Character-on-a-Plate Activity for Chaim Potok’s “Zebra”: a character Analysis Activity

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Character-on-a-Plate Activity for Chaim Potok’s “Zebra”:

A Character Analysis Activity
Directions: Read “Zebra” by Chaim Potok in McDougal Littell’s The Language of Literature. Choose one of the main characters from the selection. Write about that character using a paper plate.
Step 1- Divide the paper plate into eight equal sections.
Step 2- On the inside of the plate, number each triangle 1…. 2…..3 to 8. Label and fill in each triangle as follows:
Triangle 1- character’s name

Triangle 2- character’s physical description

Triangle 3- character’s inner qualities

Triangle 4- character’s action- List and important action performed by the character.

Triangle 5- character talk-copy dialogue directly from the text between the character and another character in the story.

Triangle 6- character’s impact-Explain what impact the character had on himself/herself or on another character in the story.

Triangle 7- figurative language-Use a simile or metaphor to describe your character

Triangle 8- personal opinion- Tell what you think about your character. Do you admire or dislike your character? Why?

Step 3- On the reverse side of the plate, complete an illustration that depicts your character.
Plate Criteria:

  • Handwriting is neat and legible.

  • Each element includes specific and accurate information.

  • Spelling, punctuation, and grammar are correct.

  • Illustration is included.

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