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“The Mermaid Squad”

A “Cartoon Action Hour” Fan Book

Written by Dr. Thinker

Channel #1 – Intro

Channel #2 – Behind the Scenes

Channel #3 – The Silly Sirens’ Secret Origin

Channel #4 – The Mermaid Squad

Channel #5 – Allies

Channel #6 – Enemies

Channel #7 – New Tokyo, Florida

Channel #8– A Sea of Seeds

Channel #9 – Today’s Episode – “Sea-Greece”

Channel #10 – GM’s Guide

Channel #11 – A Cartoon Mermaid

Sub-Channel A: 1980s Cartoon Trademarks

Sub Channel B: Adjusting the Show

Sub Channel C: Secret Histories

Channel #1 – Intro

I was just trying to decide what kind of series to do now—know that I had finished up my fan series for C.A.H based on “Jem”: “Gem” I have three types—mystery based with a talking cat (a cat take on Scooby-Doo), and two superhero series (“The Elements” and “The Mermaid”. When I hit “Toon Zone” on March 23, 2007, I saw a review for the new “Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles” movie—and that make me think of mutants (full mutants such as the “X-Men” and half-mutants such as the already mention turtle teens.) I know that both “The Elements” and “The Mermaid Squads” are mutants. I could decide which one to write—both of are superheroes—in different ways—“The Elements” are more like alien superheroes then a regular mutants—and I don’t have a good view on their powers yet. “The Mermaid Squad” is my girl-take on the half-mutant/half-human route. Heck, the Teenage Turtles have a few in common the Mermaid Squad besides both groups being half mutants as the following list shows:

  • Both groups are sea-going creatures—even know the mermaid is a fiction creature.

  • Both groups use only weapons and a vehicle.

  • Both group chow down on a fast food type of food. The Turtles are to pizza as The Mermaids are to cheeseburgers.

  • A female with a month first name and an Irish last name helps both groups. April O’Neil helps the Turtles, while May O’Brian helps the Mermaid Squad.

  • Both groups are teenagers.

Here is what you will find in each chapter:

  • Channel #1 – Intro – You are reading this channel right now.

  • Channel #2 - Behind the Scenes – Learn how the show become to be.

  • Channel #3 – The Silly Sirens’ Secret Origin – You can find out how the Mermaid Squad started up.

  • Channel #4 – The Mermaid Squad – This chapter has the files on the Mermaid Squad members.

  • Channel #5 – Allies – This chapter has the files on the allies of the group.

  • Channel #6 – Enemies – The chapters contain the files on the bad guys that the Mermaid Squad

  • Channel #7 – New Tokyo, Florida – This chapter is all about the city in which the Mermaid Squad calls home.

  • Channel #8 - A Sea of Seeds – A group of episode seeds for the first season.

To play this game, you need the following:

  • The “Cartoon Action Hour” rulebook or PFD file

  • A couple of D12 dices.

  • Some of your follow Earthlings

  • Some imagination

  • And this file

Channel #2 – Behind the Scenes

May O’Brian was worried. While she was recovering from a failed run for President in 1987, she had a nightmare. She saw her daughter, Morgan O’Brian upset. As she tried, Morgan revealed that all shows showed hate to half-mutants by everyone. May could not believe Morgan’s mouth—but Morgan turned on the tube—and every cartoon on the television had the same theme. At this time, she awaken to her own daughter who need a drink of water to get over her nightmare—a regular one—the kid goes to school in his underwater type kind.

“Maid Up”—a comedic movie about mermaid that shows her tail when wet becomes the blockbuster of that summary. Checking rumors with her pals in the Hollywood, she learned that Walter Studio was planning to do a story based on one of Hans Christen Anderson’s most famous tales, “The Little Mermaid.” May liked the story—but hated the ending. With almost of every thinking of mermaids thanks to “Maid Up”, May come up with doing an action show about a group of mermaids. She knew Jack Slice, the head of “Cheesy Sandwich Films” for an old game show—they were both contest on the game show “Jeopardy”—neither one of them winning the game. Jack was looking for some new. “Cheesy Sandwich Films” has been floating pretty well on their past hits—but they hit a roadblock in the middle 1980s—and been doing smaller animations for live-action education shows for public broadcast networks. May told her idea to Jack. Jack checked with other animation studios. Everyone studio person called stated that May had a cute idea. The studio told Jack to take it or end up being drestory by their own studio’s cartoons.

