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Jaan(i) na jaae maaeeaan joojhe soorme||43||


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Jaan(i) na jaae maaeeaan joojhe soorme||43||

sMuB suxI krhwlI sRxvq bIj dI ]

Sumbh heard the bad news about the death of Sranwat Beej;

Sunbh sunikar-haaliSranvat Beej dee||

rx ivic iknY n JwlI durgw AWvdI ]

And that none could withstand the marching Durga in the battlefield.

Ran vich(i) kinai na jhaaliDurgaa aanvadee||

bhuqy bIr jtwlI auTy AwK kY ]

Many brave fighters with matted hair got up saing;

Bahute beer jataaliuthe aakh kai||

cotw pwn qbwlI jwsn ju~D nUM ]

That drummers should sound the drums because they would go for war.

Chotaa paan tabaalijaasan juddh noon||

Qir Qir ipRQmI cwlI dlW cVMidAW ]

When the armies marched, the earth trembled;

Thar(i) thar(i) prithamichaalidalaan cha?andiaan||

nwau ijvy hY hwlI shu drIAwau ivic ]

Like the shaking boat, which is still in the river.

Naau jive hai haalisahu dareeaau vich(i)||

DUiV auqwhW GwlI CVI qurMgmW ]

The dust arose with the hooves of the horses;

Dhoo?(i) utaahaan ghaalichha?iturangamaan||

jwix pukwrU cwlI DrqI ieMdR QY ] 44]

And it seemed that the earth is going to Indra for a complaint.44.

Jaan(i) pukaaroo chaalidhartiIndra thai||44||

pauVI ]



Awhir imilAw AwhrIAW sYx sUirAW swjI ]

The willing workers got engaged in work and as warriors they equipped the army.

aahar(i) miliaa aahareeaan sain soorkaan saajee||

c~ly sauhy durgswh jx kwbY hwjI ]

They marched in front of Durga, like pilgrims going for Haj to Kaabah (Mecca).

Challe sauhe Durgsaah jaan Kaabai haajee||

qIrI qygI jmDVI rx vMfI BwjI ]

They are inviting the warriors in the battlefield through the medium of arrows, swords and daggers.

Tiritegijamdha?iran van?ibhaajee||

iek Gwiel GUmn sUrmy jx mkqb kwjI ]

Some wounded warriors are swinging like the Quadis in the school, reciting the holy Quran.

Ik ghaail ghooman soorme jan maktab kaajee||

iek bIr proqy brCIey ijau Juk paun invwjI ]

Some brave fighters are pierced by daggers and lining like a devout Muslim performing prayer.

Ik beer parote barchheee jio jhuk paun nivaajee||

iek durgw sauhy Kuns kY Kunswien qwjI ]

Some go in front of Durga in great fury by inciting their malicious horses.

Ik Durgaa sauhe khunas kai khunsaain taajee||

iek Dwvn durgw swmHxy ijau BuiKAwey pwjI ]

Some run in front of Durga like the hungry scoundrels;

Ik dhaavan Durgaa sahmane jio bhukhiaae paajee||

kdy n r~jy juJ qy rj hoey rwjI ] 45]

Who had never been satisfied in the war, but now they are satiated and pleased.45.

Kade na rajje jujh te raj hoe raajee||45||

b~jy sMglIAwly sMGr fohry ]

The enchained double trumpets sounded.

Bajje sangaleeaale sanghar ?ohre||

fhy ju Kyq jtwly hwTW joiV kY ]

Gathering together in ranks, the warriors with matted hair are engaged in war in the battlefield.

?ahe ju khet jataale haathaan jo?(i) kai||

nyjy bMblIAwly id~sn ErVy ]

The lances bedecked with tassels seem leaning;

Neje banbaleeaale dissan ora?e||

c~ly jwx jtwly nwvn gMg nUM ] 46]

Like the hermits with matted locks going towards the Ganges for taking a bath.46.

