Children’s books and videos on trauma and traumatic grief partial list last updated


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Partial list last updated Draft Annotated Bibliography May 7, 2008

Compiled by

Chris Dunning, Ph.D.
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GRIEF (Sudden and Unexpected Death books only, not anticipatory or elder family member)











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Mills, Joyce (2003) Little Tree, Washington, DC: Magination Press (Story of a

beautiful tree whose limbs have been damaged in a storm but maintains her strong trunk, deep roots, beautiful heart, and the capability of blossoming anew. Originally written for a girl about to undergo amputation, it will touch any child who has been challenged by loss. Grades K-3.

Philipson, Sandra (1999), Annie Loses Her Leg but Finds Her Way Chagrin Falls OH: Chagrin River Publishing (Annie, a nine-year-old Springer Spaniel, loses her front leg to cancer. Her brother is in denial and Annie is in a state of sad acceptance. They both begin to heal after meeting Samantha, a three-legged Golden Retriever.) Grades K-3


Bauer, Marion Dane (1986) On My Honor, New York, NY: Bantam Doubleday Dell New York NY, (During a bicycle trip to the state park, Joel dares his best friend, Tony, to a swimming race in a dangerous River death by drowning. Ages 9-12

Berry, Joy (1988) Every Kid’s Guide to Responding to Danger, Sebastopol, CA: Living Skills Press (A guide about fear and danger, including dangerous objects, places, and activities) Grades 3-7 YRTD
Bunting, Eve (2000) Blackwater New York, NY: Harper-Collins (When a boy and girl are drowned, a 13 year old must decide whether to confess that he may have caused the accident) Ages 10-14 YBL

Byars, Betsy (1985) Goodbye, Little Chicken New York, NY: Scholastic Paperbacks. (Ever since his father’s death, Jimmie has been frightened and worries so much he calls himself Chicken Little. His Uncle Pete has a terrible accident and his Mom helps him recover. Ages 9-12

Cole, Michael D. (1999) TWA Flight 800 Explosion in Midair Springfield, NJ: Enslow Publishers, Inc.. (Describes the explosion that caused TWA Flight 800 to break apart in midair, killing 230 people on July 17, 1996, and examines some possible causes for the disaster. Ages 11-15 YTFEM

Cooney, Caroline (1992) Flight #116 Is Down! New York: NY: Scholastic Inc. (When a 747 crashes into the deep woods on Heidi's family's estate, she at first believes herself incapable of helping the survivors. But as the night unfolds and she becomes involved in a massive rescue effort; Heidi locates a well of unexpected inner strength and saves lives.) Young Adult YFD
Crutcher, Chris (2002- reissue of 1991) Chinese Handcuffs New York: NY: Laurel Leaf Books (Random House) (A young boy is forced to witness his brother’s suicide, then his life falls apart) Young adult
Greenberg, Keith (1992) Erik is Homeless Minneapolis, MN: Lerner Publishing Group. (After Erik’s father is killed in a car accident his family is homeless. He learns to adjust. Photoessay) Ages 9-12 (grades 3-6)
Landau, Elaine (1999) Air Crashes, New York, NY: Grolier Publishing (Explores famous air crashes, what went wrong, and efforts to make the air safer) Grades 4-7 YAC
Morris, Deborah. (1995) Real Kids, Real Adventures: #2 Whirlpool New York, NY:. Real Kids, Real Adventures Publishing (Amazing true stories of young heroes and survivors who lived through falling into storm sewer, down cliff…) Age 9-12

Morris, Deborah. (2000) Real Kids, Real Adventures: Bear Attack #3 New York, NY. Thorndike Publishing (Amazing true stories of young heroes and survivors who lived through bear attack, boat accident, tornado) Age 9-12 YRKRA

Park, Barbara (1996) Mick Harte Was Here. New York, NY: Random House (Family mourns and remembers 12 year old son killed in bicycle accident) Ages 9-12.

