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Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream Retail Store Employee Handbook

Table of Contents:


Our Philosophy

About Our Handbook

Employment Policies:

Age Requirements





Absenteeism and Tardiness


Time Clock Procedures

Payroll Checks


Worker’s Compensation

Employee Discount

Dress Code

General Policies

Customer Service

Management and Employee Relations



3 Strike Policy

Phone Use

Cellular Phone Use



Accidents and Emergencies

Food Allergens

Employee Reporting Agreement

Handbook Receipt

Congratulations on making it through the interview process! We are very excited to welcome you into our wonderful world of ice cream. Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream Company will strive to make this a happy, healthy and safe work environment for you as our employee. We hope that you will feel part of the team and that you feel valued as a person through your time working here. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the management team because we are all here to help! Thank you for choosing to work with us! Now let’s get started!

Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream Management Team and All Staff!

Our Philosophy: We have the BEST customer service, the BEST ice cream, and the BEST ice cream store in town!

About Our Handbook: This handbook is an outline of the rules and regulations governing the store but, in no way is it all inclusive or exhaustive. Also items in this handbook are subject to change with or without notice as situations arise. This is not a contract of employment. Reading and signing the agreement does not mean you are guaranteed a position at this time or any other, Wisconsin is an at-will state, which means that at any time your position may be terminated with or without cause.

Employment Policies
Age Requirements: Anyone employed within our retail stores must be 16 years of age or older. Guidelines for hours allowed by law are in the following pages under: Scheduling Your Teen Workers: a Reminder and Hours and Times of Day Minors May Work in Wisconsin.
Training: Training will consist of at least two 2 hour sessions with a customer specialist or manager and then 3 shifts with your “buddy.” There will be a check-off list of skills that will be given to you during training and then periodically re-introduced over the next two months to re-evaluate and re-train as necessary.
Schedules: Schedules will be posted for at least two week durations. There will be a mandatory monthly meeting where each person is responsible for submitting their requested time off. We will do our best to accommodate each person but we will not guarantee that you will always be allowed the requested time off. If you have not requested a particular date off and are scheduled but a conflict arises, you are responsible for finding someone to cover your shift. Any changes to the schedule must be acknowledged by a manager. Exceptions to having to cover your shift include and may not be limited to: illness, death in family or of friends, and accidents or injuries occurring immediately before the scheduled shift.

Breaks: We will pay you for one half hour break for every six hour shift you work. The break time must be documented so please punch in and punch out for recording purposes. Paying you for the break means that if we become busy during your break, you will be required to help and work but as soon as the opportunity arises you may resume your break. If you leave the store premises for the duration of your break, you will not be paid for it. Again, please punch in and out as the situation dictates. Any other breaks will be given as state and federal law outline. See following pages for: Guide to laws and regulations for restaurant owners Employee Breaks.

Tobacco Products: This is a non-smoking workplace. There will not be time allotted for smoking. An unauthorized break is grounds for dismissal.
Harassment: Harassment includes but is not limited to: name calling, sexual suggestions, inappropriate and unwanted touching, throwing things, talking negatively about another employee or individual within the work environment, and any other action or actions that unreasonably and unfairly impedes on the rights of another individual as an employee of the store or company. Please talk to a member of the management team if you are being harassed or feel someone else is being harassed.
Absenteeism and Tardiness: No call, no show will be dealt with on a case by case basis but, in most cases, it will result in termination. If you are sick, you are responsible for calling in for yourself at least three hours prior to your shift. If you are going to be more than five minutes late, it is your responsibility to call and let us know what time you should be arriving. We have this policy so that if it is necessary that someone stay on your behalf, they have an indication of how long they are going to need to stay.
Resignations: All resignations need to be written and given two weeks in advance of any date of departure. This includes if you are leaving for college or to pursue another employment opportunity.
Time Clock Procedures: You are responsible for punching yourself in and out for your daily shift. You are also responsible for punching out and in for any break periods. Failure to do so may result in non-payment for hours worked so please remember it is your responsibility. If you forget for any reason, please contact a member of management immediately so the situation can be resolved.

Payroll Checks: Payroll checks will be available every two weeks on Wednesday after 3pm. You must pick up your own paycheck. We will not release it to anyone, (i.e. not mom, brother, sister, friend, boyfriend, dad, girlfriend, etc.), but YOU. We will mail it if you are moving or leaving for school. It is your responsibility to make sure that we have the proper mailing address if mailing will be necessary. Upon termination, your last paycheck will be given to you after you have returned your shirts and hats.