Jack and May got together with the entire studios together to puzzle out ideas—but some up with a good summary of where they are going to be doing. One person from the market department comes up with the idea to called “The Mermaid Squad”. This sound good to May and that title become the show.

The show started airing in fall of 1989. Not so far into the run, Cheesy Film make a deal with Queen Company to make toys based on their series. Soon, you could find the Mermaid Squad on everything. The critics were annoyed as human treated then as regular superhero—one of the critics stated, “With out the hate of another group, it’s just a regular toy cartoon”—but the kids kept snapping them and watched the show regular. The cartoon reviewers were a lot more kidder to “The Silly Sirens”.
Of course, as wise writer once written—“All things good and bad must come to an end”—and even cartoons are no exceptions from this rule of the universe. The networks were swapped with superheroes—and wanted some different. The different come in from of Japanese anime dub for America kids—and the kids were eating up. The Internet was still young—and no one expected that anyone would discover the truth about their studio’s cartoons. May discover bad ratings in 1997—and decide to save her show—and took it off the air. The toy line floated on for until after Jan 4, 1998, when Queen Company canned the toy line.
In 2002, one of the Big Four networks, “Owl” asked if Jack if they were do a new version for their own kid block, “Owl Kids”. Jack was mostly like interesting in it—but he need to talk to May. May agree it if Owl Studios did one thing for her: Owl Studios must put the entire original series on DVD. Owl Studio is the middle of doing that—they are at halfway point by putting out Season 4. They are plans for a CGI movie down the road based on the cartoon series.

Channel #3 – The Silly Sirens’ Secret Origin

In 1950s, a dude named Steve Tons talked a lot about “Atlantis”, but he did not have much proof to please anyone. Just before the end of spring of 1959, Steve Tons jumped from the top of Light Tower—and exploded in a mess of blood; according to the citizen of “New Tokyo, Florida”— or that Steve wanted to them to believe.

Steve Tons comes up with an idea to get proof. First off, throw a dummy off Light Tower, the highest place in “New Tokyo”, which was done. Next, transform him into a strange person. He turned on his lab robot, Dare, who modified Steve form and body into the evil Dr. Snot.

Dare, being a worrywart—and thinking failure may happen—splitter herself into five pieces and hidden herself into different places in New Tokyo, Florida—and then put herself on stay-by mode.

In the middle 1960s, the New Tokyo police got embarrassed by some one kidnapping of four teenage girls from New Tokyo. At the fall of 1969, the police officers arrested Dr. Snot for the kidnapping of the girls.
In the middle 1980s, May O’Brian was looking for something new for New Tokyo’s zoo—and discovered four eggs in so-called haunted house. Soon after leads, one of Dare’s back-up energy battery boxes sent out an electric beam to send a group orbs to attempt on attack on May’s car—but she was stop was save by John Arts, a self-made man in “the master of all sports”. Angry at her failure, the orbs found Dare’s body parts and put her back together. Dare takes off to locate the eggs—but cannot find. The reason (unknown to her) is that Dr. Snot did not get her a chance to put the entire map of “New Tokyo” in her data—but she thinks she has a small clue where her master is—in prison

Meanwhile, Jack and May ended up at May’s late grandfather home, Rock Island’s Lighthouse. Lighthouse is an old lighthouse that has a long history—which kept most boat away from the rocky island. As they take care of the eggs, they hatched into half-humans/half-fish—“mermaids” as Jack call them. The only thing that mermaids could recall is that they were human and kidnapped by a mysterious person— but cannot recall their true full names at all. Using name of famous fictional females from her favorite books, she renamed the mermaids: Alice [Main character of “Alice in Wonderland” and “Alice and the Looking Glass”], Dorothy [Main character of “The Wizard of Oz”], Charlotte [One of the major characters of “Charlotte’s Web”], and Pippi [The major character of “Pippi Longstocking”]. However, the ruin and water-logged shirts make May nervous—lucky for them, Jack knows what’s up—and gives May the address to hid sister, Jill Arts who created a high-tech spray that prevents clothes from being ruined by water. As they head off to give the waterproofed blouses to the new mermaids, Dare finally breaks Dr. Snot out of prison.