Smith, Doris (1992) A Taste of Blackberries New York, NY: HarperTrophy (A prank ends in tragedy, and a boy must learn to live not only with the loss of a friend, but with the feeling that he could have prevented it. Ages 7-10.
Turner, Barbara J. (1996) A Little Bit of Rob. Morton Grove, IL: A. Whitman, (After Rob’s death, his parents and younger sister finally take their boat out crabbing again in an effort to get their lives back to normal). Ages 9-12
Wright, Russell ,.(1995) Toxic Leak! New York, NY: Addison Wesley Longman, Inc.(Reader plays the role of a concerned citizen in a small community that has a leaking gasoline storage tank.) Ages 10-14 YTL

Bohlmeijer, Arno, (1996) Something Very Sorry, Boston, MA: Houghton-Mifflin. (A family member dies but others survive an auto accident) Grades 5-7 PreTeen YSVS
Bunting, Eve (1988) A Sudden Silence New York: Ballantine Books, (Jesse Harmon is filled with grief and guilt after witnessing his deaf brother killed by a hit-and-run driver.)Young Adult (Grades 7-12) YASS
Carrick, Carol. (1976) The Accident New York, NY: on Books. . (After his dog is hit by a truck and killed, Christopher must deal with his own feelings of depression and guilt) 2 copies Grades 1-4 YTAC

Cooney, Caroline B. (1994) Driver’s Ed New York, NY: Laurel-Leaf Pub. (Three friends go out to steal certain signs one night, a mother is killed due to the missing stop sign.) Young Adult (Grades 7-12) YDE

Draper, Sharon M. (1994) Tears of a Tiger (The death of a high school basketball star Rob Washington in an automobile accident affects the lives of his close friend Andy, who was driving the car, and many others in the school). 2 copies-paperbacks Young Adult Grade 12 & up
Morris, Deborah. (1996) Real Kids, Real Adventures #4 Runaway Bus New York, NY:. Real Kids, Real Adventures Publishing (Amazing true stories of young heroes and survivors. Ten-year-old boy in Missouri takes the wheel after the school bus driver faints while driving 20 elementary students to school) Age 9-12 YRKRA
Price, Mathew & Steve Augarde. (2000). Little Red Car Has an Accident. New York, NY: Abbeville Kids. (Story of a little red car’s accident on the road) Pre-School-1st grade YLRCHA
Rodowsky, Colby (1996) Remembering Mog Toronto,Canada:Harper Collins A girl struggles with living without her sister killed in an auto accident).
Tomey, Ingrid (1999) Nobody Else Has to Know. New York, NY : Random House, Inc.(15 year old Webber realizes that Grandpa had taken the blame for driving and hitting a little girl, while it was Webber who was driving). High School YNEHK

American Red Cross Coloring Book. After The Fire Washington, DC: American Red Cross (A Coloring Book for children to express themselves). 53 copies Pre-School - Grade 2 YAF

Beatty, Monica Driscoll, Christie Allan-Piper Fire Night! Santa Fe, NM: Health Press (Captures the full range of emotions children might experience during a house fire.) Age: 9 - 12

Brown, Marc, (2000) Arthur’s Fire Drill, New York: Random House Preschool-K YAFD
Hutchins, Pat. (1987) Changes, Changes New York, NY: Aladdin Paperbacks. . (Couple in their building block house and the changes that happen when the house is on fire. They escape by building a fire engine and a boat) Age 3-6 YCC
Martin, Ann, (1999) The Fire at Mary Ann’s House: The Babysitters’ Club #131, New York, NY: Scholastic Books. Mary Anne's house burned down due to faulty kitchen wiring. She experiences loss, shock, and looking toward the future. Preteen Age 9-12 YTFMAH
Martin, Jacqueline Briggs (1996) Grandmother Bryant’s Pocket New York, NY: Houghton-Mifflin (Suffering from nightmares after her dog is killed in a fire, a young girl in 18th – century Maine goes to live with her grandparents.) Baby-Preschool
Oklan, Edward and Gilbert Kliman (1993) My Fire Story: A Guided Activity Workbook for Children, Families and Teachers (A simple and straightforward guide that encourages healthy expression, learning and coping. Use it to help children, teenagers and families overcome bad memories and fears. 3 copies



American Red Cross After the Hurricane Coloring Book. Washington, DC: American Red Cross (A Coloring Book for children to express themselves). 2 copies Pre-School - Grade 2 YAH

American Red Cross After the Volcano Coloring Book. Washington, DC: American Red Cross (A Coloring Book for children to express themselves). 2 copies Pre-School - Grade 2 YAH

