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Chicken Big hatches from an enormous egg, and the chicken coop is too small for him to live in with flock of four chickens. They cannot accept Chicken Big as he is. In fact the smallest one is sure he is an elephant or a fluffy sweater. Chicken Big’s good sense overcomes serious problems starting with the falling of an a little acorn.

Suggested Reading Date:

This would be a fun book to add to a farm unit.

Activity Description:

1) Compare/Contrast activity using Venn Diagram, with traditional Chicken Little/Henny Penny stories. A bibliography is attached. Venn diagram worksheet web site in Printables below.

2) This web site is an audio reading of Chicken Little.

3) Learn the Chicken Dance 7783196 d0-chicken-dance-kids.html

4) Nine pages of actual text and pictures from this book. Put “Chicken Big” in the search window

5) Original 1943 Disney cartoon of Chicken Little on You Tube


*Venn Diagram

Related Websites:

*Author’s web site (very entertaining)

*NPR Big Chicken read aloud with Daniel Pinkwater

*Great Children’s Lit Wiki with good ideas and discussion questions

*Wonderful, colorful pictures and story of Chicken Little global warming comparisons if wanted.

*Chicken Little by Rebecca Emberley

*Chicken Little by Steven Kellogg

*Pollita Pequenita by Steven Kellogg

*Chicken Little by Sally Hobson

*Henny Penny by Paul Galdone

*Henny Penny by Werner Zimmermann

*Henny Penny by Jane Wattenberg

Created By: Dawn Smith

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