Chan?oo ?oo Vaar

Jehidil vich aaikahisunaae kai||

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Jehidil vich aaikahisunaae kai||

cotI jwx idKweI qwry DUmkyq ] 10]

It appears that Dhumketu (the shooting star) had displayed its top-knot.10.

Chotijaan dikhaaitaare dhoomket||10||

pauVI ]



cotW pvn ngwry AxIAW ju~tIAW ]

The drums are being beaten and the armies are engaged in close fight with each other.

Chotaan pavan nagaare aneeaan jutteeaan||

DUh leIAW qrvwrI dyvW dwnvI ]

The gods and demons have drawn their swords.

Dhooh laeeaan tarvaaridevaan daanavee||

vwhn vwro vwrI sUry sMGry ]

And strike them again and again killing warriors.

Vaahan vaaro vaarisoore sanghare||

vgY r~qu JulwrI ijau gyrU bwbqRw ]

The blood flows like waterfall in the same manner as the red ochre colour is washed off from clothes.

Vagai ratt(u) jhulaarijio geroo baabatraa||

dyKn bYT AtwrI nwrI rwksW ]

The ladies of demons see the fight, while sitting in their lofts.

Dekhan baith ataarinaarirakasaan||

pweI DUm svwrI durgw dwnvI ] 11]

The carriage of the goddess Durga hath raised a tumult amongst the demons.11.

Paaidhoom savaariDurgaa daanavee||11||

pauVI ]



l~K ngwry v~jn AwmoH swmHxy ]

A hundred thousand trumpets resound facing one another.

Lakkh nagaare vajjan aahmo saahmane||

rwks rxo n B~jn rohy rohly ]

The highly infuriated demons do not flee from the battlefield.

Raakas rano na bhajjan rohe rohale||

sIhW vWgU g~jn s~By sUrmy ]

All the warriors roar like lions.

Seehaan vaangoo gajjan sabbhe soorme||

qix qix kYbr C~fn durgw swmxy ] 12]

They stretch their bows and shoot the arrows in front it Durga.12.

Tan(i) tan(i) kaibar chha??an Durgaa saamane||12||

pauVI ]



Gury ngwry dohry rx sMglIAwly ]

The dual chained trumpets sounded in the battlefield.

Ghure nagaare dohare ran sangleeaale||

DUiV lpyty DUhry isrdwr jtwly ]

The demon chieftains having matted locks are enveloped in dust.

Dhoo?(i) lapete dhoohare sirdaar jataale||

auKlIAW nwsw ijnw muih jwpn Awly ]

Their nostrils are like mortars and the mouths seem like niches.

Ukhaleeaan naasaa jinaa muh(i) jaapan aale||

Dwey dyvI swhmxy bIr mu~ClIAwly ]

The brave fighters bearing long moustaches ran in front of the goddess.

Dhaae devisaahmane beer muchchleeaale||

surpq jyhy lV hty bIr tly n twly ]

The warriors like the king of gods (Indra) had become tired of fighting, but the brave fighters could not be averted from their stand.

Surpat jehe la? hate beer taale na taale||

g~jy durgw Gyir kY jxu GxIAr kwly ] 13]

They roared. On besieging Durga, like dark clouds.13.

Gajje Durgaa gher(i) kai jan(u) ghaneear kaale||13||

pauVI ]



cot peI KrcwmI dlW mukwblw ]

The drum, wrapped in donkey’s hide, was beaten and the armies attacked each other.

Chot paikharchaamidalaan mukaabalaa||

Gyr leI virAwmI durgw Awie kY ]

The brave demon-warriors besieged Durga.

Gher laivariaamiDurgaa aae kai||

rwks vfy AlwmI B~j n jwxdy ]

They are greatly knowledgeable in warfare and do not know running back.

Raakas va?e alaamibhajj na jaanade||

AMq hoey surgwmI mwry dyvqw ] 14]

They ultimately went to heaven on being killed by the goddess.14.

Ant hoe surgaamimaare devataa||14||

pauVI ]



Agxq Gury ngwry dlW iBVMidAW ]

With the flaring up of fight between the armies, innumerable trumpets sounded.