Holidays: The store is closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter. It will have limited hours Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day. We are open and operating as normal on all other holidays. Everyone will be expected to work unless otherwise specified but, there is additional compensation per hour for those hours worked during most other holidays.
Worker’s Compensation: Upon injury within the store or work time, compensation will be given as mandated by law.
Employee Discount: Employees are entitled to a fifty percent discount during work time and any time they enter the store provided they, as the employee, are paying at the time of purchase. This means that if a friend or parent is paying the discount does not apply. The discount is also not applicable to pre-packaged items, bulk items, pies, or cakes. Pre-packaged items such as pints or candy are full price. Bulk items like pints, quarts, half gallons, and fudge are priced as follows: pints are $1.00 off, quarts are $2.00 off, half gallons are $3.00 off, and fudge is $2.00 off per pound. Cakes are $5.00 off and pies are $2.00 off.

Dress Code: Your uniform consists of close toed shoes, your Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream hat that you will be provided upon your first day of training, a clean Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream shirt, and clean pants without holes, which can be blue jeans, khakis, black pants, shorts or skirts. With shorts and skirts, they need to be past your fingertips when your hands are resting comfortably at your sides. One Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream shirt will be provided for you equivalent to the number of shifts you will be expected to work per week at the time of employment. If the number of shifts you are expected to work goes up for an extended period of time, you will be provided more shirts at no charge. Also if your shirts become worn out over the time of employment new shirts will be issued to you as seen fit by the Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream management team. If any of these uniform requirements are not met, you may be required: 1) to return home without pay to change, 2) to be given a clean shirt with a current market value charge for the new shirt that is now yours, or 3) to be given a Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream paper hat that you must wear at all times for the duration of your shift. If you happen to lose your shirts or your hat, you will be required to replace it at the current market value. Of course, if there are extenuating circumstances, you can always talk with a management team member for replacement of hats or shirts.

General Policies
Customer Service: We want to be home to the WOW experience! This means we want every individual that passes through our door to feel as though they have had the best experience possible. So we need to greet every customer as they come in the door, or during busy times, as they reach the counter to be served. This is done by: 1) saying hello, 2) asking if: they would like to sample a particular product, they have ever been to our store before, or what super-premium flavor they would like today, 3) up-selling which will be trained, 4) asking if there is a specific anything else you could get for them today (i.e. can I get you a pint for later…), 5) let them know the total with the word please at the end of the sentence (i.e. your total today is $4.57 please), 6) tell them their specific change, 7) thanking them for coming in and remembering to come back for a special, promotion, or the next time they are craving their favorite flavor. You will have specific training and re-training on how to do this with bonuses and incentives to keep up the good work!!

Management and Employee Relations: The Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream management team is here to help, listen, guide, train, and evaluate your skills as an employee. We do want to know you as individuals and be there for you as your life progresses. In doing so we recognize there will be times that conversations need to be had on a personal level, you as an employee needs to ask permission of the manager to have the conversation in that tone because it is a business and we need to make sure that the level of the conversation is understood at the onset. The management team has the right to set rules and policies within the store to help its overall progression as seen by themselves and the upper management team. There will be many occasions where your opinion is asked but, unless otherwise specified, it is not regarded as the final decision in any process. You will be paired with a buddy at the onset of your employment so you have a resource and guide. If at any point in time, you have any praises, problems, or questions about the buddy system please do not hesitate to speak with a member of the management team. You will also be expected to become a buddy for a new employee as your skills progress and as you learn the expectations of employees. If you have any problems with becoming a buddy, please do not hesitate to talk with the management team. The management team will be responsible for indicating any changes in policy through verbal or written communication. Employees are expected to address any policy or employee concerns with management team members directly. We want it to be an environment of open and honest communication. We think this is best facilitated through direct communication with management.