After getting dress, the mermaids go to town (using blanket/wheelchairs to hide their tails)—May is getting a bit of worried—but when Dare shows up again—they able to knock Dare’s limbs off. With Dare’s defeat, Dr. Snot shows up—and tries to convince the “Silly Sirens”, they are his own creation—but Dorothy recalled the face of her kidnapper when she hit the pipe during her imprison. Let us just say, “Steamed up” is an understatement of the year award winner when you talking about how angry Dr. Snot is. Snot takes the better of valor—and jets off, not before he states in angry voice, “You hadn’t seen the last me, Stupid Sirens!”
With Dr. Snot gone and this information spilled-out, the Alice put a new meaning on the lines, “grilling the shrimp” knows. Dorothy reveals that she was the only one fully-awaken at the time of the transformation:

I come to awareness in a dark corner of a room. Far away, they was a light that not to far away. I thought I was in danger of a lifetime. I tried to move my legs to get up. A voice tells me that escape is impossible. The man’s face was twice as ugly as frog—I take that back, I am insulting the frog. I asked, ‘Why?’ The one of the man’s hands point down—my arms chain to a metal table—one of connected to my right hand was bit rusted—but the light moved—the man must have been using a flashlight. I saw that my legs chained as if it they were dangerous. I saw three other tables with similar-chained legs—I recalled that three other girls were kidnapped from their homes before me. The man’s voice stated, ‘Since you can’t escape or harm me, I might as well tell you I’m going to do. You are going to be hit by Mutant Ray and Speed Up Life Force Machine or M.R.A.S.U.L.F. for short. This will transform you into mermaids—but when it does — the Life Force will age you so hard that you will become skeletons-which I use to do what I been doing for a lifetime!’ I thought I was going to die—I had do something—so as the machine become active—I hit the what I thought wall—but I heard the man’s voice yelled, ‘YOU STUPID GIRL! THAT WAS THE LIFE FORCE’S MAIN PIPE! THAT MEANS I CANNOT AGE YOU AT FORCE ALL, BUT I CAN DO THIS, BUT IF I DON’T RETURN, THE EGGS WILL HATCH WHEN YOU ARE YOUR REGULAR TEENAGE AGES AGAIN!’ At the end of man’s angry rant, I saw Dr. Snot’s face—and he turned a switch by below by right hand—and soon—I was an egg again.”

Knowing that Dr. Snot will try to get them, the mermaids decide to become the warriors against evil in all of its forms. Back at the Light House, the Mermaid Squad started to training in various weapons—and Charlotte decided to add weapons to the speedboat.

Channel #4 – The Mermaid Squad
Series Guide:

TAGLINE: “Evil is all washed up!”

PC CHARACTERS: “The Mermaid Squad”


CPs: 150 CPs sounds about right.



The “Body” Trait must be zero or above. Swimming is very important to this series.


The allowed special abilities are the following: Weapons, animal companions, & vehicles.

MISC. NOTES: All “Mermaid Squad” must get a story hook of “No Legs” at moderate or major. All “Mermaid Squad” members have the following SA free of charge.
Mermaid Water-Life

(Misc. SA, Power: Medium, Effect: Medium)

This power allows the mermaid to live and breathe in water without the need to surface.

Cost: 0 SCPs (4 SCPS when not playing “The Mermaid Squad”)

The files below are all about the four Mermaid Squads member. They are special GM only notes about their original families.


“The Witty Mermaid”

Hurt Points = 37

Size = Medium

Oomph = 3

Stunt Points = 3

Story Hooks:


  • Body = 2

  • Willpower = 2

  • Coordination = -1

  • Armed Combat = 2

  • Unarmed Combat = 2

  • Knowledge = 3 (Movies)

  • Persuasion = 1/2 (Questions)

Special Abilities:

Medium Sword [Offense SA, Power: Low, Effect: Medium]

Jill made this weapon for Alice use. It is uses the same waterproof formula as her own clothes.

DM Rating = Body+3 [-3]

Range = Short

Bonus: Weightless [-3]

Restrictions: Item [+2]

Cost: 4 CPs

Mermaid Water-Life

(Misc. SA, Power: Medium, Effect: Medium)

This power allows the mermaid to live and breathe in water without the need to surface.

Cost: 0 SCPs (4 SCPS when not playing “The Mermaid Squad”)

Total CPs: 150 CPs
Appearance: Alice appears as a red-hair teenage mermaid with her chest area covered by a blue and white stripped dress. There is a special red belt with a buckle shape in the letter “A” that contains her sword--hanging just bit before her body turns from human to fish. Her tail is a red as her hair.

