Charles Martel and the Lance of Destiny


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Charles Martel

and the Lance of Destiny

A Historic Novel

of the Foundation of Christian Europe


Louis deMartelly
(C) 2008

Carlovingian Line

(Charlemagne and his immediate ancestors)

(Arnolfing Mayors) Pepin I Arnulf (c 613)

│ │

│ │


Plectrude─Pepin IIAlpaida (c 688)

│ │

│ │

Grimoald │

(Carlovingian Mayors) Charles (c 717)


Pepin III (c 714)

Charlemagne (c 800)

(Emperor 800) 742)


Allied Headquarters (1945 AD)

The general is on the phone in his headquarters in occupied Germany. He is having some difficulty in completing a sentence. He is cut off by the other party frequently even in mid sentence. The other party's conversation is not audible, but from the general's nervous fidgeting and attempts to continue, it is apparent that his call and request is unwelcome.
“Tell Ike that he has no idea of the significance of what he has asked me to ...”
Okay, ordered ...”
The important thing ...”
“The important thing is...” He shuffles nervously and moves the phone away from his ear. The voice at the other end can be briefly heard loudly by others in the room, but not quite understood. “The important thing is...”
“Do you have any idea wh ...”
“Do you have any idea what this thing ...”
“Listen to me for once, and let me tell ...”
Finally he gets an opportunity to finish a sentence: “This is the lance that was used to pierce the side of Jesus at Calvary! Hitler was all hung up on this stuff. He had a group of archaeologists in the SS. They verified the whole thing. The legend is that it guarantees its owner victory, or death if he loses it...”
“Of course I know the story. I was there with Aetius when he got it from Attila! I ...” The general’s belief in reincarnation is well known and somewhat annoying to those on Eisenhower’s staff.

“Okay, okay, no more reincarnation talk, but it's not BS. I was there. Anyway, I know the story. Attila had it, and he won battles, and he died when Aetius got it. Aetius got killed when he lost it. Somehow it found its way to Charles Martel, who passed it down to his grandson, Charlemagne. He dropped it and died. Barbarosa had it too! Napoleon knew about it too and tried to get it, but he never did. That’s what all his archaeological stuff was about. You know, the Rosetta Stone and all that crap.”

“I’m getting to the point ... I’m GETTING to the point. Hitler saw the thing in Austria, and annexed the country to get it. He had it brought to Berlin. When the Ruskies got close, he moved this stuff to a vault. When we found it, he shot himself – NINETY FRIGGIN MINUTES LATER! My people brought it to me along with the papers from the SS validating its authenticity...”
“Whadayamean, mystical BS? It's all there in the papers. Hell, I read the story in the West Point friggin’ Library. Check it out! Look, what’s important is whether they believe ...”
“Hell yes I believe – every damned word of it. Hitler believed it too! More important, so do a whole bunch of friggin Nazi SS officers. He tried to make knights out of 'em – just like in the friggin dark ages.”
Lowering his voice and speaking in a softer tone, “Listen, I want you to talk to Ike.” Switching the phone over to his other ear, he continues, “Tell him this: This Martel guy is a unifying force. He put it all together back then. Germans, French and even Italians and the Spanish. He even got the Jews into it!
“These Jews ’re gonna come out of this thing mad as hell. No tellin’ what they’ll do. Martel’s image is powerful. We can use it to put things back together, or we can let someone else have it to try and take over the friggin’ world again. What’s more, we’re gonna hafta work with these SS guys to rebuild their country. This lance of Martel’s may be just the tick...”

“Okay, I'll hold for a few minutes, but come back to me when you're done.” During the pause, the general's mind drifts to vivid images of an earlier time.

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  1. This fictionalized conversation has a basis in history. The lance was briefly owned by an American General who was already aware of the legend and may have been superstitious about it. He also claimed to have lived previous lives as a warrior fighting in major battles in history. Readers of the complete book may see a connection to the fictional character, Praetor.

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