of Crawford W. Long Memorial Hospital of

Emory University. 1987

Piedmont Hospital

A century of better care: 100 years of Piedmont Hospital. 2006

Continuing the commitment: the history of Piedmont Hospital, 1985-1991. 1992
Sanatorium to medical center: the history of Piedmont Hospital: Piedmont Hospital,

1905 1985. 1984

Saint Joseph's Hospital

100 years of Mercy ministry to Atlanta. n.d.

Wesley Memorial Hospital

Wesley Memorial Hospital number. 1923

University Hospital

For the people: the commitment continues. 1993

Hamilton Health Care System

Let this place be a symbol: a history of Hamilton Health System. 1991

Medical Center of Central Georgia

A hospital without walls. The first 100 years of the Medical Center of Central Georgia

1895-1995. 1995
Candler General Hospital

The history of Candler General Hospital. n.d.

John D. Archbold Memorial Hospital

The first fifty years: a history of the development and progress of the John D. Archbold

Memorial Hospital, 1925 1975. 1975
Warm Springs
Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation

The Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation commemorates the 100th

anniversary of the birth of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1882 1982. 1982

Kapiolani Hospital

The history of Kapiolani Hospital. 1984

Queen Kapiolani. 1985

Leahi Hospital

The story of Leahi: fifty years of service, 1901 1951. 1951

Idaho Falls
Idaho Falls Latter-Day Saints Hospital

The Idaho Falls LDS Hospital. 1987

Copley Memorial Hospital

A century of caring: 1886-1986. 1986

Mercy Center for Health Care Services

A history of the Sisters of Mercy in Aurora, Illinois, 1910-1992. 1992

Sisters of Mercy of Aurora

For the love of humanity: a history of the Sisters of Mercy of Aurora, Illinois, 1910-1995. 1995

Memorial Hospital

The Memorial Hospital 25th anniversary history. 1983

Mennonite Hospital Association

Christian concern for health: the sixtieth anniversary history of the Mennonite Hospital

Association. 1979
OSF St. Joseph Medical Center

125 years of faith, hope and healing: OSF St. Joseph Medical Center. 2005

Chester Mental Health Center

History of Chester Mental Health Center. 1981

Chicago Memorial Hospital

The Hospital Bazaar, a record of the Hahnemann Hospital Fair of Chicago. 1874

Grant Hospital

The Grant Hospital of Chicago, 1883-1950. 1951

Mercy Hospital

In service to Chicago: the history of Mercy Hospital. 1979

Michael Reese Hospital and Medical Center

All our lives: a centennial history of Michael Reese Hospital and Medical Center, 1881 1981. 1981

Hospital in action: the story of the Michael Reese

Medical Center. 1956

Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium

City of Chicago Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium, its history and provisions; the municipal

control of tuberculosis in Chicago. 1915
Passavant Memorial Hospital

The story of Passavant Memorial Hospital, 1865 to 1972. 1976

Presbyterian Hospital

An historical sketch of the Presbyterian Hospital of the City of Chicago with special reference

to the work of the Woman's Board. 1920
Provident Hospital

Provident Hospital: a living legacy. 1998

Ravenswood Hospital

Ravenswood Hospital and its community. 1951

Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

"This is the history, as far as I can remember, of the founding of the Rehabilitation Institute

of Chicago."

  Paul B. Magnuson, M.D. n.d.

Rush Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center

Good medicine: the first 150 years of Rush Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center. 1987

Saga of a surgeon: the life of Daniel Brainard, M.D. 1987
The story of Rush Medical College. 1953
St. Elizabeth's Hospital

No service too small. 1887 1987. 1986

St. Joseph Hospital

History of Saint Joseph Hospital 1964

The history of Saint Joseph Hospital, where Diversey meets Lake Shore. 1968

St. Mary of Nazareth Hospital

A history of healing, a future of care: Saint Mary of Nazareth Hospital Center. Celebrating

a century of Catholic hospitality. 1994

Jubilee memoir: St. Mary of Nazareth Hospital, Chicago. 1944

Cook County Hospital

Hospital: an oral history of Cook County Hospital. 1994

Swedish Covenant Hospital and Covenant Home

Quality of mercy: a report on the critical condition of Hospital and medical care in America.

