Chair: Keith Mortimer, President aomc there were 89 Delegates in attendance representing 70 Clubs

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DRAFT Minutes of the May 2017 AOMC Delegates’ Meeting

Held at the Jaguar / Austin Healey Rooms

Monday May 29th 2017

Chair: Keith Mortimer, President AOMC

There were 89 Delegates in attendance representing 70 Clubs

Chairman Keith Mortimer welcomed all Delegates present. On a show of hands, more than half of those present had Club representation at the National Motoring Heritage Day at Bellarine Estate. Keith thanked all Clubs and volunteers for what was a successful event. There was quite positive feedback on the location of the event outside the Melbourne Metropolitan area.

Apologies: Daryl Meek (RACV), David Morris (Wolseley CC), Arthur Byron Grampians CC, Robyn Lockstone Jaguar CC , Tony Galea (FB FC CC), Jenny Coleman (MG CC), Colin Mayne (Rambler CC), John Mason (Packard ACC), Gordon Hellsten (VHRR), Dennis Brooks, (Historic CVC), Bill Smith (Historic CVC), Daryl McMahon, John Alley (Sun Country H V & M C), Ross Davidson (Sun Country H V & M C), Jeff Halmarick (Skoda & Tatra R A), Graeme Folwell (Mustang O C A), Craig McKenzie (Mustang O C A), Graeme Moody (Veteran, Vintage & Classic C of Wangaratta), Chris Kelly HSV O C) and Larry Kogge (Pakenham Auto Club).

Keith noted that future meetings will have an Apologies Register at the front desk to record Apologies.

Keith introduced David Lyon, Secretary of the Jaguar Car Club, who is tonight’s minute taker as Daryl is presently overseas.

New Delegates: Kevin Sadler (Rambler CC)

New Member Clubs: No new member clubs were present tonight.

Minutes of the previous Delegates meeting, held Monday February 21st, 2017 were accepted on a motion moved Michael D’Amore (Chrysler Restorers CC) and seconded Len Barry (Echuca Historic CC)

Business Arising: There was no business arising.

Correspondence: Kevin Churchill reported that there was no correspondence requiring tabling at the meeting.

Keith asked Kevin to come up to the podium and formally thanked him for all the work he has done for the AOMC. Kevin is stepping down from his Administration role in August.

Presidents Report: Keith referred to his report in the May 2017 Newsletter.

Keith highlighted the Club Management Seminar on June 17th which is aimed primarily at Club Office Bearers to assist with the running of Incorporated Clubs. Keith noted that there is an increasing emphasis on governance matters in clubs and associations and compliance is becoming more complex, and this seminar will cover this topic. Also, the growth of Social Media thru Facebook (which about half attending had used) Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Tinder, Pinterest etc is changing the way people communicate, and Cameron Jenkins will talk on this subject.

Keith informed the meeting that the Yarra Glen Racecourse would be the venue for several events instead of Flemington. The Australia Day Aussie Car Show, the AOMC Classic Showcase for British and European Vehicles and the All-American Car Show will all be held at Yarra Glen Racecourse early in 2018.

The Winter Seminar, “Restoration Services” is scheduled for July 22 at the Jaguar / Austin Healey Clubrooms.

It is also hoped that a quantification of the Research Data on the Classic Car Movement should become available shortly.

Guest Speaker : Sandy Cameron provided an interesting presentation on record breaking aviator, HJL (Bert) Hinkler and his association with Armstrong Siddeley.

Born in Bundaberg on 8th December 1892, Bert became fascinated by flight from an early age, starting with gliders on the beach near Bundaberg. As England was the place to be for serious aviators, he inevitably made his way there, and on arrival knocked on doors all over London, eventually working with T O M Sopwith, later to become Hawker Aircraft Limited and later still to become Hawker Siddeley Aircraft with a merger with the Armstrong Siddeley engine and automotive company. Bert joined the Royal Naval Air Service as a gunner/observer, earning a DSM before flying with the RAF during the closing stages of WW1. Post WW1 Bert secured a position as test pilot for A V Roe & Company (AVRO), at one stage crossing the Alps and flying to Turin in 9.5 hours which at that time was very newsworthy. In 1919 Keith and Ross Smith had successfully flown to Australia in 28 days in a twin engine Vickers Vimy, proving that it could be done, so Bert set out to perform the same feat, solo, in a single engine aircraft in less time. With a total distance of 16,800 km, total flight time of 134 hours at an average speed of 142 Km/hr he broke the Smith Brothers record from England to Australia by a staggering 12 ½ days! Knowing Bert had set out from England, Queensland Armstrong Siddeley Dealer, Leonard G Lee contacted him via telegram in S E Asia, offering the use of a car upon his arrival in Brisbane. Bert accepted this offer by return telegram on the 19th February. The enterprising Lee used this acceptance telegram in a successful marketing program, and Bert was paraded through the streets of Brisbane in Armstrong Siddeley No. 40760. Bert then toured the remaining Australian Capitals travelling in the Avro Avian south to Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne, and west to Perth and Adelaide. The Armstrong Siddeley then passed through a number of owners, ending up largely stripped of its body and left to rot on a Brisbane property. Purchased by Tom Smethurst as a rolling chassis in 1974 and dry stored for 40 years while he set about gathering the missing components, it was donated to the Hinkler Hall of Aviation in 1974. Sandy then chronicled the restoration by the Bundaberg Vintage Vehicle Club to March 2017when the reconditioned engine was started for the first time since 1956. In a sad conclusion to his story Sandy told of Bert Hinkler setting off from Heathrow on Saturday 7th January 1933 on a rerun to Australia, crashing near Florence, Italy due to a wing spar failure. His remains were not found until 27th April, 1933. He is interred in the Evangelical Cemetery of the Laurel, Florence.