Aganat ghure nagaare dalaan bhi?andiaan||

pwey mhKl Bwry dyvW dwnvW ]

The gods and demons both have raised great tumult like male buffalos.

Paae mahkhal bhaare devaan daanavaan||

vwhn P~t krwry rwkis rohly ]

The infuriated demons strike strong blows causing wounds.

Vaahan phatt karaare rakas(i) rohale||

jwpx qygI Awry imAwno DUhIAW ]

It appears that the sword pulled from the scabbards are like saws.

Jaapan tegiaare miaano dhooheeaan||

joDy vfy munwry jwpn Kyq ivic ]

The warriors look like high minarets in the battlefield.

Jodhe va?e munaare jaapan khet vich(i)||

dyvI Awp svwry pv jvyhxy ]

The goddess herself killed these mountain-like demons.

Deviaap savaare pab javaahane||

kdy n AwKn hwry Dwvn swhmxy ]

They never uttered the word ‘defeat’ and ran in front of the goddess.

Kade na aakhan haare dhaavan sahmane||

durgw sB sMGwry rwkis KVg lY ] 15]

Durga, holding her sword, killed all the demons.15.

Durgaa sabh sanghaare rakas(i) kha?ag lai||15||

pauyVI ]



auml l`Qy joDy mwrU b~ijAw ]

The fatal martial music sounded and the warriors came in the battlefield with enthusiasm.

Umal lathe jodhe maaroo bajjiaa||

b~dl ijau mihKwsur rx ivic g~ijAW ]

Mahishasura thundered in the field like the cloud;

Baddal jio Mahikhaasur ran vich(i) gajjiaa||

ieMdRw jyhw joDw mYQau B`ijAw ]

“The warrior like Indra fled from me;

Indraa jehaa jodhaa maithau bhajjiaa||

kauxu ivcwrI durgw ijn rxu s~ijAw ] 16]

“Who is this wretched Durga, who hath come to srart war with me?”16.

Kaun(u) vichaariDurgaa jin ran(u) Sajjiaa||16||

pauVI ]



v~jy Fol ngwry dlW mukwblw ]

The drums and trumpets have sounded and the armies have attacked each other.

Vajje ?hol nagaare dalaan mukaabalaa||

qIr iPrY rYbwry AwmoH swmHxy ]

The arrows move opposite to each other guidingly.

Teer phirai raibaare aahmo saahmane||

Agxq bIr sMGwry lgdI kYbrI ]

With the infliction of arrows countless warriors have been killed.

Aganat beer sanghaare lagadikaibaree||

if~gy jwix munwry mwry ib~ju dy ]

Falling like the minarets smote by lightning.

?igge jaan(i) munaare maare bijj(u) de||

Ku~lI vwlIN dYq AhwVy sBy sUrmy ]

All the demon-fighters with untied hair shouted in agony.

Khullivaaleen dait ahaa?e sabhe soorme||

su`qy jwix jtwly BMgW Kwie kY ] 17]

It seems that the hermits with matted locks are sleeping after eating the intoxicating hemps.17.

Sutte jaan(i) jataale bhangaan khaae kai||17||

pauVI ]



duhW kMDwrW muih juVy nwil Dausw BwrI ]

Both the armies are facing each other alongwith the resounding big trumpet.

Duhaan kandhaaraan muh(i) ju?e naal(i) dhausaa bhaaree||

kVk au~iTAw Pauj qy vfw AhMkwrI ]

The highly egoist warrior of the army thundered.

Ka?ak utthiaa phauj te vataa ahankaaree||

lY kY cilAw sUrmy nwil vfy hjwrI ]

He is moving towards the war-arena with thousands of mighty warriors.

Lai kai chaliaa soorme naal(i) vade hajaaree||

imAwno KMfw DUihAw mhKwsur BwrI ]

Mahishasura pulled out his huge double-edged sword from his scabbard.

Miaano khan?aa dhoohiaa Mahakhaasur bhaaree||

au~ml l`Qy sUrmy mwr mcI krwrI ]

The fighters entered the field enthusiastically and there occurred formidable fighting.