Anerson, Laurie Halse (2001) Storm Rescue, Middleton WI: American Girl, Pleasant Company Publications , (When a hurricane hits her town, Sunita must face her fears in order to help a stranded cat.) Ages 9-12
Berenstain, Stan & Jan Berenstain. (1998) The Berenstain Bear Scouts and the Really Big Disaster. New York, NY: Scholastic, Inc. (The Berenstain Bear family deals with a big disaster striking Beartown). Ages 4-8 YBRBD
Berger, Melvin and Gilda (1999) Why Do Volcanoes Blow Their Tops?: Questions and Answers About Volcanoes and Earthquakes New York, NY Scholastic Inc. No age range listed
Berry, Joy. (2000) Good Answers to Tough Questions About Disasters. Scottsdale, AZ: Gold Star Publishing, Inc. (Dealing with natural disasters and man-made disasters). Middle school Ages 10-13 YDISAS
Branley, Franklyn M. (1990) Earthquakes New York, NY: Harper Collins Publishers. (Story telling about how earthquakes are formed and the history of the devastating earthquakes) Age 5-9 YEQ
Cole, Joanna et al, (1995) Inside A Hurricane, Magic School Bus, New York, NY: Scholastic Inc., (Hurricane education)

Guide to using The Magic School Bus Inside a Hurricane in the classroom by Greg Young, M.S. Ed. Teacher Created Materials, Inc. (1996)

Day, Trevor (2001) Guide to Savage Earth - A dramatic journey across the planet New York, NY: DK Publishing.

(account of our planet’s structure, earthquakes, seismic waves, volcanoes and

the path of glaciers. Ages 7 and up. YGTSE

Demas Corinne, (2000) Hurricane Tarrytown, NY: Marshall Cavendish, Inc. (A fictional you-are-there account of a real Hurricane in 1991, Hurricane Bob.) Grades 2-4.
Discovery Channel (VIDEO) Tornado! Hurricane! Flood! New York, NY: The Learning Channel.
Federal Emergency Management Agency. (1993) Disaster Preparedness Coloring Book, Washington, DC: American Red Cross. (Addresses natural disasters and what should be done) 10 copies Preschool - Grade 2 YDP.
Garland, Sherry (1993) Silent Storm Orlando, FL: Harcourt Brace & Company (Thirteen year old Alyssa has not spoken since seeing her parents die in a hurricane and three years later, another storm threatens the home she shares with her grandfather on Galveston Island. Young adult
Gallopade, (2005) Earthquakes, Plate Tectonics & the Ring of Fire, Gallopade.
Gallopade, (2005) Hurricanes & Cyclones. Gallopade
Groman, Jeff ((2002) Atlas of Natural Disasters: Avalanches, Earthquakes, Floods & Storms, Hurricanes, Wildfires, Volcanoes London, England: Z-Publishing, Inc. Grades 5-8
Harrington, Holly. (August 2000) Herman, P.I.C.; And the Hunt for a Disaster-Proof Shell Washington, DC: FEMA (A hermit crab tells the story of what he has learned since he searched for his first shell). 8 copies. Preschool - Grade 2 YHPHDPS

Harrington, Holly (August 1999). The Adventures of Julia and Robbie: The Disaster Twins Washington, DC: FEMA (A child’s story of twin that run into natural disasters, filled with quizzes.) 9 Copies Ages 5-8 YTDT

Hirsch, Beverly (1995) Annie’s Storm, Miami FL: Cardinal Enterprises of Florida, (An approaching hurricane causes Annie to become concerned for herself, her family, and her friend, Mrs. Mockingbird) (Juvenile Fiction)
Hopping, Lorraine Jean. (1998) Blizzards! New York, NY: Cartwheel Books. Scholastic Inc. (Fun filled facts about winter storms, blizzards across the United States) Age 7-9 YBL
Hopping, Lorraine Jean (1995) Hurricanes, New York, NY: Scholastic Inc., ( Discusses where hurricanes come from, what types there are, and what can be done during one.) Ages 7 - 9
Kliman, Gerald (1989) My Earthquake Story: A Guided Activity Workbook for Children, Families and Teachers Kentfield, CA: The Psychological Trauma Center (Guide, which encourages healthy expression, learning and coping to help children, teenagers and families overcome bad memories and fears). Ages 5-10 XMES
Lampton, Christopher (1991) Hurricane, Brookfield, CT: Millbrook Press, , (Describes a hurricane and its destruction. Explains how the weather bureau can detect, measure, predict and warn people about a hurricane experience. Discusses the means of protecting oneself.) Ages 9-12
@Lewis, Thomas P. (1983) Hill of Fire New York: HarperTrophy. (A volcano erupts in

Pablo’s fathers cornfield). Ages 4-8.

