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Indre dirajdhaanitakkijittanee||21||

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Indre dirajdhaanitakkijittanee||21||

ieMdRprI qy Dwvxw vf joDI mqw pkwieAw ]

The great fighters decided to rush towards the kingdom of Indra.

Indrapurite dhaavanaa va? jodhimataa pakaaiaa||

sMj ptylw pwKrw ByV sMdw swju bxwieAw ]

They began to prepare the war-material consisting of armour with belts and saddle-gear.

Sanj patelaa paakharaa bhe? sandaa saaj(u) banaaiaa||

jMmy ktk ACUhxI Asmwnu grdI CwieAw ]

An army of lakhs of warriors gathered and the dust rose to sky.

Janme katak acchoohaniasmaan(u) gardichhaaiaa||

roh sMuB insMuB isDwieAw ] 22]

Sumbh and Nisumbh, full of rage, have marched forward.22.

Roh Sunbh Nisunbh sidhaaiaa||22||

pauVI ]



sMuB insMuB AlwieAw vf joDI sMGru vwey ]

Sumbh and Nisumbh ordered the great warriors to sound the bugle of war.

Sunbh Nisunbh alaaiaa va? jodhisanghar(u) vaae||

roh idKwlI id~qIAw virAwmI qury ncwey ]

Great fury was visulised and the brave fighters caused the horses to dance.

Roh dikhaaliditteeaa variaamiture nachaae||

Gury dmwmy dohry jm bwhx ijau ArVwey ]

The double-trumpets sounded like the loud voice of the male buffalo, the vehicle of Yama.

Ghure damaame dohare jam baahan jio ar-?aae||

dyau dwno lu~Jx Awey ] 23]

The gods and demons have gathered to fight.23.

Deu daano lujjhan aae||23||

pauVI ]



dwno dyau AnwgI sMGru ricAw ]

The demons and gods have started a continuous war.

Daano deu anaagisanghar(u) rachiaa||

Pu~l iKVy jx bwgIN bwxy joiDAW ]

The garments of the warriors appear like flowers in the garden.

Phull khi?e jan baageen baane jodhiaan||

BUqW ie~lW kwgIN gosq BiKAw ]

The ghosts, vultures and crows have eaten the flesh.

Bhootaan illaan kaageen gosat bhakhiaa||

hMumV DMumV jwgI G~qI sUirAW ] 24]

The brave fighters have begun to run about.24.

Hunmar dhunmar jaagighattisooriaan||24||

s~t peI ngwry dlW mukwblw ]

The trumpet was beaten and the armies attack each other.

Satt painagaare dalaan mukaabalaa||

idqy dyau BjweI imil kY rwksIN ]

The demons have gathered together and have caused the gods to flee.

Dite deu bhajaaimil(i) kai raakseen||

lokI iqhI iPrweI dohI AwpxI ]

They exhibited their authority in the three worlds.


durgw dI swm qkweI dyvW fridAW ]

The gods, having been frightened went under the refuge of Durga.

Durgaa disaam takaaidevaan ?ardiaan||

AWdI cMif cVweI auqy rwksW ] 25]

They caused the goddess Chandi to wage war with demons.25.

aandiChan?(i) cha?aaiute raakasaan||25||

pauVI ]



AweI Pyr BvwnI KbrI pweIAW ]

The demons hear the news that the goddess Bhavani has come again.

aaipher Bhavaanikhabaripaaeeaan||

dYq vfy AiBmwnI hoey eykTy ]

The highly egoist demons gathered together.

Dait va?e abhimaanihoe ekathe||

locn DUm gumwnI rwie bulwieAw ]

The king Sumbh sent for the egoist Lochan Dhum.

Lochan Dhoom gumaaniraae bulaaeeaa,

jg ivc vfw dwno Awp khwieAw ]

He caused himself to be called the great demon.

Jag vich va?aa daano aap kahaaiaa||

s~t peI KrcwmI durgw ilAwvxI ] 26]

The drum enveloped with the hide of donkey was struck and it was proclaimed that Durga would be brought.26.