Background: Alice is one of the four female teenagers kidnapped by Dr. Snot. She did not know her real name—and so she named Alice by the book loving May so May can talk with out calling her a mermaid.

Personality: Alice is quiet and usually has many questions about mermaids. Sometimes, Alice used as a guinea pig for May’s study of mermaids. When in battle, Alice puts her sword to good use against all that is rotten. She has a good rival going with Dorothy.


“The Smart Mermaid”

Hurt Points = 38

Size = Medium

Oomph = 1

Stunt Point = 1

Story Hooks:

  • No legs – Major

  • Smart – Moderate

  • Has a ego – Moderate


  • Body = 2

  • Willpower = 3

  • Ranged Combat = 3

  • Armed Combat = 1

  • Coordination = 1

  • Computer = 2

  • Inventor = 4

  • Psychology = 3

  • Science = 2

  • Medical = 2

  • Repair = 2

Special Abilities

Long Staff [Offense SA, Power: Medium]

Jill Arts decide this waterproof weapon for Charlotte to use.

DM Rating: Body+4 [-4]

Range: Long [-4]

Bonus: Weightless [-3]

Restrictions: Item [+2]

Cost: 18 CPs

Siren Speeder [Vehicle SA, Power: Medium]

This is the Mermaid Squad’s transport. It is a green speedboat with laser cannon on the front end. Charlotte drives more often then any other Mermaid Squad member.

Mode of Travel: Sea [-2]; Rating: 4 (2)

Traits: Armor = 1; Body = 2; Speed = 3, Appearance = 4

Laser Cannon (Weapon, DM-Rating = X-10 [-20], Bonuses = Vehicle Class [-8])

Captivity = 4 humans exposed [-3]

Size: Large

Structure Points = 60 Structure Points

VDM = 6

Cost: 20 CPs (100 SCPs)
Mermaid Water-Life

(Misc. SA, Power: Medium, Effect: Medium)

This power allows the mermaid to live and breathe in water without the need to surface.

Cost: 0 SCPs (4 SCPS when not playing “The Mermaid Squad”)

Total: 150 CPs
Appearance: Charlotte appears as black-haired teenage mermaid. Her chest area covered up by a waterproofed black blouse. Near the end of the blouse, there is her white belt with a buckle in the shape of the letter “C” containing her staff. Her trail is black.
Background: She is one of the teenage girls kidnapped by Dr. Snot. She was called Charlotte because May need a name for her.
Personality: Charlotte is very polite—hardly anything gets her steamed up. She has an ego when one of her inventions works. She has discovered that it is impossible to cure—if Dr. Snot did not revere the group back to being eggs, they might have been a medium chance of getting their legs back. She is usually the one driving the Siren Speeder, the Mermaid’s speedboat.
GM’s Notes:
Charlotte was Cindy Spider. Cindy Spider’s mom is Mary Spider. Mary works at the Sea Island’s Public Library. Her aged father, John Spider, is retired and stays home a lot.
During a battle with Dr. Snot, who was after a special rare book at the library, Charlotte and Mary punched Dr. Snot at the same time. Something in their brain clicked, and they recalled each other. Charlotte learned that the “The Wish Gem” was the rare book. In addition, with foes they new were after it. Charlotte led the gang on the hunt for it—and drestory “The Wish Store”. They brought the moronic members of their rogue gallery back to jail—while the smart villains took off to battle the Mermaid Squad on another day.

The Mermaids usually visit Sea Island’s Library time to time—even before they know Mary Spider as Charlotte’s mother.



“The Mermaid Squad’s Leader”
Hurt Points = 45

Size = Medium

Oomph = 4

Stunt Points = 4

Story Hooks:

  • No legs – Major

  • The Mermaid Squad’s Leader – Major


  • Body = 4

  • Willpower = 4

  • Armed Combat = 3

  • Unarmed Combat = 1

  • Perception = 2

  • Psychology = 1/2 (Mermaid Squad)

  • Knowledge = 2 (Mermaid Squad)

  • Medical = 1

  • Ranged Combat = 1/2 (Crossbow)

Special Abilities:

Crossbow (Offense SA, Power: Medium)

Jill Art created this waterproof weapon for Dorothy.