Keith Mortimer thanked Sandy for his very interesting presentation.

The meeting then broke for supper.

Treasurers Report Angelo D’Ambrossio is an apology. The following Cash balance figures have been provide as an addendum to the meeting – Term Deposits $ 131,051, Transaction Accounts $61,111.

Club Permit Scheme Iain Ross reported that a quarterly CPS meeting was postponed from March and is yet to be rescheduled. Iain noted a number of examples of difficulties encountered by members, one involving the transfer of a CPS vehicle to a widow. This was ultimately sorted, but it was a stressful process for the widow.

A number of examples of suspected misuse were reported from the floor – a “B Double” prime mover on Club Plates (clearly not eligible); Club Plated car parked in the street for extended period (this is legitimate); inter and intra club transfers (differing advice from VicRoads); different coloured Club Plates (illegal – not allowed to deface VicRoads issued plates in any way).

Iain emphasized that the VicRoads sticker must be stamped and adhered to the inside of the logbook. There have also been some cases with the very early digit-only red plates where a previously issued number was subsequently issued again.

Iain also expressed concern that John Lewis (VicRoads) is receiving large numbers of calls from individuals, some with queries which have already been addressed in the booklet and subsequent FAQ’s. He requested that whenever possible queries should be directed through the AOMC office.

A suggestion from the floor was that members should ensure that they have all the relevant paperwork with them, including the Handbook and subsequent published additions and amendments when they go to VicRoads, and there should be few difficulties.

Philip Johnstone urged members to download the additions and amendments from the AOMC website and add them to their Handbook.

AOMC Events Keith Mortimer again reminded everyone of the forthcoming Business Seminar and Restoration Seminar. He was asked on the possibility of a seminar in a country location – Keith said it would be considered but would be dependent on guest presenters being available or able to travel.

Engine Number Records Report: Philip Johnstone reported that the fees gained from searches helped to maintain and store the cards. Philip then spoke of some interesting discoveries when searching early Holden and Falcon records.

Iain Ross mentioned the recently acquired Rams Springs Data Cards in conjunction with the Vintage Drivers Club and the Vintage Sports Car Club, which will also reside here.

Delegates Reports: Howard Coleman (MG CC) reported on the passing of Frank Burke.

Graham Keys (Wolseley CC) reported on their National Rally in Bendigo from May 14th – May 19th, acknowledging the great support from the RACV, the Bendigo Council and the local Vintage Veteran and Classic Car Club.

Bill Allen expressed disappointment in the reduced donation from Mornington Race Course the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (down to $10k).

Chris Henry (48-84 Holden CC Gippsland) reported on the Gippsland Vehicle Collection current display of Holden Red Motors which includes a number of historic 6 cylinder cars including a Norm Beechey race car.

Len Kerwood (Austin 7 CC) thanked all clubs and members for supporting the very successful Historic Winton event last weekend. This has now become a unique automotive event with motor racing attached. He also thanked the 300 volunteers. Some highlights included Nigel Tait’s first Austin 7 he built as a 17 y.o.; a DC 3 Motor Home, and we all remember the Ansett Super Clipper.

Rod Adler (Buick CC) announced the 50th Anniversary National Celebration Meet in Echuca from 8th14th October this year.

Other anniversaries include: Vintage Drivers Club 60 years; Falcon GT Club 40 years; GT Falcon car 50 years; East Gippsland Car Club 45 years.

Trevor Leech (Singer CC) presented the AOMC with their celebratory calendar 1976 – 2016.

Keith Mortimer announced that the next Delegates’ meeting will be held in the Gippsland Region – details TBA.

There being no further business, Chairman Keith Mortimer closed the meeting at 9.15pm.

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