Challe jaan jataae naavan Gang noon||46||

pauVI ]



durgw AqY dwnvI sUl hoeIAW kMgW ]

The forces of Durga and demons are piercing each other like sharp thorns.

Durgaa atai daanavisool hoeeaan kangaan||

vwCV G~qI sUirAW ivc Kyq KqMgW ]

The warriors showered arrows in the battlefield.

Vaachha? ghattisooriaan vich khet khatangaan||

DUih ikRpwxw iqKIAW bF lwhin AMgW ]

Pulling their sharp swords, they chop the limbs.

Dhooh(i) kripaanaa ba?h lahan(i) angaan||

phlw dlW imlMidAW ByV pieAw inhMgW ] 47]

When the forces met, at first there was war with swords.47.

Pahlaa dalaan milandiaan bhe? paiaa nihangaan||47||

pauVI ]



ErV PaujW AweIAW bIr cVy kMDwrI ]

The forces came in great numbers and the ranks of warriors marched forward

Ora? faujaan aaeeaan beer cha?e kandhaaree||

sVk imAwno kFIAW iq~KIAW qrvwrI ]

They pulled their sharp swords from their scabbards.

Sa?ak miaano ka?heeaan tikkheeaan tarvaaree||

kVk auTy rx m~icAw v~fy hMkwrI ]

With the blazing of the war, the great egoist warriors shouted loudly.

Ka?ak uthe ran machchiaa va??e hankaaree||

isr DV bwhW gn ly Pul jyhY bwVI ]

The pieces of head, trunk and arms look like garden-flowers.

Sir dha? baahaan gan le phul jehai baa?ee||

jwpy kty bwFIAW ruK cMdn AwrI ] 48]

And (the bodies) appear like the trees of sandalwood cut and sawed by the carpenters.48.

Jaape kate baa?heeaan rukh chandan aaree||48||

duhW kMDwrW muih juVy jw s~t peI Krvwr kau ]

When the trumpet, enveloped by the hide of a donkey, was beaten, both the forces faced each other.

Duhaan kandhaaraan muh(i) ju?e jaa satt paikharvaar kau||

qk qk kYbir durgswh qk mwry Bly juJwr kau ]

Looking at the warriors, Durga pointedly shot her arrows on the brave fighters.

Tak tak kaibar(i) Durgsaah tak maare bhale jujhaar kau||

pYdl mwry hwQIAW sMig rQ igry Asvwr kau ]

The warriors on foot were killed, the elephants were killed alongwith the fall of the chariots and horse- riders.

Paidal maare haatheeaan sang(i) rath gire asvaar kau||

sohn sMjw bwgVw jxu l~gy Pu~l Anwh kau ]

The tips of arrows penetrated in the armour like the flowers on pomegranate-plants.

Sohan sanjaa baaga?aa jan(u) lagge phull anaar kau||

gu~sy AweI kwlkw hiQ s~jy lY qlvwr kau ]

The goddess Kali got enraged, holding her sword in her right hand;

Gusse aaiKaalkaa hath(i) sajje lai talvaar kau||

eydU pwrau Eq pwr hrnwkis keI hjwr kau ]

She destroyed several thousand demons (Hiranayakashipus) from this end of the field to the other end.

Edoo paarau ot paar Harnaakas(i) kaihajaar kau||

ijx ie~kw rhI kMDwr kau ]

The only one is conquering the army;

Jin ikkaa rahikandhaar kau||

sd rhmq qyry vwr kau ] 49]

O goddess! Hail, hail to Thy blow.49.

Sad rahmat tere vaar kau||49||

pauVI ]



duhW kMDwrW muih juVy s~t peI jmDwx kau ]

The trumpet, enveloped by the hide of the male buffalo, the vehicle of Yama, was beaten and both the armies faced each other.

Duhaan kandhaaraan muh(i) ju?e satt paijamdhaan kau||

qd iKMg nsMuB ncwieAw fwl aupir brgsqwx kau ]

Then Nisumbh caused the horse to dance, putting on his back the saddle-armour.