Satt paikharchaamiDurgaa liaavanee||26||

pauVI ]



kVk auTI rx cMfI PaujW dyK kY ]

Seeing the armies in the battlefield, Chandi shouted loudly.

Ka?ak uthiran Chan?iphaujaan dekh kai||

DUih imAwno KMfw hoeI swhmxy ]

She pulled her double-edged sword from her scabbard and came before the enemy.

Dhooh(i) miaano khan?aa hoisaahmane||

sBy bIr sMGwry DUmrnYx dy ]

She killed all the warriors of Dhumar Nain.

Sabhe beer sanghaare Dhoomarnain de||

jx lY kty Awry drKq bwFIAW ] 27]

It seems that the carpenters have chopped the trees with the saw.27.

Jan lai kate aare darakhat baa?heeaan||27||

pauVI ]



cobIN DauNs bjweI dlW mukwblw ]

The drummers sounded the drums and the armies attacked each other.

Chobeen dhauns bajaaidalaan mukaabalaa||

roh BvwnI AweI auqy rwksW ]

The infuriated Bhavani lodged the attack over the demons.

Roh Bhavaaniaaiute raakasaan||

K~bY dsq ncweI sIhx swr dI ]

With her left hand, she caused the dance of the lionss of steel (sword).

Khabbai dast nachaaiseehan saar dee||

bhuiqAW dy qn lweI kIqI rMgulI ]

She struck it on the bodies of many worriors and made it colourful.

Bahutiaan de tan laaikeetirangulee||

BweIAW mwrn BweI durgw jwix kY ]

The brothers kill brothers mistaking them for Durga.

Bhaaeeaan maaran bhaaiDurgaa jaan(i) kai||

roh hoie clweI rwkis rwie nUM ]

Having been infuriated, she struck it on the king of the demons.

Roh hoe chalaairaakas(i) raae noon||

jm pur dIAw pTweI locn DUm nUM ]

Lochan Dhum was sent to the city of Yama.

Jam pur deeaa pathaaiLochan Dhoom noon||

jwpy id~qI sweI mwrn sMuB dI ] 28]

It seems the she gave the advance money for the killing of Sumbh.28.

Jaape dittisaaimaaran Sunbh dee||28||

pauVI ]



BMny dYq pukwry rwjy sMuB QY ]

The demons ran to their king Sumbh and beseeched;

Bhanne dait pukaare raaje Sunbh thai||

locnDUm sMGwry sxy ispwhIAW ]

“Lochan Dhum has been killed alongwith his soldiers;

Lochandhoom sanghaare sane sipaaheeaan||

cuix cuix joDy mwry AMdr Kyq dY ]

“She hath seleted the warriors and killed them in the battlefield;

Chun(i) chun(i) jodhe maare andar khet dai||

jwpn AMbir qwry if~gin sUrmy ]

“It seems that the warriors have fallen like the stars from the sky;

Jaapan anbar(i) taare ?iggan(i) soorme||

igry prbq Bwry mwry ib~ju dy ]

“The huge mountains have fallen, having been smote by the lightning;

Gire parbat bhaare maare bijj(u) soorme||

dYqW dy dl hwry dhsq Kwie kY ]

“The forces of the demons have been defeated on becoming panicky;

Daitaan de dal haare dahsat khaae kai||

bcy su mwry mwry rhdy rwie QY ] 29]

“Those who were left have also been killed and the remaining have come to the king.”29.

Bache su maare maare rahade raae thai||29||

pauVI ]



roh hoie bulwey rwkis rwie ny ]

Highly enraged, the king called the demons.

Roh hoe bulaae rakas(i) raae ne||

bYTy mqw pkwey durgw ilAwvxI ]

They decided to capture Durga.

Baithe mataa pakaae Durgaa liaavanee||

cMf Ar muMf pTwey bhuqw ktku dY ]

Chand and Mund were sent with huge forces.

Chan? ar Mun? pathaae bahutaa katak(u) dai||

jwpy C~pr Cwey bxIAw kyjmw ]

It seemed that the swords coming together were like the thatched roofs.