London, Jonathan (1998) Hurricane, New York, NY: Harper Collins Children’s Books, (Young boy describes the experiences of his family when a hurricane hits their home on the island of Puerto Rico.)

Longshore, David (2000) Hurricanes, Typhoons, and Cyclones, Encyclopedia of, , New York, NY: Checkmark Books, (Encyclopedia that focuses on scientific, historical, and cultural concepts of cyclones in tropical regions around the world).
Loredo, Betsy (1993) Storm at the Shore, New York, NY: Silver Moon Press (Book was

created in cooperation with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Washington D.C., The kids of the Explorers Club visit Fire Island just in time for Hurricane Barry.) Ages 9-12

Lyon, Ella. (1990) Come A Tide New York, NY: Orchard Books. (Story about a little girl and her grandmother and the storm-hurricane that hits them) Age 4-8 YCAT
Mark, Bonnie S. Ph.D & Aviva Layton. (1997) I'll Know What To Do: A Kid's Guide to Natural Disasters Washington, D.C: Magination Press. (Quick facts for kids to read and guidelines for procedures in a natural disaster) Age 9-12 YIKWTD
Martin, Ann M. (1999) Karen’s Hurricane: Little Sister Babysitters Club #113. New York, NY: Scholastic Inc.(Karen thinks that it is neat that a hurricane is named after her until it gets close.) Grades 3-6.
Moreau, Roger. (1998). Natural Disaster Mazes. New York, NY: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. (Workbook full of mazes related to disasters for children to complete). Ages 9-12 YNDA
Moores, Dr. Eldridge M. (1995) Volcanoes & Earthquakes Time Life Books No age range

Morris, Deborah. (1996) Earthquake and Other True Stories: Real Kids, Real Adventures New York, New York. Thorndike Publishing (Amazing true stories of young heroes and survivors who lived through disasters) Age 9-12 YRKRA

Niegiotis, Nicholas. (1996) Volcanoes: Mountains That Blow Their Tops New York, NY: Grossett & Dunlap, Inc. (Story about volcanoes and its eruption on villages and towns) Age 6-9 YVMTB
Osborne, Mary Pope and Natalie Pope Boyce (2007) (Tsunamis and other Natural Disasters Random House Ages 9-12
Rodger, Ellen (2007) Hurricane Katrina New York: Crabtree Publishing. ( History, causes and effects of Hurricane Katrina) Ages 9-12
Stallone, L. (1992) The Flood That Came to Grandma's House, % Upshur Press (Rain from Hurricane Agnes forces citizens To sandbag the river, but finally, they must evacuate. Humorous but realistic illustrations show children what happens when a house fills with water and the mess left in its wake.) PRESCHOOL
Stolz, Mary (1990) Storm in the Night New York, NY: HarperTrophy (Grandfather tells a young boy a story about a similar night when a storm caused the electricity to go out-hurricane) Ages 4-8 YSITN
Van Rose, Susanna, (1992) Volcano & Earthquake, New York, NY: Dorling Kindersley, NY (An Eyewitness Book, Discover the power of volcanoes and earthquakes from hot spots and black smokers to devastating tremors and tsunamis.) Ages 9-12
Vaughan, Jenny & Nick Hewetson. Fast Forward Natural Disasters with Special Split Pages. New York, NY: Grolier Publishing. (Picture book explaining various natural disasters from history). Ages 9-12. YFFNDSS

Wallner, Alexandra (2000) Sergio and the Hurricane, New York, NY: Henry Holt and Company, (Young boy is excited when he hears that a hurricane is coming to his oceanfront home in San Juan, Puerto Rico, but when it comes, he learns how dangerous hurricanes can be.) Ages 4-8

Wright, Russell ,.(1994) Earthquake! Investigations in Earth Science New York, NY: Addison Wesley Longman, Inc (In Earthquake! you will work in a cooperative team to play the role of geologist, chief of transportation, director of utilities, city planner, architect, or civil engineer.) Ages 9-14 YE
Wright, Russell.(1994) Hurricane! New York, NY: Addison Wesley Longman, Inc (In Hurricane! you will work in a cooperative team to play the roles of editor-in-chief, hurricane specialist, meteorologist, natural-hazards planner, reporter, and environmental scientist) Ages 9-14 YH
Wright, Russell ,.(1996) Volcano! New York, NY: Addison Wesley Longman, Inc (Students must then apply their scientific knowledge and work in teams to solve a real-world task related to the event. As students study the event they learn to analyze problems, seek out needed information, and ask critical questions.) Ages 9-12 YV
Zoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner. (1995) How Mountains Are Made New York, NY: Harper Collins Publications. (Fun fact book about the creation of mountains) Age 5-9 YHMAM
American Red Cross After the Storm Washington, DC: American Red Cross Coloring Book (A coloring book for children to express themselves). 86 copies Pre-School – Grade 2