DM: X+5 [+6]

RANGE: Medium [+4]

BONUSES: Collapsible [+4]

RESTRUTIONS: Item [-2], Charges, Minor (Need to have Jill create more water-proof arrows) [-2]


Mermaid Water-Life

(Misc. SA, Power: Medium, Effect: Medium)

This power allows the mermaid to live and breathe in water without the need to surface.

Cost: 0 SCPs (4 SCPS when not playing “The Mermaid Squad”)

Appearance: Dorothy appears as a blonde hair teenage mermaid. A white blouse with a pocket covers her chest area. The outside of the pocket has the letter “D” on it. Inside the pocket is where Dorothy puts her crossbow when not in use.

Background: Dorothy is one of the four teenage girls kidnapped by Dr. Snot. She was named Dorothy because May need a name for her.
Personality: Dorothy is friendly to all most of citizens of New Tokyo, Florida. She is quiet close to their founder, May O’Brian. She has leaded the group against vile villains that attacks the town.
GM’s Notes:
Dorothy was Donna Wind. Donna’s father is William Wind, the uncle of May O’Brian. Her mother is Jessica Wind. William Wind’s job is New Tokyo Zoo’s owner. Jessica Wind’s job is New Tokyo zookeeper.
The Mermaid Squad learns that after they saved a girl from a train that stated her name is Donna Wind. The girl was too sweet for her own good—and some how Dorothy thought that girl was lying up a storm. The bad new is that the zookeeper did not believe Dorothy on Donna. May O’Brian watch the event in surprise—as she realized Dorothy was her cousin! Some one was faking Donna.

It turned out the girl was really Rhonda Wind, who believed Dorothy was her old sister. Rhonda Wind was a baby at the time of Dorothy’s kidnapping. After the Mermaid were able to get back the zoo animals from aliens. Jessica Wind reveals that she knew Dorothy was Donna—but kept quiet—for Dorothy’s snake.


“The Weird Mermaid”

Hurt Points =33

Size = Medium

Oomph = 2

Stunt Points = 2

Story Hooks:

  • No legs – Major

  • Loves fast-food – Moderate

  • Weird - Moderate


  • Body = 1

  • Willpower = 2

  • Unarmed Combat = 3
  • Armed Combat = 4

  • Knowledge = 4 [New Tokyo, Florida]

  • Artist = -4

  • Writing = 1

Special Abilities:

Whip (Offense SA, Power: Medium)

Jill Arts make this waterproof whip for Pippi. This is the long weapon that group’s has.

DM: X+8 [12]

RANGE: Long [4]

BONUSES: Collapsible [4]


COST: 14 CPs

Mermaid Water-Life

(Misc. SA, Power: Medium, Effect: Medium)

This power allows the mermaid to live and breathe in water without the need to surface.

Cost: 0 SCPs (4 SCPS when not playing “The Mermaid Squad”)

Total CPs: 150 CPs

Appearance: Pippi appears as a brown-haired teenage mermaid. A yellow blouse covers her chest area. Near the end of the blouse, there is a belt with a belt buckle in the shape of the letter “P”. The belt buckle hides Pippi’s weapon. Pippi’s trail is orange.
Background: Pippi is one of the four teenage girls that Dr. Snot kidnapped. May named her Pippi so that May can talk to Pippi like a normal human being.
Personality: In her own words, Pippi stated, “I’m the weird one of this group”. She has her weird tastes—and weird habits. Some times, Pippi’s weirdness can save the day from any evil that comes the Mermaid Squad’s way. She is the one that usually get the fast food—and more often then not—the food is cheeseburgers.
GM’s Notes:

Pippi’s real name is Patrick Pipe. Her dad is Paul Pipe. Her mother is Patty Pipe. Paul and Patty run a Turtle Plumber Service that headquartered in Turtle Island.

Angry at the Mermaid Squad for re-jailing Dr. Snot, Dare tried to took matter in her own robotic hands. She attempts to use her power to cause chaos on Turtle Island. As usual, the Mermaid Squad had a hard time with her, but somehow Pippi knocked Dare into van used by Paul and Patty. As usual, Dare decided to do the better part of valor and split the scene.
Something in Pippi and her parent’s brain clicked, and they recall her true name. The Pipes are loyal as ever to the Mermaid Squad—thought Dorothy was surprise that Pippi and her parents turned against them after the meeting. It was a secret plan to shut down, Dare to prevent her from freeing Dr. Snot. It did not last long, Dr. Snot soon escape and turned her back on.
If the GM does not like anything, he or she welcomed to change anything.

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