Ummal latthe soorme maar machikaraaree||

jwpy c~ly r~q dy slly jtDwrI ] 18]

It appears that the blood flows like the water (of Ganges) from the tangled hair of Shiva.18.

Jaape challe ratt de sal-le jatadhaaree||18||

pauVI ]



s~t peI jmDwxI dlW mukwblw ]

When the trumpet, enveloped by the hide of the male buffalo, the vehicle of Yama, sounded, the armies attacked each other.

Satt paijamdhaanidalaan mukaabalaa||

DUih leI ikRpwxI durgw imAwn qy ]

Durga pulled her sword from the scabbard.

Dhooh(i) laikripaaniDurgaa miaan te||

cMfI rwkis KwxI vwhI dYq nUM ]

She struck the demon with that Chandi, the devourer of demons (that is the sword).

Chan?iraakas(i) khaanivaahidait noon||

kopr cUr cvwxI l~QI krg lY ]

It broke the skull and face into pieces and pierced through the skeleton.

Kopar choor chavaanilatthikarag lai||

pwKr qurw plwxI rVkI Drq jwie ]

And it further pierced through the saddle and caparison of the horse, and struck on the earth supported by the Bull (Dhaul).

Paakhar turaa palaanira?akidharat jaae||

lYdI AGw isDwxI isMgW Daul idAW ]

It moved further and struck the horns of the Bull.

Laidiaghaa sidhaanisingan dhaul diaan||

kUrm isr lihlwxI dusmn mwir kY ]

Then it struck on the Tortoise supporting the Bull and thus killing the enemy.

Kooram sir lahilaanidusman maar(i) kai||

v`Fy gn iqKwxI mUey Kyq ivc ]

The demons are lying dead in the battlefield like the pieces of wood sawed by the carpenter.

Va??he gan tikhaanimooe khet vich||

rx ivc G~qI GwxI lohU imJ dI ]

The press of blood and marrow has been set in motion in the battlefield.

Ran vich ghattighaanilohoo mijh dee||

cwry jug khwxI c~lg qyg dI ]

The story of the sword will be related in all the four ages.

Chaare jug kahaanichallag teg dee||

ibDx Kyq ivhwxI mhKy dYq nUM ] 19]

On the demon Mahisha the period of agony occurred in the battlefield.19.

Bidhan khet vihaaniMahakhe dait noon||19||

ieqI mhKwsur dYq mwry durgw AwieAw ]

In this way the demon Mahishasura was killed on the arrival of Durga.

ItiMahakhaasur dait maare Durgaa aaiaa||

caudh lokW rwxI isMG ncwieAw ]

The queen caused the lion to dance in the fourteen worlds.

Chaudah lokaan raanisingh nachaaiaa||

mwry bIr jtwxI dl ivc Agly ]

She killed a great number of brave demons with matted locks in the battlefield.

Maare beer jataanidal vich agle||

mMgn nwhI pwxI dlI hMGwr kY ]

Challenging the armies, these warriors do not even ask for water.

Mangan naahipaanidalihanghaar kai||

jx krI smwie pTwxI suix kY rwg nUM ]

It seems that listening to the music, the Pathans have realized the state of ecstasy.

jan karisamaae pathaanisun(i) kai raag noon||

r~qU dy hVvwxI cly bIr Kyq ]

The flood of the blood of the fighters is flowing.

Rattoo de ha?vaanichale beer khet||

pIqw Pu~lu ieAwxI Gu~mn sUrmy ] 20]

The brave warriors are roaming as if they have ignorantly consumed the intoxicating poppy.20.

Peetaa phull(u) iaanighumman soorme||

hoeI Alop BvwnI dyvW nUM rwj dy ]

Bhavani (Durga) disappeard after bestowing kingdom on the gods.

Hoialop Bhavaanihoijitt din||

eIsr dI brdwnI hoeI ij~q idn ]

The day for which Shiva granted the boon.

eesar dibardaanihoijitt din||

sMuB insMuB gumwnI jnmy sUrmy ]

The proud warriors Sumbh and Nisumbh were born.

Sunbh Nisunbh gumaanijaname soorme||

ieMdR dI rjDwnI q~kI ij~qnI ] 21]

They planned to conquer the capital of Indra.21.

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