Swedish Covenant Hospital and Covenant Home. 1961
University of Chicago Clinics

The University of Chicago Clinics and clinical departments, 1927 1952: a brief outline of the

origins, the formative years and the present state of medicine at the University of Chicago. 1952
University of Illinois Hospital

Celebrating excellence: the University of Illinois Hospital, 60 years of service to the people

of Illinois. n.d.
Wesley Memorial Hospital

Annual report of the Wesley Memorial Hospital. 1919

The story of Wesley Memorial Hospital, 1888 to 1972. 1981
Decatur and Macon County Hospital

Two miles north. 1958

Decatur Memorial Hospital

The vigil never ceases: two miles north. 1985

A century of service: one hundred years at Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital. 1997
Elk Grove Village
Alexian Brothers Hospital/Medical Center

125 Alexian milestones: 1866-1991: significant dates in the history of Alexian Brothers

Hospital/Medical Center in the Chicago area. 1992
Elmhurst Memorial Hospital

Elmhurst Memorial Hospital. The first sixty years. 1986


Evanston Hospital

All our past acclaims our future: Evanston Hospital – its standing today and what its future

can be. 1940

The Evanston Hospital: a centennial retrospective, 1891-1991. 1991
OSF St. Mary Medical Center

A most worthy cause. 2009

Community Hospital

Community Hospital's first thirty five years, 1925 1960; Community Hospital, 1960 1970:

a supplement; and, Community Hospital, 1970 1985: a second supplement. 1985
Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital

A history of the veterans administration Edward Hines Jr. Hospital and surrounding area. 1958

Lake Forest
Lake Forest Hospital

Lake Forest Hospital: 100 years of caring 1899-1999. 1999

Mount Vernon
History of hospitals in Jefferson County, Illinois 1993
Park Ridge
Lutheran General Hospital

Lutheran General Hospital: 100 years, 1897-1997, a heritage walk. 1996

Methodist Medical Center for Illinois

Healing, Teaching, Caring. 2000

Proctor Hospital

Celebrating 125 Years of Quality Health Care 2007

Rockford Clinic

A history of the Rockford Clinic. 1989

Building upon a vision. A history of Rockford Clinic

1951-2001. 2001

Rockford Memorial Hospital

Bear ye one another's burdens: the early years of Rockford Memorial Hospital. 1983

Bear ye one another's burdens: the growth of Rockford Memorial Hospital, 1900 1983. 1985

St. John's Hospital

Doors that never close; a centennial history of St. John's Hospital. 1975

Carle Clinic

Carle: concept and growth: a personal history. 1978

Saint John’s Health System

Saint John’s Health System. A saint’s work is never done 1894-1994. 100 years. 1994

Hendricks County Hospital

Over twenty-one: a history of Hendricks County Hospital, 1962-1987. 1987

East Chicago
St. Catherine Hospital

St. Catherine Hospital a family 2009

Deaconess Hospital

Touching lives for 100 years: the story of Deaconess Hospital. 1992

Welborn Hospital

Thanking the tri state for 90 years. 1984

Fort Wayne
Lutheran Hospital

Lutheran Hospital celebrates 80 years of service, 1904-1984. 1984

Lutheran Hospital, 100. 2004
Methodist Hospital of Indiana, Inc.

The history of Methodist Hospital of Indiana, Inc.: a mission of compassionate health care. 1984

St. Vincent's Hospital and Health Care Center

St. Vincent's Hospital and Health Care Center, Indianapolis, Indiana, 1881 1981. 1981

St. Vincent, the spirit of caring. 2006
La Porte
La Porte Hospital

The long road to La Porte Hospital Inc.: a history. 1986

Madison State Hospital

Madison State Hospital: a changing institution. 1985

Madison State Hospital; the first half century. 1960

Community Hospital

Community Hospital – an impossible dream 2009

Jasper County Hospital

History of Jasper County Hospital, 1917 1982. 1982

Richmond State Hospital

100 years at Richmond State Hospital. 1990

South Bend
Michiana Community Hospital

The dream and the challenge: a history of osteopathic medicine in South Bend, Indiana. 1988

Saint Joseph's Medical Center

Saint Joseph's Medical Center: 1882 1982. 1982

Terre Haute
Union Hospital

Union Hospital: 100th year celebration, 1892-1992. 1992

Good Samaritan Hospital

The journey of the Good Samaritan: the history of the Good Samaritan Hospital. 1965

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