American Red Cross ()After the Tornado Washington, DC: American Red Cross Coloring Book. (A Coloring Book for children to express themselves). 82 copies Pre-School - Grade 2

Berger, Melvin & Berger, Gilda (2000) Do Tornadoes Really Twist? New York, NY: Scholastic Inc. (Questions and answers about tornadoes and hurricanes). Ages 7 –10. YDTRT
Bourgeois, Paulette, Clark, Brenda (1998) Franklin and the Thunderstorm, New York, NY: Scholastic, Inc. 2 paperback copies Ages 4-8
Branley, Franklin M. (1999) Flash, Crash, Rumble, and Roll New York, NY: Harper Collins Publishers. (Story telling how thunderclouds are formed and the history of the storms) Age 5-9 YFCRR
Branley, Franklyn M. (1988) Tornado Alert New York, NY: Harper Collins Publishers.(Story telling about how tornadoes touch down and how they are formed) Age 4-8 YTORALER
Brewer, Carolynglenn (1997) Caught in the Path, A Tornado’s Fury, A Community’s Rebirth #Prairie Fugue Press, (A story of residents’ fear and courage, suffering and resiliency after a tornado levels their community. Young Adult
Byars, Betsy. (1996) Tornado New York, NY: Harper Collins Publishers. (Story of a little boy's experience with Tornadoes) Age 7-10 YTO
Erickson, John R. (1995) Hank, The Cowdog: The Case of the Swirling Killer Tornado

Houston, TX: Maverick Books. (Hank the cowdog & his sidekick Drover find themselves confronting a huge storm in the middle of the night) 2 copies Age 9-12 YHCOW

Ferguson, Sarah, H.R.H., The Duchess of York, (1989) Budgie and the Blizzard, In Anthology, The Adventures of Budgie

Ferguson, Sarah, H.R.H. The Duchess of York, (1989) Budgie Goes to Sea, In Anthology, The Adventures of Budgie
Gallopade, Tornadoes and Water Spouts. (2005) Gallopade Publishing
Greenberg, Keith (1997) Hurricanes and Tornados: When Disaster Strikes. 21st Century Press. Ages 9-12.
Harris, Julia. Tornado: Activity File New York, NY: DK Publishing, Inc. (Facsimile documents, photographs, booklets, poster, activities for kids) Age 8 & up YTAF
Hopping, Lorraine Jean. (1994) Tornadoes! New York, NY: Cartwheel Books. Scholastic Inc. (Fun filled facts about Tornadoes and its effects on people and buildings) Age 9-12 YTORN
@Jennings, Patrick (2002) The Tornado Watches: An Ike and Mem Story #: Holiday House (Ike and his family take shelter in the basement after a tornado warning and Ike worries and watches days later for another. Ikes fears are comforted and he learns coping.) Ages 4-8
Kramer, Stephen. (1997) Eye of the Storm: Chasing Storms with Warren Faidley New York, NY: Penguin Putnam Books. (Fact filled book with many pictures about tornadoes, hurricanes, and thunderstorms) Age 9-12 YETS
Mayer, Gina and Mercer Mayer2003) Just a Thunderstorm, New York: Golden Books. (During a big thunderstorm, Mom and Dad find lots of ways to comfort Little Critter and his sister.) Baby-Preschool

Morris, Deborah. (1997) Real Kids, Real Adventures: Tornado New York, New York. Berkley Publishing (True stories of young heroes and survivors who lived through tornado, bear attack, whirlpool) Age 9-12 YRKRA