Tad khing Nasunbh nachaaiaa ?aal upar(i) baragastaan kau||

PVI iblMd mgwieaus Purmwies kir mulqwn kau ]

She held the big bow, which was caused to be brought on order form Musltan.

Pha?ibiland magaaeus phurmaaes kar(i) Multaan kau||

gu~sy AweI swhmxy rx AMdir G~qx Gwx kau ]

In her fury, she came in front in order to fill the battlefield with the mud of blood and fat.

Gusse aaisahmane ran andar(i) ghattan ghaan kau||

AgY qyg vgweI durgswh bF sMuBn bhI plwx kau ]

Durga struck the sword in front of her, cutting the demon-king, penetrated through the horse-saddle.

Agai teg vagaaiDurgsaah ba?h Sunbhuan bahipalaan kau||

rVkI jwie kY Drq kau b~F pwKr b~F ikkwx kau ]

Then it penetrated further and struck the earth after cutting the saddle-armour and the horse.

Ra?kijaae kai dharat kau ba??h paakhar ba??h kikaan kau||

bIr plwxo if~igAw kir isjdw sMuB sujwx kau ]

The great hero (Nisumbh) fell down from the horse-saddle, offering salutation to the wise Sumbh.

Beer palaano ?iggiaa kar(i) sijdaa Sunbh sujaan kau||

swbws sloxy Kwx kau ]

Hail, hail, to the winsome chieftain (Khan).

Saabaas salone khaan kau||

sdw swbws qyry qwx kau ]

Hail, hail, ever to thy strength.

Sadaa saabaas tere taan kau||

qwrIPW pwn cbwn kau ]

Praises are offered for the chewing of betel.

Taareephaan paan chabaan kau||

sd rhmq kYPW Kwn kau ]

Hail, hail to thy addiction.

Sad rahmat kaiphaan khaan kau||

sd rhmq qury ncwx kau ] 50]

Hail hail, to thy horse-control.50.

Sad rahmat ture nachaan kau||50||

pauVI ]



durgw AqY dwnvI gh sMGir k~Qy ]

Durga and demons sounded their trumpets, in the remarkable war.

Durgaa atai daanavigah sanghar(i) katthe||

ErV au~Ty sUrmy Aw fwhy m~Qy ]

The warriors arose in great numbers and have come to fight.

Ora? utthe soorme aa ?aahe matthe||

k~t quPMgI kYbrI dl gwih ink~Qy ]

They have come to tread through the forces in order to destroy (the enemy) with guns and arrows.

Katt tuphangikaibaridal gaah(i) nikatthe||

dyKin jMg PrySqy Asmwno l~Qy ] 51]

The angels come down (to the earth) from the sky in order to see the war.51.

Dekhan(i) jang fareshte asmaano lathe||51||

pauVI ]



duhW kMDwrW muh juVy dl Gury ngwry ]

The trumpets have sounded in the army and both the forces face each other.

Duhaan kandhaaraan muh ju?e dal ghure nagaare||

ErV Awey sUrmy isrdwr AixAwry ]

The chief and brave warriors swayed in the field.

Ora? aae soorme sirdaar aniaare||

lY ky qygW brCIAW hiQAwr auBwry ]

They raised their weapons including the swords and daggers.

Lai ke tegaan barchheeaan hothiaar ubhaare||

top ptylw pwKrW gil sMj svwry ]

They have bedecked themselves with helmets on their heads, and armour around their necks alongwith their horse-sddles with belts.

top patela paakharaan gal(i) sanj savaare||

lY ky brCI durgswh bhu dwnv mwry ]

Durga holding her dagger, killed many demons.

Lai ke barchhiDurgsaah bahu daanav maare||

cVy rQI gj GoiVeI mwr Buie qy fwry ]

She killed and threw those on the round who were riding chariots, elephants and horses.

