Charity advice site launches "The Archers" for the voluntary sector

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Charity advice site launches "The Archers" for the voluntary sector
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Social enterprise advice site launches "The Archers" for the voluntary sector
6 April 2010: Charity and social enterprise advice website KnowHow NonProfit has today launched an animated docudrama on life in the voluntary sector.
The KnowHow NonProfit website ( provides advice and enables people to share knowledge on every aspect of running a non-profit organisation.
Millcaster Tales, a fictional blog that tells the story of a small town's non-profit organisations and the people who work there, launched on the KnowHow NonProfit website in February 2009 and has attracted a loyal following.
Now, KnowHow NonProfit is hoping to reach a new audience by producing an animated video version of the Millcaster Tales blog, which has been recorded using professional actors1 and features illustrations of the characters. The animated video is available on the KnowHow NonProfit and Society Guardian website in streaming audio and video, or as an MP3 download.
Each episode of Millcaster Tales is based on real-life situations faced by voluntary organisations and is brought to life through the screenwriting skills of Steve Trafford, who regularly writes for ITV series The Bill2.
"We're very excited to be launching the Millcaster Tales video. We feel that hearing the voices of the actors really brings the story alive. Over time, we hope the Millcaster Tales recordings will become known as The Archers for the voluntary sector," said Sahara Quli, CEO of KnowHow NonProfit.

The first podcast features Part 1 of an episode of Millcaster Tales called Broken Biscuits. In this episode, the CEO of a fictional charity called 'Millcaster Aid for Africa' comes back from holiday to find out that the Fundraising Director has upset the wife of a key funder, jeopardising the future of the charity.

"Each episode of Millcaster Tales features a moral story based on real-life situations experienced by voluntary organisations. As well as being entertaining, we hope people will learn something from each episode and that it will get people talking about how they would tackle the issues raised," said Sahara.
Podcasts with parts 2, 3 and 4 of Broken Biscuits will be available on the KnowHow website in the next few weeks. All future episodes of Millcaster Tales will be available as an animated video.
To view the Millcaster Tales video, visit or
Notes for editors
For more information, contact Damien Clarkson, Marketing and Communications Assistant, at KnowHow NonProfit on 020 7040 5178 or
Or contact Ingrid Marson at Acorn PR on 01707 328 511 or
KnowHow NonProfit enables an online community of individuals and organisations in the voluntary sector to share knowledge, expertise and inspire effective practice. It aims to improve the efficiency of non profit organisations by increasing the knowledge and skills of people working in the non-profit sector – especially those that are new to training or come from ‘hard-to-reach’ groups.
KnowHow NonProfit is part of the Cass Business School Centre for Charity Effectiveness and is currently funded by a Big Lottery Fund Grant to the City Centre for Charity Effectiveness Trust Limited.

KnowHow NonProfit is based at the Centre for Charity Effectiveness at Cass Business School, 1st floor, 24 Chiswell Street, London, EC1Y 4UE.

1 The first podcast features experienced actors Elizabeth Mansfield and Gunnar Cauthery. Elizabeth Mansfield has been working in theatre, television, and radio since the 1970s. She was a member of the BBC Radio Drama Company for 2 years and has made over 100 recordings of plays and readings for BBC Radio 3 and 4. Gunnar Cauthery began acting as a teenager, appearing on television in The Demon Headmaster and Just William. In 2008, he won the BBC Carleton Hobbs Radio Drama Award, which gave him a 5-month contract with the BBC, during which time he recorded over 40 radio plays.
2 More information on Steve Trafford can be found on IMDB:

The Millcaster Tales recording was directed by Tom McHugh. Tom trained at RADA and the Actors Studio (New York). Tom has performed in various roles on the radio, stage and screen. Millcaster Tales is his radio directing debut.

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