Oklan, Edward and Gerald Kliman (1999) My Tornado Story: A Guided Activity Workbook for Children, Families and Teachers Kentfield, CA The Psychological Trauma Center Press. (Guide that encourages healthy expression, learning and coping. Use it to help children, teenagers and families overcome bad memories and fears). 5 copies XMTS
Rose, Sally. (1999) Tornadoes: Fascinating Eyewitness Accounts, Facts, and Photos! New York, NY: Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing Division. (Fact filled book about tornadoes) Age 9-12 YTFEAFP
Ruckman, I (1984) Night of the Twisters New York, NY: HarperTrophy (Dan, his best friend, and brother take refuge in their basement during a tornado.) Middle School Ages 9-12
Schreiber, Ann (2001) Twister Trouble: The Magic School Bus. New York, NY: Scholastic Press. (The kids in Ms. Frizzle’s class are getting ready for the Wild Weather Show. To prepare, they take a field trip to the Weatherama Amusement Park. The class finds out just how wild weather can be when they accidentally fly right into a powerful tornado.) Ages 6-9 YTTTMSB
Simon, Seymour (2001) Tornadoes New York, NY: HarperCollins Publishers. (Describes the location, nature, development, measurement, and destructive effects of tornadoes, as well as how to stay out of danger from them).

Ages 6-10. YTO

Stevenson, Cloo (1996) A Tree Tale Indianapolis, IN: Kidsright. Ages 6-9 (A story about a tree that experiences a ferocious storm and recovers.) (2 Copies)

Wright, Russell.(1994) Tornado! New York, NY: Addison Wesley Longman, Inc. (Students are drawn into the activities by media coverage about major current events/disasters, along with "Discovery File" articles, "On the Job" interviews, and other interesting features. Students must then apply their scientific knowledge and work in teams to solve a real-world task related to the event.) Ages 9-14 YT

American Red Cross ()After the Flood Washington, DC: American Red Cross Coloring Book. (A Coloring Book for children to express themselves). 95 copies Pre-School -Grade 2 YATF
Buck, Pearl (1986) The Big Wave. New York, NY: Harper Trophy reprint original 1948 (Famous story of a Japanese boy who must face life after escaping the tidal wave destruction of his family and village.) Ages 9-12.
Byars, B. 1987) A Blossom Promise New York, NY: Delacorte Press (After a big flood in Alderson county, the Blossom Family discusses coping in their unique family style)Grades 4-6
Calhoun, Mary. (1976) Euphonia and the Flood New York, NY: Parent's Magazine Press. (Tale of a massive flood and how the characters deal with the flood) Ages 6-10 YEATF
Calhoun, Mary. (1997) Flood New York, NY: William Morrow and Company, Inc. (Story of a little girl and her experience with the Flood in the Midwest) Age 4-8 YFL

Coatsworth, E. (1974) All-of-a-Sudden Susan Macmillan New York, NY: Antheneum Press(When a family rushes to higher ground to avoid a flood, they discover that their daughter Susan and her magic doll are not with them. Susan and Emelida, the doll, display otimistic courage as heroines. Grades K-3

Croteau, Marie-Danielle. (1996) Fred and the Flood Halifax, Nova Scotia: Formac Publishing Company Limited. . (When Fred’s grandma arrives to help in the family store, disaster strikes) 2 copies Age 4-8 YFATF
Devlin, W. (1980) Hang on, Hester! New York, NY: Lothrop, Lee and Shepard (Hester courageously hangs onto her house when it is swept down river during a flood.) Ages 3-6
Ferguson, Sarah H.R.H. The Duchess of York, (1989) Simon & Schuster, New York, NY, Budgie: At Benedick’s Point, In Anthology, The Adventures of Budgie
Fradin, D. (1982) Floods %Children’s Press. (Starting with the terrible 1976 floods in Colorado, this book floods—causes, effects and precautions.) Grades 4-6
Gilson, Jamie (1989) Hobie Hanson Greatest Hero of the Mall New York, NY: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Books, (When his town in devastated by a flood, Hobie’s fifth grade class is forced to meet at The mall) Ages 8-11 YHHGHOTM
James, Betsy (1994) The Mud Family G.P. Putnam’s Sons, New York, NY. The Mud Family A drought threatens to force Sosi’s family to move from their canyon, unless she can bring rain with her dancing. Ages 6-9
Kehret, Peg. (1999) The Flood Disaster New York, NY: Pocket Books. Simon & Schuster Inc. (Two kids travel back to the great flood of 1889 to save an 8-year-old girl) Age 9-12 YFLODIS

Keller, Ellen. (1999) Floods! Riverside, NJ: Simon Spotlight. (A fun facts, history of floods, and ways to prevent them) Age 9-12 YFLS