Jaape chhappar chhaae baneeaa kejamaa||

jyqy rwie bulwey c~ly ju~D no ]

All those who were called, marched for war.

Jete Jaae bulaae challe juddh no||

jx jm pur prV clwey sBy mwrny ] 30]

It appear that they were all caught and sent to the city of Yama for killing.30.

Jan Jam Pur paka? chalaae sabhe maaranaa||30||

pauVI ]



Fol ngwry vwey dlW mukwblw ]

The drums and trumpets were sounded and the armies attacked each other.

?hol nagaare vaae dalaan mukaabalaa||

roh ruhyly Awey auqy rwksW ]

The enraged warriors marched against the demons.

Roh ruhele aae ute raakasaan||

sBnI qury ncwey brCy pkiV kY ]

All of them holding their daggers, caused their horses to dance.

Sabhniture nachaae barchhe paka?(i) kai||

bhuqy mwr igrwey AMdr Kyq dY ]

Many were killed and thrown in the battlefield.

Bahute maar giraae andar khet dai||

qIrI Chbr lweI bu~TI dyvqw ] 31]

The arrows shot by the goddess came in showers.31.

Tirichhabbar laaibutthidevataa||31||

ByrI sMK vjwey sMGir r~icAw ]

The drums and conches were sounded and the war began.

Bherisankh vajaae sanghar(i) rachchiaa||

qix qix qIr clwey durgw DnK lY ]

Durga, taking her bow, stretched it again and again for shooting arrows.

tan(i) ran(i) teer chalaae Durgaa dhanakh lai||

ijnI dsq auTwey rhy n jIvdy ]

Those who raised their hands against the goddess, did not survive.

Jinidasat uthaae rahe na jeevade||

cMf Ar mMuf Kpwey dono dyvqw ] 32]

She destroyed both Chand and Mund.32.

Chan? ar Mun? khapaae dono devataa||32||

sMuB insMuB irswey mwry dYq sux ]

Sumbh and Nisumbh were highly enraged on hearing this killing.

Sunbh Nisunbh risaae maare dait sun||

joDy sB bulwey Awpxy mjlsI ]

They called all the brave fighters, who were their advisers.

Jodhe sabh bulaae aapane majlasee||

ijnI dyau Bjwey ieMdR jyhvy ]

Those who had caused the gods like Indra run away.

Jinideu bhajaae Indra jehave||

qyeI mwr igrwey pl ivc dyvqw ]

The goddess killed them in an instant.

Teimaar giraae pal vich devataa||

EnI dsqI dsq vjwey iqnw icq kir ]

Keeping Chand Mund in their mind, they rubbed their hands in sorrow.

Onidastidast vajaae teenaa cheet kar(i)||

iPr sRxvq bIj clwey bIVy rwie dy ]

Then Sranwat Beej was prepared and sent by the king.

Phir Sranvat Beej chalaae bee?e raae de||

sMj ptolw pwey iclkq topIAW ]

He wore the armour with belts and the helmet which glistened.

Sanj patolaa paae chikat topeeaan||

lu~Jx no ArVwey rwks rohly ]

The infuriated demons shouted loudly for war.

Lujjhan no ar-?aae raakas rohale||

kdy n ikny htwey ju~D mcwie kY ]

After waging war, none could get their retreat.

Kade na kine hataae juddh machaae kai||

iml qyeI dwno Awey hux sMGir dyKxw ] 33]

Such demons have gathered together and come, now see the ensuing war.33.

Mil teidaano aae hun sanghar(i) dekhanaa||33||

pauVI ]



dYqI fMf auBwrI nyVY Awie kY ]

On coming near, the demons raised the din.

Daiti?an? ubhaarine?aiaae kai||

isMG krI AsvwrI durgw sor sux ]

Hearing this clamour, Durga mounted her lion.

Singh kariasvaariDurgaa sor sun||

K~bY dsq auBwrI gdw iPrwie kY ]

She twirled her mace, raising it with her left hand.

Khabhai dast ubhaarigadaa phiraae kai||

sYnw sB sMGwrI sRxvq bIj dI ]

She killed all the army of Sranwat Beej.

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