Character Analysis “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant

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Character Analysis

The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant

What was your initial reaction to the story?

I felt really bad for Mme. Loisel because she went through life paying money for something that was not even worth all the money.

Did you like the ending? Why or why not?

I did not like the ending because I know that if that would have happened to me, I would be really mad and very annoyed.

Characterize M. Loisel, Mme. Loisel, and Mme. Forestier. Develop at least three personality traits for each then tell how you came to that conclusion (direct or indirect characterization). Use the characterization chart provided.

How did you react to each character while reading the story? Why did you have this reaction?

I reacted to M. Loisel in a sad way because he has to deal with his wife with a champagne taste. I reacted to Mme. Loisel in an annoyed way because she wanted so many things but she should be happy with the things that she already has. I reacted to Mme. Forestier also in an annoyed way because I feel she knew that the necklace was real pearls but did not tell Mme. Loisel that her actual necklace was fake.

Tell how Mme. Loisel is a dynamic character and M. Loisel is a static character.

Mme. Loisel is a dynamic character because her whole background was explained and she has a big part in the story. M. Loisel is a static character because his background story was not explained and he does not have a big part in the story.

Explain how irony is used in the story “The Necklace.” Specifically what type(s) of irony is used? List several examples from the story. Dramatic irony is used in the play by the act of Mme. Loisel losing Mme. Forestier fake necklace and giving her back a real diamond necklace. Mme. Loisel uses verbal irony when she and Mme. Forestier contacted her and Mme. Loisel acted like she didn’t know Mme. Forestier.

What was the author’s purpose in creating this story? What was he trying to show the reader? How did you reach this conclusion? The author is trying to show the reader that material objects do not matter in life and when they take over your life they will ruin you. I reached this purpose because at the end of the story Mme Loisel is so happy that the whole ordeal is over.

How Can Envy Ruin a Person’s Life?

After reading "The Necklace," write a paragraph on the following prompt.

In "The Necklace" Mme. Loisel was consumed with envy. This envy led to the ruination of her comfortable life. In paragraph format, explain how envy can ruin a person’s life. Use examples from the story as well as examples from everyday life.

Envy can ruin a person’s life in many ways. In the story, “The Necklace”, Mme. Loisel is consumed by envy in many ways. One-way envy ruined Mme. Loisel’s life is that from the beginning of the story she wanted expensive things that she couldn’t afford. The more someone wants something the more desperate they become. Another way envy ruined Mme. Loisel’s life is that she didn’t like people of the lower class which made her come over rude and cruel. This shows that if you are mean to other people those other people will not be kind for you. Those are just some of the ways how envy can ruin not just one person’s life, but it also ruins the people’s lives around them.

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