Lauber, Patricia. (1996) Flood: Wrestling With the Mississippi % National Geographic Society. (Picture book explaining the disastrous Flood of 1993) Age 8 & up YFWWM
Llewellyn, Claire. Wild, Wet and Windy Cambridge, MA: Candlewick Press. (Explains the how wind is used in everyday work and the effects of wind on societies and cities and rural country sides) Age 7 - 11 YWWW
Oklan, Edward and Gerald Kliman (1993) My Flood Story: A Guided Activity Workbook for Children, Families and Teachers Kentfield, CA Family Development Press. (A simple and straightforward guide that Encourages healthy expression, learning and coping. Use it to help children, teenagers and families overcome bad memories and fears). 4 copies XMFLS
Osbourne, Mary Pope and Natalie Pope Boyce (2007) Tsunamis and Other Natural

Disasters New York: Random House Children’s Books. (Describes the causes and effects of tsunamis and other natural disasters.)
Pfeffer, Wendy, (2001) The Big Flood. % Hillbrook Press (story about the Mississippi River floods) Ages 5-8 YTBF

Stevenson, J. and E. Stevenson (1978) Help! Yelled Maxwell New York: Greenwillow Books (When a flood threatens the town, how Maxwell finds help in an unlikely place.) Grades 4-6

Thompson, L.( 2000) Tsunamis New York: Scholastic Library Publishing. Defines tsunamis and describes the geologic forces that cause them, as well as the damage they can inflict when the huge walls of ocean water strike land. Ages 9-12.

Wright, Russell (1995) Flood! New York, NY: Addison Wesley Longman The Event-Based Science Project is designed for middle-school earth science or general science classes. Students are drawn into the activities by media coverage about major current events/disasters) Ages 9-14 YF
Yashima, Taro. (1986) Umbrella % Puffin Books. (Momo eagerly waits for a rainy day so she can use the red boots and umbrella she received on her third birthday, quelling fears of storms) Age 4-8 YUMBRE
Brewster, J. and Bill Jankowski (2003) Mountain Mudslide: Rescue Heroes New York, NY: Scholastic Books Ages 4-8
Ceban, Bonnie (2005) Floods and Mudslides: Disasters and Survival #Enslow Publishing. Ages 9-12
Downs, S. (2000) When the Earth Moves. # Lerner Publishing Group (Describes and explains the geological phenomena of earthquakes, landslides, sinkholes, quicksand, and avalanches.) Ages 12 and up.
Duden, Jane (2000) Avalanche: The Deadly Slide #Perfection Learning Ages 9-12
Mitter, M. (1999) Rip to the Rescue New York: Reader’s Digest. (Rockslides!

Mudslides! Avalanches! In Rip to the Rescue, the Rescue

Heroes are on the go, heading off natural disasters.) Ages 5-7.
Mullin, P. (1983, rebound 2003) Mudslide! # Sagebrush Publishing.

Redmond, J. and R. Redmond (2002) Landslides and Avalanches # Raintree Publishers

(Describes the causes and effects of avalanches and landslides, as well as the history and study of such slides.) Ages 5-8.

Spilsbury, L. and R. Spilsbury (2004) Thundering Landslides. # Heinemann Ages 8-10.
Walker, Jane (2004) Avalanches and Landslides # Stargazer Publishing Co. Studies the causes, effects, and consequences of avalanches and landslides. Ages 9-12
Walker, Vanessa (2004) Avalanche and Landslide Alert! # Crabtree Publishing, Ages 9- 12
Ylvisiker, A. (2003) Landslides # Capstone Press, (Stories and photos of devastating landslides occurring in the last 40 years.) Ages 6-10.

Beck, Martine (1991) The Rescue of Brown Bear and White Bear Little, Brown and Co.

(Brown Bear and White Bear live in the mountains when rains cause an avalanche that flattens their home, they are rescued by their neighbors, who then rebuild) Ages 4-8.

Capeci, Anne (2002) The Magic School Bus to the Rescue: Forest Fire, New York, NY: Scholastic, Inc.

@Crawford, Joanne (2007) Bilby and the Bushfire #: Magabala Books. Ages 4-8.

@Fraser, Mary Ann (1999) Forest Fire Troll Communications (Story tells how plants and animals adapt to changes as their habitat moves through a cycle of death and destruction to rebirth and renewal.) Grades 1-3

George, Jean (1984) One Day in the Alpine Tundra New York: HarperCollins. (A Wyoming boy's adventure when he is alone on the alpine tundra on a stormy day.) Ages 9-12

@Gibbon, Gail (1997) Fire!Fire! New York: HarperTrophy (Explains the different ways fires are fought) Ages 4-8.

