Child Development Unit Ideas

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Child Development Unit Ideas

Here is something I do in my class.  I have a paper that I attached that lists 8 different things that children learn.  We talk about how children learn through playing.  Before I give them this paper we do a round robin activity.  I go into the foods room where I have 6 tables so I do 6 different stations.  I pick an activity that will go along with one of the things on the paper.  Here are some stations I have done before.  1.  Social skills - playing candy land or some other type of game.  2.  small motor skills - play dough, lacing cards, froot loop necklaces, other craft.  3.  Math - putting together a puzzle.  4.  Healthy living habits - usually a snack like apples juice and goldfish or ants on a log, etc.  5.  Language/speech development - a game kind of like scategories, reading a book, fishing for paper fish with letters on them, etc.  6.  Science discovery - plant flowers in a cup, a small experiment about how an egg will float in salt water and sink in regular water.  7.  large motor skills - throwing bean bag through holes in cardboard, small basketball game, etc. 


I give them about 5 minutes at each station and we rotate through all the stations.  At the end I give them the paper and we write down what the definition of each is (large motor skills - using large muscles such as throwing, skipping, running, etc.).  We identify where the activities we did would fall under.  Then I have them get together with a friend or group and they have to come up with 4 activities under each category of activities they could do with children that would fit into this category. 


Hope that wasn't too confusing.

Amanda Stevenson

Have each student read a different book and then make a character from the book using a tongue depressor.  I got this Idea from Susan Cox.  It is really fun and they really get a kick out of it.


Konae Putman

I have my students make little books of pregnancy for each month. They
love it!! They could draw pictures for each stage. –

I have them do a days preschool planning.  They do a theme and then plan activities around it.  Then I have them share some of their ideas or snacks with the entire class.  I usually have them work in pairs.

Natalie Wilson

TH Bell JR High

Hey Laura,

I use your toddler simulation day and the kids love it.  Also I have done fingerpainting and they think it is a blast.  I blow up and copy coloring book pictures onto 11x17 cardstock and it is real fun.


I would love anything you get, I am currently working on that unit and

need to do some changes for next year.

I had the kids come up with a fun art project for kids and gave them a

variety of art supplies.  It turned out fun.  I also had them find a
story, song or fingerplay and make flannel board pictures, hand actions,
or puppets to use to tell the story.  I did a demo of how to cook with
kids and some fun ideas and then they got to make banana boats, and
peanutbutter fudge in a bag.  Now we are going to use our activities and
have a preschool day.
Jodi Willson

There is a Child Development sharing session at the UACTE Mid winter conference on Saturday, February 7th at 8:00 to 8:45 in room 134.  You will for sure pick up some great ideas there!



I go through the different centers with my kids and let them experience it first hand. So for two for two days we do an art center with different art activities, like shaving cream on the desks, fingerpainting, puppets, playdough, etc. I have them do each activity for about 15 min and rotate, it takes about two days. They absolutely love the activity. I also do a day they play with blocks and buttons and make things out of scrap materials. I normally choose a theme that they relate all these activities to. I also choose one day that I do finger plays and sing songs with them. After we go through each part of what should be in a preschool, I let them make lesson plans putting everything they have learned together.

I hope this helps. Sorry I am a little scatter brained today.

Janae Blank
Joel P Jensen Middle

Here are a few ideas on Toddlers/Pre-schooles that I do. A couple other fun ideas I do is a name that baby food activity. I get a bunch of different baby food and then the students guess what they are with a key bank. I do this after I go through the feeding notes. I do some fun things on toys where they evaluate toys and we go through the history of toys. The ability activity helps put the students in the perspective of a toddler. I also usually have the students plan a snack and we talk about creative snacks as well as nutrition. I also go through Art, Music, Creativity and do different activities. Look over what I have sent you and feel free to ask specific questions. After I go through the notes on Art I let them participate in a couple of sample art projects that are fun to do with kids. The students love this unit and it is a lot of fun to teach with a lot of hands on.


Michelle Stott

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