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The story is about Alvin who is so greedy that he forgets about everyone else and only thinks of himself on Christmas. Three spirits who show him the true meaning of Christmas visit him. With their help, Alvin realizes that Christmas is being with your family and the memories you make, not how many presents you receive.

--- Conversation Questions---


Tell me what was bothering Alvin in the story?


Greedy, selfish.

(Follow Up)

Have you ever been greedy about something?


Explain why Alvin had not turned in his essay on time?


He had to finish his Christmas list.

(Follow Up)

Have you ever turned in a paper late?


Recall why Alvin did not think he had time to do his paper route?


He felt that he had to finish writing his Christmas list, and get it mailed by five o’clock.

(Follow Up)

Would you like to have a paper route?


Describe what Alvin did that annoyed Mr. Carroll?


He rode through Mr. Carroll’s garden and sprayed him with dirt, and threw his paper in the birdbath.

(Follow Up)

Would you like to have a paper route?


Imagine you were Mr. Carroll how would you have felt when Alvin threw your paper in the bushes.


Any logical response.

(Follow Up)

What could you do to make it up to Mr. Carroll?


Tell me what the “Spirit of Christmas Past” showed Alvin.


When he was, a baby Alvin enjoyed Christmas even though his family did not have money to buy real presents.

(Follow Up)

Do you like giving presents to your family and friends?


Describe what the “Spirit of Yet to Come” showed Alvin about his future Christmas.


He would buy many presents for himself, eat all the food, and the house would fall apart.

(Follow Up)

Name your favorite food.


Recall how Alvin spent his Christmas?


He gave everyone presents that he bought, and he invited Mr. Carroll over for dinner.

(Follow Up)

Name all the foods you like for Christmas dinner.


Compare a Christmas you shared with your family to Christmas in the story.


Any logical response.

(Follow Up)

What is your favorite Christmas memory?


Explain what “gigantic” means.


Like a giant.

(Follow Up)

Name a gigantic animal that would be in the zoo.



Draw one of the spirits of Christmas that visited Alvin. Describe what that spirit wants Alvin to learn about himself.


Pretend you are Mr. Carroll. Write a thank you note to Alvin for inviting you to Christmas dinner.


Write about one of your favorite Christmas memories. Describe why this Christmas was special for you.


Draw a picture of your family opening presents.



Show the children a picture of Alvin and the Chipmunks. Ask the students to guess how Alvin and the Chipmunks would spend their Christmas. Say, “Let’s read about how Alvin learns the true meaning of Christmas.”


Put a Christmas ornament in a stocking, and let the children guess what you have. Let them guess until they figure out what is in the stocking. Discuss how decorating a Christmas tree can be fun. Say, “Today we’ll read about how Alvin and the Chipmunks spend Christmas.”


Bring in a Christmas wish list. Ask them to share what they would put on their wish list. Discuss how it feels to give presents to family and friends. Say, “Let’s read about Alvin and the Chipmunks. Let’s find out how they enjoy Christmas.”

Book Title: Alvin and the Chipmunks Merry Christmas Mr. Carroll

Author: Diane Dixon

Illustrator: Gary Graham

ISBN: 0-307-12580-7

# of Text Pages: AR: N/A LEX: N/A

Building Oral Vocabulary







Prediction Questions


Where do you think Alvin is?


Imagine what Alvin will see next.


Do you think Alvin will change his outlook of Christmas?

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