@Morrison, Taylor (2006) Wildfire New York: Houghton-Mifflin Lorraine Books. (Overview of the people involved in fighting wildfires and the techniques and equipment they use.) Ages 9-12.
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Young Adults
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New edition (2004) with Kristina Debye and Elian Gil
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XNMSF ages 9-12
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Co. ( To help her deal with her separation from her family, worry about her mother's serious operation, and suspicions about a new friend's abusive father, twelve-year-old Dawn creates an imaginary world while spending the summer of 1958 with her great-aunt and uncle in rural North Carolina. ) Ages 12 & up ON

Conte, Yvonne (2001) Frankie Wonders What Happened Today? Rochester, New

York. Helping teachers identify Post Traumatic Stress disorder and cope with children who may be depressed or anxious.

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based approach, employing a variety of victims and situations to put a human face on two highly charged topics.) Gr 5-8 ON ORDER

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bears to demonstrate a family-violence scenario from its insidious onset through escalation and departure of the mother and child to a shelter while the father is confronted and begins to seek treatment.)Preschool to Grade 2 ON ORDER

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(Teaches children about what violence is, how it can feel, and shows alternative ways of relating to others.) Ages 5-7
Myers, Anna (2000) When the Bough Breaks  # Walker & CO. (Ophelia goes to live with

yet another foster family, but she is not sure she can continue to live with the grief and pain of the tragedy that took the lives of her parents. As part of her duties with this new family she must read to Portia, an elderly woman who lives down the road. Not only do they share Shakespearean names, but they also have similar backgrounds with abusive fathers and a tragic death.) Ages 12-up ON ORDER

Mazer, Norma (1997) When She Was Good New York, NY: Scholastic Press

(Introspective narrative in which Em is worn down by years of physical and emotional abuse from her sister. Hope comes with the teen's eventual realization that she will emerge intact.) Grade 8 and up ON ORDER

Patterson, Susan (xxxx) I Wish the Hitting Would Stop, Volcano Press A workbook written for children who are currently living in or who have come out of living in a violent situation focusing on worries, concerns and feelings). Ages 5-14 Sold in sets of 10.

Rapp, Adam and Timothy Ering (2003) 33 Blowfish MA: Candlewick Press(Adolescent kills his parents, flees with boy prostitute in stolen car, and hook up with youth who recently escaped from sexual bondage with an abusive pedophile.

Young adult
Salder, Amy (1996) Family Violence # Greenhaven Press (Collection of magazine and

newspaper articles, book excerpts, and speeches about family-violence issues. Such topics as child abuse, abusive parenting, verbal battering, spanking, violence against women, sexual abuse, abuse of the elderly, domestic violence against gays) Ages 12 up Gr 10 ON ORDER

Sanford, Doris (1989) In our Neighborhood: Lisa’s Parents Fight. Portland, Oregon: Multnomah (A young girl turns to God for help in dealing with her parents’ verbal and physical abuse. Ages 4-8
Smith, Marya, (1990) Winter-Broken New York: Arcade Publishing (A story about a child is being abused by her father and who abuses her sisters and mother. She finds comfort in a horse named Wildfire) Ages 9-12
Strasser, Todd (1999) Give a Boy a Gun New York , NY Simon Pulse, (Violence at School)
Tullson, Diane (2001) Saving Jasey Victoria, BC Canada, Custer, WA

Ages 12 & up Young Adult
Werlin, Nancy. (2006) The Rules of Survival New York: Dial Books (Narrated as a letter from Matt to his younger sister Emmy, in regards to their mother’s physical abuse. The adults in their lives recognize their mom’s faults but do not address them.) Young Adult

White, Kathryn (2000) When They Fight. Winslow Press (A small badger is frightened when his parents fight. The world shakes. The house quakes. And he feels lost and scared. But when his parents make up, the sun comes out. He floats on the clouds and the whole world smiles as he becomes reassured that things are OK.) Grades K-1. On Order

Winn, Christine and David Walsh (1996) Clover's Secret  # Fairview Press

In an imaginary land where people can fly, two young girls form a friendship that helps one of them deal with the problems she faces at home.) Ages 5-8 ON ORDER

Velasquez, Gloria (1998) Rina’s Family Secret Houston, TX: Pinata Books (Rina witnesses the domestic abuse of her mother by her stepfather). Grades 4-8 YRFS

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