Cha?e rathigaj gho?(i)ee maar bhue te ?aare||

jwx hlvweI sIK nwl ivMnH vVy auqwry ] 52]

It appear that the confectioner has cooked small round cakes of grounded pulse, piercing them with a spike.52.

Jaan halvaaiseekh naal vinnh va?e utaare||52||

pauVI ]



duhW kMDwrW muih juVy nwl Dausw BwrI ]

Alongwith the sounding of the large trumpet, both the forces faced each other.

Duhaan kandhaaraan muh(i) ju?e naal dhausaa bhaaree||

leI BgauqI durgswh vr jwgn BwrI ]

Durga held out her sword, appearing like great lustrous fire;

LaibhagautiDurgsaah var jaagan bhaaree||

lweI rwjy sMuB no rqu pIAY ipAwrI ]

She struck it on the king Sumbh and this lovely weapon drinks blood.

Laairaaje Sunbh no rat(u) peeai piaaree||

sMuB plwxo if~igAw aupmw bIcwrI ]

Sumbh fell down from the saddle for which the following simile hath been thought.

Sunbh palaano ?iggiaa upmaa beechaaree||

fub rqU nwlhu inklI brCI duDwrI ]

That the double-edged dagger, smeared with blood, which hath come out (from the body of Sumbh);

?ub ratoo naaloh niklibarchhidudhaaree||

jwx rjwdI auqrI pYn sUhI swrI ] 53]

Seems like a princess coming down from her loft, wearing the red sari.53.

Jaan rajaadiutaripain soohisaaree||53||

pauVI ]



durgw AqY dwnvI ByV pieAw sbwhIN ]

The war between Durga and the demons started early in the morning.

Durgaa atai daanavibhe? paiaa sabaaheen||

ssqR pjUqy durgswh gh sBnIN bwhIN ]

Durga held her weapons firmly in all her arms.

Sastra pajoote Durgsaah gah sabhneen baaheen||

sMuB insMuB sMGwirAw vQ jyhy swhIN ]

She killed both Sumbh and Nisumbh, who were the masters of all the materials.

Sunbh Nisunbh sanghaariaa vath jehe saaheen||

PaujW rwkisAwrIAW dyiK rovin DwhIN ]

Seeing this, the helpless forces of the demons, weep bitterly.

Faujaan raakasiaareeaan dekh(i) rovan(i) dhaaheen||

muih kuVUcy Gwh dy C~f GoVy rwhIN ]

Accepting their defeat (by putting the straws of grass in their mouth), and leaving their horses in the way;

Muh(i) ku?ooche ghaah de chha?? gho?e raaheen||

Bjdy hoey mwrIAn muV Jwkn nwhIN ] 54]

They are being killed, while fleeing, without looking back.54.

Bhajde hoe maareean mu? jhaakan naaheen||54||

pauVI ]



sMuB insMuB pTwieAw jm dy Dwm no ]

Sumbh and Nisumbh were dispatched to the abode of Yama;

Sunbh Nisunbh pathaaiaa jam de dhaam no||

ieMdR s~d bulwieAw rwj AiBSyKno ]

And Indra was called for crowning him.

Indra sadd bulaaiaa raaj abhishaakhano||

isr pr CqR iPrwieAw rwjy ieMdR dY ]

The canopy was held up over the head of king Indra.

Sir par chhatra phiraaiaa raaje Indra dai||

caudh lokW CwieAw jsu jgmwq dw ]

The praise of the mother of the universe spread over all the fourteen worlds.

Chaudah lokaan chhaaiaa jas(u) jagmaat daa||

durgw pwT bxwieAw sBy pauVIAW ]

All the Pauris (stanza) of this DURGA PATH (The text about the exploits of Durga) have been composed;

Durgaa paath banaaiaa sabhe pau?eeaan||

Pyr n jUnI AwieAw ijn ieh gwieAw ] 55]

And that person who sings it, will not take birth again.55.

Pher na jooniaaiaa jin eh gaaiaa||55||

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