Teamwork: Everyone here is working towards the same goals. We want to make it an EXCELLENT experience for the customers. We want to have FUN while we are at work. We want to make MONEY. If we do not work together and help each other out, we will not succeed in any of these goals.
Communication: There is an FYI Book that at the beginning of every shift you will be expected to have read from your last shift through your present shift. This should give you information about policy changes, product changes, schedule changes, customer complaints as well as praises, and anything else deemed useful by management and other staff. Please feel free to add appropriate information to this book and if there is a question about the appropriateness of anything already written or anything you want to write please ask.
Three Strike Rule: Each store has a closing list, which has a set of standards associated with how the items included need to be accomplished every evening. You will be trained on how each item is to be done and then work with a buddy for several shifts to re-enforce all the items that you learned. After your training period, you will be expected to live up to the standards. We understand that occasionally things cannot be done completely, we need documentation of what is not done and why. Items not documented and not completed properly are considered a violation. If you receive three violations in one evening, it will result in one strike. After your second strike, you will be re-trained on the items not accomplished properly. After the third strike, you will be terminated. Strikes are accumulated over a month period.

Phone Use: Phones within the store are to be used for work purposes only. These purposes include but are not limited to: placing orders, calling other employees to cover shifts, answering customer questions, letting customers know about flavors or promotions, calling about rides home at the end of the evening, and asking questions of management staff. The phone should not be answered if you are helping a customer. The answering machine should be checked within a timely fashion and phone calls returned as necessary. If you need to use the phone about personal business, it may be used during break periods or after your shift, not otherwise.

Cellular Phone Use: Cell phones should be turned off during the entirety of your shift with NO EXCEPTIONS. You may use the store phone to check your messages during a break period but, not before and not after your break.
Safety: If for any reason you feel threatened or unsafe, please contact a member of the management staff. It does not need to be your direct supervisor if he or she is the person at issue. Please check to make sure that there are not suspicious characters outside before you leave. If there are two people working, you MUST leave together. If you are leaving alone and feel unsafe, we suggest that if you have a cell phone you punch in 911 and be prepared to hit send if there is an issue. If someone comes to rob the place, DO NOT BE A HERO. Just give them what they want and call 911 after they leave.

Sanitation: Wash your hands, wash your hands, and, oh by the way, WASH YOUR HANDS. See the additional page entitled: When to Wash Hands… Wear your hat at all times when you are working.

Accidents and Emergencies: Please report any accident or emergency to a manager. Also dial 911 when the situation warrants. If it is a situation involving a customer, please check to make sure they are ok and tell them that you are going to get a manager before getting a manager. If a manager is not on duty please contact him or her as well as at least one other member of the management team. See the following page for the accident or emergency form you will need to fill out.
Accident Report

Name of Person Involved in Accident:_____________________________

Peron’s Phone Number:________________________________________
Employee Reporting:__________________________________________
Accident or Emergency:_______________________________________

Action Taken:_______________________________________________

Managers Contacted:_________________________________________
Food Allergens: We need to protect our customers’ health and safety as much as possible. When someone says he or she is allergic to something, we need to offer to wash the scoop and warn that we cannot guarantee that there would not be any traces of their allergen on or in the product. Do the best you can in washing the scoop in hot water with soap and proceed to not touch anything but the ice cream he or she would like. There will be an in-store guide available so if a customer asks if there is a specific allergen present you can give them the list to check for themselves. For the specific list of allergens, see the following page as well as the in-store guide.

Employee Reporting Agreement

The responsibility of the person in charge is to prevent the spread of food borne illnesses by:

  • Teaching employees the importance of not working when ill.

  • Excluding the employee from working in the food establishment based on the sudden onset of vomiting or diarrhea or a diagnosed food borne illness.

  • Restricting an employee’s duties based on symptoms of food borne illness.

The responsibility of the food employee is to report to the person in charge:

  • Food borne illness symptoms: -Diarrhea -Vomiting

-Fever -Sore throat with fever

-Jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes)

  • Lesions containing pus on the hand, wrist, or an exposed portion of the arms or other body parts.

Diagnosed illnesses:

-E. coli 0157:H7 -Campylobacter

-Cryptosporidium -Hepatitis A

-Staphylococcus -Shigella

-Salmonella -Listeria

-Other food or waterborne illness

Use the Work Status for Ill Employees fact sheet for specific exclusion and restriction details, or contact the Madison Department of Public Health at 608-294-5335 for more information.

I have read (or had explained to me) and understand the requirements concerning my responsibilities under the Food Code and this agreement to comply with:

  1. Reporting the symptoms or diagnosis of a food borne illness to the person in charge.

  2. Exclusions or restrictions that may be imposed upon me.

Employee Name (please print):__________________________________

Employee Sign:_____________________________________________

Person in Charge Signature:____________________________________



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